Machine polishing of hard floors

Početna 5 Machine polishing of hard floors

Machine polishing of hard floors and waxing are part of the final treatment of industrial and decorative floor coverings.

Different types of flooring are installed in commercial buildings and all of them require adequate care. The materials from which they are made are: marble, granite, ceramic tiles, concrete and epoxy. Also, laminate, parquet, PVC, linoleum, rubber, klingerite, antistatic, terrazzo, etc.

Daily and in-depth professional cleaning and final polishing lead to top results: cleanliness, shine and durability of hard floors of any material they are made of.

Why is machine polishing of hard floors recommended?

Floors in business buildings, especially in reception halls, say a lot about the company’s operations. A smooth and shiny surface not only impresses clients, business associates and employees, but also leaves an overall professional impression.

If this part of the interior has been neglected, it is necessary to hire professionals who will quickly and efficiently restore the former glory of the floors in your company.

Invekta – A synonym for professional services in the field of maintenance of business facilities

The company Invekta has been one of the leading companies in the field of facility management for two decades. One of the services is machine polishing of hard floors.

Regardless of the frequency in the buildings, we use machine polishing and crystallization to give a fine finish to already cleaned floors. The polish is durable, with a magnificent glass-like sheen. And, most importantly, it is slip resistance. By meeting this safety requirement, accidents and injuries to employees and visitors are prevented.

How do we polish commercial floors?

By using specialized equipment (machines for polishing hard floors and appropriate chemical agents), the polishing process takes place according to the highest standards. That’s why you can completely rely on us.

In our practice, we use a large number of the highest quality industrial machines with different speeds and adapt them to current requirements: cleaning and (or) polishing of floor surfaces.

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Roto-orbital machines, with the possibility of additional oscillation of 1,500–2,000 rpm. / min., are suitable for the final polishing of terracotta and marble with powder, i.e. for crystallization.

Polishers from renowned global manufacturers, with a high number of revolutions and diamond felts, are ideal for the finest polishing of marble and concrete. Maximum shine is guaranteed with them!

Polishing machines use rotating pads (buffers) to remove remaining dirt, scratches and unevenness from the surface of the hard substrate. In order to achieve a smooth and uniform appearance, the polisher practically removes the top, worn layer of the floor.

This process can be done in two ways: by dry polishing or by spraying the buffer with a special spray.

Machine polishing of hard floors and the most modern software solutions

The company Invekta uses the technological innovation that it introduced among the first in this region in the area of facility management. It is a special software system for monitoring the entire work process, employees and equipment.

With its application, immediate monitoring is carried out and valuable information is collected that facilitates business. Making it significantly more efficient. For our clients, this means that they receive reliable data and complete insight into the performance of agreed services and current costs. At any time!

Precisely because of the transparency of our business, we enjoy the reputation of a reliable company that you can always rely on.
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Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
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