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Disinfection of business facilities, together with the thorough cleaning that precedes it, occupies one of the most important places in the implementation of the care of those who work or currently reside in a certain work space.

The Covid-19 pandemic appeared in 2019. However, the corona virus, along with the seasonal flu, in numerous variations and with varying intensity, continues to affect people around the world.

Nevertheless, life and business continue parallel to them. In order to ensure business continuity, company managers do everything to ensure healthy and safe working conditions in their companies.

How to stop the spread of respiratory viruses in your business facilities?

Responsibility and wise business policy require taking all preventive and prophylactic measures when it comes to seasonal and/or pandemic viruses. According to the results of the risk assessment and in correlation with the epidemiological situation, action plans are drawn up to prevent and mitigate the consequences of viruses that attack the respiratory system. These plans must be regularly monitored and updated. Especially if a case of infection is suspected or confirmed in the company.

In order to protect your employees, clients and business partners from different variants of flu and corona, you should hire a company that is ready to meet all hygiene and health and safety criteria.

In accordance with the highest cleaning standards and protocols, Invekta offers you deep cleaning and disinfection services in order to prevent the spread of the mentioned dangerous virus.

What do we pay special attention to when cleaning business facilities with regard to viral infections?

When cleaning and disinfecting, our priority is the contact points where the virus lingers the most and where it is easily transmitted from person to person. Those places are:

  • light switches;
  • door handles;
  • photocopiers;
  • telephones;
  • pencils;
  • shared computer keyboards;
  • stair handrails;
  • floors;
  • taps;
  • toilet flush buttons.
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This group also includes:

  • counters;
  • tables and chairs;
  • doors and buttons in elevators;
  • shopping carts, etc.

    The most contaminated points are in the kitchen and dining room:

    • handles on kitchen units and fridges;
    • taps;
    • coffee machines, etc.

    What does cleaning and antivirus disinfection mean?

    Businesses engaged in business with a medium risk of virus contamination require daily cleaning and disinfection. These measures must be carried out twice a day, in all common areas and on all surfaces that are regularly touched.
    Antiviral disinfection is a special type of decontamination of high-traffic areas and all tactile surfaces. Especially if a person infected with a virus has been in the room in the last 24 hours.

    This disinfection is effectively carried out with the help of specially formulated chemicals, special devices and other means of work. Our staff is specially trained for cleaning and disinfecting business interiors and furniture.

    When working, we must use protective equipment (suits, visors, masks and rubber gloves) in order to reduce the possibility of further expansion of the virus.
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    Post-viral disinfection

    After a confirmed case of viral disease in the facility, it is imperative to secure the entire area and all rooms. Therefore, the work area must be disinfected and decontaminated before reuse.

    In the process of post-viral disinfection, we use agents that are highly tested and proven to be effective against all types of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi). The chemicals we use are biodegradable and completely safe for people and the natural environment.

    We also apply established and recognized methods of sterilization of entire surfaces, including walls, ceilings, furniture, carpets and floors.

    Serious and responsible work, such as protection against seasonal or pandemic viruses, should be entrusted to a reliable company. In this sense, we note that Invekta, in addition to two decades of experience in cleaning a wide variety of business facilities, has all the necessary ISO certificates, regulated by the regulations of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian environmental protection agency.

    Our certificates are:

    Disinsection and rodent control

    In many facilities, regardless of their type, surface, and lifespan, insects and rodents can appear. Bed bugs, beetles, cockroaches, fleas, mites, silverfish, and moths, as well as mice and rats, are just some of them.

    It is well known that insects and rodents reproduce very easily. Their infestations quickly become a serious threat not only to health but also to goods, documents, technical equipment, machinery, vehicles, and overall inventory in commercial spaces.

    Prevention and control of these pests and the infestation they can cause are set as primary objectives. They become part of the mandatory care for the business premises and the personnel residing in them.

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    Our preventive and proactive disinsection and rodent control treatments enable complete control of the insect and rodent population. Therefore, they represent a permanent solution for preventing infection and preventing material damage.

    Thanks to professional equipment and certified biocidal insecticides and rodenticides, we efficiently eliminate all business premises from these pests. Warehouses, aircraft hangars, factory halls, offices, hospital corridors, hotel rooms, libraries, classrooms, and listening rooms at universities…

    Whoever works, also gets dirty!

    And we are everywhere where work is being done.
    Our clients confirm that.