Machine washing of hard floors

Početna 5 Machine washing of hard floors

Machine washing of hard floors is a commercial cleaning, which should be carried out in correlation with daily cleaning so that dirt and grease can not accumulate.

This is especially true for business centers or factories, which are characterized by a high traffic of people and a high level of dirtiness. Therefore, this type of service is adapted to the specific needs of the business facility. Its purpose, size and usual level of hygienic irregularity.

Thanks to machine washing of hard floors, the standard of cleanliness is maintained, the floor surface is decontaminated and made more durable. In addition to all of the above, the aesthetic criterion is undoubtedly satisfied.

Machine washing of hard floors – Application and results

Hard floors in business premises are usually made of ceramic or marble tiles, different types of concrete (monolithic or in slabs). And, sometimes they are covered with vinyl, less often with laminate or wood. Due to the structure and presence of joints, machine washing of hard floors can sometimes be quite a challenge.

Namely, if the substrate is characterized by unevenness, joints and dilatations, and cleaning is not carried out regularly, the problem of deep soiling will most certainly be encountered. Deposits of dust, grease, the presence of stains and mold in joints and other depressions require a special approach. A s well as chemicals and cleaning techniques.

In its 20 years of experience, Invekta has encountered various types of soiling: deposits of industrial oils and paints in production halls, traces of forklift and trolley tires in warehouses. Iodine and blood on the floors of hospital rooms, too.

However, for us, such situations are a challenge to which we are always ready to respond. In this way, we create a cleaner, healthier and more beautiful environment for your employees, business partners and patients.

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Therefore, if you want to restore the old luster of ceramic, concrete, marble, granite or terrazzo floors in your company, it is best to entrust the job to professionals. Invekta’s cleaners are trained and equipped to handle even the dirtiest and most neglected hard surfaces.

„Does my company need machine washing of floors?”

Daily cleaning is required in commercial buildings, especially those with high traffic of people (shopping centers, public institutions, etc.). Factory plants (especially those with 24/7 production), large warehouses and storages also require regular hygiene maintenance.

However, in order for hygiene to always be at an optimal level, it is necessary to carry out deep, machine washing of hard floors once or twice a month. Especially in commercial premises with safety pads, which prevent accidents, but also retain a larger amount of dirt.

What are the steps involved in machine washing of hard floors?

Depending on the type of hard surface and the results to be achieved, machine floor treatment may include:


  • washing with special machines and chemical agents;
  • polishing (finishing);
  • impregnation;
  • crystallization.
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Experience and the highest quality equipment are our advantages!

Upon arrival at the site, our expert team determines which combination of machine washing of hard floors and daily cleaning is necessary in a given case.

A precise specification includes:

  • selection of adequate machines (vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, devices with rollers, brushes and roto-orbital machines, floor drying fans, polishing machines, etc.);
  • selection of chemical agents (abrasive/non-abrasive, PH-neutral cleaners, chemicals for removing grease, achieving shine, etc.);
  • estimation of the number of washing cycles necessary to achieve the best results.

Why choose Invekta?

By applying the most modern technologies, machines, and certified chemical agents adapted to the type of substrate and safe for human health and the environment, the Invekta company implements a socially responsible policy.

We are proud to have an extremely professional, zealous, and above all meticulous staff in our team, who will not neglect any inch of the floor in your business space.

With effective hygienic treatment of hard floor surfaces, we remove all types of impurities, leaving your floors unsurpassed clean, and enviably polished. Like restored.

Only in this way, you can ensure the longevity, permanent functionality and beauty of your industrial and commercial floors in general.

Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.