Maintenance of greenery

Početna 5 Maintenance of greenery

Maintenance of greenery is one of the professional care of city green areas, but also those found in business and industrial areas.

In addition to maintaining external green areas, the company Invekta also offers plants and fountain maintenance services within commercial facilities.

By engaging our experts in the field of horticulture: landscape architects, biologists, phytopathologists and technicians, you will do much for the garden of your company. Its cultivated and sophisticated form will enrich the look of the entire building. And, leave a very favorable first impression on your business associates.

How does Invekta make the maintenance of greenery?

We believe that you at least once in life were amazed in front of a magnificent garden or imaginative circumcised bushes and trees in front of a business building.
And we are also convinced that you thought your business center would deserve equally nice treatment and decoration, just like what impressed you.

In order to achieve such results, a lot of efforts, knowledge, experiences and various activities are needed. Invekta’s gardening experts meet diverse tasks so that the green area would act impressive. These tasks include:

  • green areas design;
  • land cultivation;
  • lawns (sowing or placing rolls of grass);
  • care and maintenance of lawns;
  • planting plants;
  • preventive and regular fertilization of plants;
  • plant protection and nutrition;
  • hilling plants and weed removal;
  • installation of watering systems;
  • reshaping of the bush;
  • tree topping;
  • raking and collection of leaves;
  • storage of green waste;
  • other services required garden.

The design of pretty landscapes is just the initial phase in the construction and maintenance of aesthetically pleasing environment. And (or) the interior of the office building. In addition to the design, regular maintenance of greenery is equally important.

Maintenance of green spaces must be performed continuously so that all plants would be healthy and prosecuted.
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You wished you a garden or green alley around your business facility? We have a solution for everything you want!

In a wide range of services it provides, Invekta creates a solution for each client that will respond to his/her needs and fit into the budget.

According to the goals that want to achieve in a real time, we hire qualified teams that will be responsible for each part of the landscape project.

Our biodiversity experts have been educated about health and ways of treatment of plants and lawn care. Curving shrubs and trees towards imaginary forms etc.

Everything you’ve ever wanted, we can make it happen!

Maintenance of greenery also includes monitoring

When performing planned works on the establishment and maintenance of greenery, our experts monitor each stage, so the service is provided at the highest level.

Maintenance on vegetation is a process that lasts entire years, regardless of weather conditions. Although many believe that the winter period requires no work on greenery, Invekta’s experts know well that plants need special care and protection.

Therefore, spring and autumn maintenance of greenery, revitalization during the summer and dormancy of garden and parks – all these activities enter our scope.

Is the investment in the green environment of a company a smart move?

Investment in landscape architecture and its professional care plays a significant role in company images and brand perception. Creating an impressive greenery is a long-lasting process, but brings amazing results. Especially if the outside and internal „green image“ compliant with your corporate identity.

Simple, pleasant business environment and an environmental imprint you leave from the very approach to building a positive reactions in business associates. And, they will want to come back every time.

Our numerous clients know that and we have long-term cooperation because they know that with us they get the highest quality care of the greenery throughout the year.

By calling our free assessment service, you will receive precise plan of the planting/maintenance of greenery.

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Our task and satisfaction is that the environment of your business facility transforms into a magical garden which everyone will want to have!

Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.