Maintaining hygiene

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Maintaining the hygiene of a commercial building is of critical importance for any business. Therefore, this task should be entrusted to a reliable company with extensive experience. And, adequate number of employees and enviable references.

Invekta provides a professional corporate cleaning service.

With our network of over 400 workers, we act in a timely manner throughout the Republic of Serbia and fulfill the agreed tasks in business facilities of all types, sizes and activities.

In this way, we achieve the primary goal: we make the client’s workspace perfectly clean, healthy and safe for work.

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness in a business environment can sometimes seem like a very demanding and almost impossible task. Offices, waiting rooms and corridors, production halls, dining rooms and toilet rooms are usually very busy places. Therefore, they need daily cleaning and disinfection.

Certain segments of hygiene maintenance sometimes overlap with the working hours of the company we cooperate with. However, with good organization and planning, our hygienists become almost invisible. Thus, they do not interfere with the business routine of the building in which they are engaged.
Therefore, effective results can be achieved through joint efforts, a coordinated schedule and good collaboration.

Educating employees for maintaining hygiene is our long-term mission

When cleaning business premises, it is not only important to achieve visual cleanliness and neatness – the priority must be hygienic correctness.

Disinfection, i.e. decontamination of contact surfaces, is carried out using proven means that are safe for people, animals and plants.

Based on careful selection, valid training and permanent investment in the education of our hygiene staff, we achieve a high level of organization. And, fulfillment of tasks according to the highest European standards. That is why the quality of our cleaning service meets the strictest hygiene criteria in all segments. From office furniture and equipment to surfaces in common areas.

Professionalism, meeting deadlines and high quality of service are prerequisites for the success of any company. Including Invekta itself.

„Good news travel fast, bed even faster!“, says a popular proverb. It should be kept in mind when running a business. The success of a company is built in the long term. And, it takes a lot of commitment and responsible moves to reach positive recommendations.

Since we operate in the digital era, all information about a company is available with just one click. And when we decide to cooperate, one of the crucial points for choosing a company are references, that is, client experiences. And, Invekta enjoys a reputation among more than five hundred clients!

Good impressions are undoubtedly left by our employees, their professionalism and helpfulness, as well as the cleanliness of the business premises.

Because of all of the above, many companies entrust us with maintaining the hygiene of their facilities.

In the wide range of our services, the first place is daily (regular) cleaning, followed by periodic, monthly, semi-annual and annual cleaning. General cleaning of all premises is also included in our scope and is a frequent request of many of our clients.

Whichever type of maintaining hygiene the client chooses, he/she can be sure that he will receive a service that meets the highest postulates of cleanliness.

Thanks to the good organization of work and delegation of tasks, trained executors and constant supervision, we stood out as an extremely professional company, which respects deadlines and provides services of the highest quality.

By using the most modern machines and proven consumables for work, and with a permanent focus on the expertise of our staff, we are ready to accept the most demanding and complex jobs anywhere in Serbia.

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Software management – High technology in Invekta’s maintaining hygiene

The technological innovation for which we are particularly known is the software management of hygiene maintenance. This software for facility services significantly facilitates the monitoring of all work processes. Also employees during the provision of services to the client. In this way, we complete service tasks. And, provide the client with a transparent solution for monitoring work and costs.

Tailor-made solutions for maintaining hygiene

At the initial interview, representatives of the company that needs our maintaining hygiene services first present their needs. Then they inform us in more detail about their company’s activities and scope of businessAlso, a number of work facilities and their territorial distribution.

Taking into account the above aspects, the objective situation on the ground and taking into account the client’s available budget, we create a proposal for a solution for maintaining hygiene. In agreement with the client, we further elaborate the draft and create a definitive program according to his measurements and preferences. This program, in accordance with changes in business and the wishes of the client, can be modified.

Using innovative software for maintaining hygiene, the highest level of services provided and a professional approach to each client individually, we have been enjoying the reputation of a trusted company for twenty years.
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Waste management

The expediency of waste management, as an integral part of maintaining hygiene, is primarily reflected in the protection of the environment and human health. Being an important element of prevention of the natural environment and biodiversity, the ultimate goal of waste management is the minimization of waste generation. As well as the generation and recycling of existing.

Considering that every company, no matter what activity it is engaged in, produces some kind of waste, it is important to take measures for its proper disposal as soon as possible. Because the consequences of creating landfills in the working environment can be very dangerous: contamination of soil and drinking water, and infections and other health problems.

Within the factories and other business facilities of its clients, Invekta responsibly sorts different types of solid waste. Municipal (institutional and commercial) and special (construction, industrial and medical).

How do we achieve this?

The integrated solution of advanced sorting of commercial and industrial by-products, which we have been providing for many years, implies the following stages:

  • waste management in a way that does not endanger the health of people and animals, that is, the biosphere in general;
  • elimination of the danger of harmful effects of waste materials on people and the environment;
  • sorting of waste materials;
  • rehabilitation of the landfill around the business building;
  • developing awareness of the importance of waste management.

Whether you need garbage sorting (paper, plastic and glass) or hazardous waste disposal (industrial, medical, etc.) within the factory/institution, Invekta can answer your every request.

Thanks to resources, modern technologies and good strategic planning, we will offer you the most economically and environmentally efficient project.

We will provide you with the highest quality service, tailored to your business needs.


Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.