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A tradition that has successfully lasted for two decades!

With twenty years of experience, the company Invekta is specialized in providing professional and high-quality premium services in the field of facility management. Our work system frees clients from any worries related to the maintenance of their business facilities.

With over 400 employees, we are able to respond to any need and request of our clients in the territory of the Republic of Serbia at any time.

From a wide range of solutions, which covers every aspect of business facilities management, the client can choose individual or integrated services.


Integrated solutions imply the combination and unification of several services. In this case, one service area is the pivot of the others. In mutual correlation, facility services ensure efficiency in the company’s work and cost optimization.

Facilities management, as a set of different types of care for business facilities, is useful for all business systems – companies that want their workspace to be in perfect condition.

Our scope includes the following types of services:

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  • risk records
  • maintenance activities (including spare parts)
  • regular daily maintenance and monitoring of equipment in the building
  • equipment optimization
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  • physical and technical security of facilities and persons
  • video surveillance system
  • alarm system
  • access control
  • link systems and ramps
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  • monitoring the work process in a short period of time
  • simplification and delegation of work tasks
  • risk management
  • budget and sales planning and monitoring
  • identifying resource needs
  • adding new business options, etc.
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  • cleaning
  • disinfection
  • post-Covid disinfection
The professional attitude towards entrusted obligations, the expertise and extensive experience of Invekta work teams are a guarantee that the client will be provided with top quality services.

Our strategic and operational plans are in the service of the most efficient management of facilities, in which a clean, healthy and safe working environment will be provided. Achieving these goals is essential to the performance of any business, regardless of its type and scope.

Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.