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Paper confection is a mandatory hygienic raw material of each company, which contributes to fulfilling the highest sanitary criteria.

In the opus facility service we provide, there are high quality, functional and economical solutions for toilet, kitchen, and dining room of the company, as well as for industrial plants.

With a wide range of goods and high standards of our service, Invekta has been enjoying the reputation of a company you can always count on for years.

Paper confection and other means that we provide to our clients

The companies we cooperate with belong to a wide variety of industries. Among them are IT companies, shopping centers and large retail chains, leading chains of pharmacies and markets, hotels, insurance companies, factories…

We choose the best quality products for them, and we choose the type and determine the quantity according to their needs. The same applies to the time continuum, i.e. intervals of regular supply. Because there are no two identical companies with identical demand.

Which hygiene products do we supply business facilities with?

In our large assortment of hygiene items, we have:


  • folding paper towels;
  • paper towels in a roll;
  • auto-cut (self-cutting) towels;
  • toilet paper;
  • folding toilet paper;
  • smart one rolls for dispensers;
  • napkins;
  • liquid soaps;
  • foam soaps;
  • disinfectant liquids;
  • air fresheners;
  • bins and garbage bags.
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All these means must be easily accessible for use and maximally functional, especially in companies with a high frequency of use of toilet and kitchen rooms. That’s why Invekta provides antibacterial manual and sensory (non-contact):

  • dispensers (holders) for all paper products;
  • soap dispensers (liquid and foam);
  • dispensers for disinfectant liquids.

The paper confection (two-layer and three-layer) that we supply is entirely made of cellulose. This natural, plant-based element gives paper confection extra quality and softness. In addition, cellulose paper fully meets hygienic requirements and is biodegradable. In this way, we contribute to the preservation of the environment together.

The importance of investing in sanitary facilities

The primary goal of every company must be the highest level of hygiene, which is achieved by regular, daily cleaning of sanitary facilities and the use of paper confection and other hygiene products. Apart from meeting the health criteria, cleanliness and good equipment contribute to a better image of the company.

Our entire program is designed to support the consumption of hygiene products by employees, business partners and other visitors.

The benefits you get from using it are as follows:


  • the highest level of sanitation;
  • the best product quality;
  • low costs;
  • large capacity;
  • regular dispenser maintenance;
  • contribution to the positive image of your company.

Why should Invekta be your first choice when it comes to paper confection for your business?

The satisfaction of our clients is the greatest satisfaction and motivation for us to be even better and more responsive to all the needs of their business.
During twenty years of work, we have received numerous recognitions from our users for:

  • agility and high level of service quality;
  • focus on client claims;
  • flexibility of services;
  • price competitiveness;
  • compliance with deadlines;
  • equipment maintenance.

We achieve all these important items of successful business thanks to correlation:


  • own efficient distribution networks;
  • proactive cooperation with manufacturers, that is, suppliers.
    paper confection invekta 3

    In order to ensure maximum control, reliability, and quality of distribution throughout Serbia, we have a logistics center and our own fleet.

    On the other hand, we achieve competitive prices and a high level of service through many years of collaboration with manufacturers and suppliers. The result of this cooperation is always a sufficient amount of goods in stock and the ability to respond to client requests at any time.

    By providing paper confection and other hygienic raw materials, we have completed the range of dedicated services in the domain of maintaining the hygiene of business facilities. Our complex and comprehensive facility program undoubtedly facilitates the business of our clients because they receive all services in one place.

    And, in modern business, time is the most valuable resource. Therefore, it should not be unnecessarily wasted on hiring several companies to perform the integral work of maintaining business facilities.

    Now you can relax: when your business facilities need to be hygienically safe, shine and fresh – Invekta is on the spot!

    Whoever works, also gets dirty!

    And we are everywhere where work is being done.
    Our clients confirm that.