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Invekta’s winter service works to clear snow around business facilities that normally use our other annual maintenance services. By clearing the snow, we provide safe access to all users of the business premises (employees, clients, business partners).

When is the best time to hire a winter service?

Yes, you read it right and we believe that this question surprised you. The first answer that most likely comes to mind is: „Logical – when it snows.“ However, we have to dissuade you. You should be ready much earlier!

Hiring the winter service is considered in the summer season so that everything is ready when the first winter precipitation (snow and freezing rain) starts. Because the demand for a company that provides winter service can take even several months!

Fortunately, for our loyal clients, to whom we already provide various services on an annual basis (maintenance of hygiene, technical maintenance, security, etc.) there is no fear. All that is required is that they arrange the hiring of our winter service in time.

This fact is particularly important from the perspective of industrial sites and large commercial buildings (factories, warehouses, shopping centers, wholesalers, airports, outdoor parking lots, office firms). There are a lots of people and vehicles in these areas and they require the provision of the highest security conditions.

Parking lots, approaches to facilities and auxiliary buildings must be promptly and properly cleared of snow and ice to prevent accidents.

Invekta – Preparedness, technical support and winter service at work!

If you have engaged the winter service of Invekta, you can be peaceful. Our staff and various vehicles and snow removal machines are at your service 24 / 7. This means that the winter service is always ready to react immediately in case of new precipitation. Our team is on duty around the clock and equipped with all the means to remove snow drifts of any size and from any type of surface (parking lots, sidewalks and driveways).

The most modern and reliable machinery:

  • vehicles with a plow and salt spreader (sand, granules);
  • tractors with pushers;
  • snow blowers (snow cleaners);
  • snowplough;
  • snow throwers;
  • ice scrapers;
  • shovels of different shapes and sizes

are in our assortment and a well-equipped „winter park“. Thanks to their performance and maneuvers, as well as qualified and experienced staff, we perform the so-called light communal snow removal tasks with great success.

Therefore, even if there is a snowstorm, you can be assured that Invekta’s winter service is always ready and working just for you!
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Foto: Pexels, Aлександр Kоновалов

In order for all these tasks to be accomplished professionally, efficiently and in a timely manner, Invekta appoints a person responsible for monitoring security (officers and premises) from among its employees. We are also appointing a person responsible for overseeing support for the fire protection program.

By implementing the most modern software, Invekta is the first on the market that can consistently monitor work processes. In addition, it stores all data related to the management of the clients’ business. And the security system certainly falls under that scope.

How do we contribute to reducing your company’s expenses?

By removing snow around your company, we reduce potential accidents and pave the way for increased productivity. Because minor and severe limb injuries not only endanger the injured person, but also inevitably lead to financial losses for the company.

That’s why Invekta is your real partner in winter maintenance of buildings and creation of a safe surrounding area. We achieve this by cleaning debris and ice from various access surfaces:

  • pedestrian paths;
  • sidewalks;
  • square in front of the building;
  • parking lot;
  • entrance to the building;
  • approaches to garages and containers.

In order to prolong the cleaning results, after removing the snow and ice, we sprinkle the surface with industrial salt, sand and granules.

An essential ingredient of productivity is safety!
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Foto: Pixabay, Bruno Germany

A clean industrial environment during winter precipitation is the first prerequisite for your employees, clients, customers and business partners to reach your business facility safely. Thus, its full economic potential can be realized even in months of heavy rainfall and increased risk of accidents.

And, it’s a wise move to stay ahead of the competition in another way!

Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.