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The news you will find on this page will introduce you to the fascinating world of innovations in the field of facility management, which Invekta enthusiastically and diligently follows.

Although we are pioneers in this area when it comes to facility software, we don’t stop there! We boldly move towards the future and strive to continue leading in the field of facility hygiene.

By providing integrated services supported by state-of-the-art technical solutions, we help both large and small enterprises maintain their workspaces in a more efficient, sustainable, and economical manner.

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Interclean Amsterdam 2024 – An exciting event in the cleaning industry!

Interclean Amsterdam fair, one of the largest international trade fairs for facility equipment, was visited by Invekta with great enthusiasm again this year. We meticulously prepared for our visit to this significant event to make the most of the period from May 14 to 17. May.

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