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Technical maintenance at a high level is vital for the business and development of modern enterprises since most of them rely on classic and digital infrastructure. Unfortunately, due to the imbalance between the number of employees and the volume of work, companies often neglect the need for technical maintenance.

Why is technical maintenance important for the functioning of the company?

Technical maintenance of business facilities is the best prevention and the most effective means of ensuring its good technical functioning in the long term.

It is clear that regular and high-quality technical maintenance also implies the prevention of loss of customer/client loyalty.
Therefore, it is crucial to understand the role of technical support for business. Not only in preserving the stability of the company, but also in indirectly increasing profitability.

Monitoring the state of the workspace and preventive maintenance are wise business moves because they warn of errors and breakdowns in time. If they appear before our company starts the engagement, we successfully remediate them. And, restore the facility’s operations to a regular state.

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What activities does this type of maintenance include?

The company Invekta has been engaged in regular equipment maintenance and so-called minor technical work in business facilities for two decades. These works include:


  • monitoring and maintenance of the HVAC system;
  • control and maintenance of pumps;
  • routine testing of fire extinguishers and control inspection records;
  • control and servicing of elevators;
  • replacement of light bulbs / switches / doorknobs / locks, etc.;
  • repair of minor electrical installation faults;
  • assembling tables / chairs, replacing broken chair wheels, etc.
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Technical maintenance of the infrastructure of the facilities we provide includes:

  • risk records;
  • plan of maintenance activities (including procurement of spare parts);
  • regular daily maintenance and monitoring of equipment in the facility;
  • optimization of equipment and resources.

Upon invitation, we will come to your company, evaluate the technical condition and develop a plan for improvement.

If major malfunctions occur in the company (bursting of water pipes, spillage of sewage, major damage to electrical installations, etc.), we engage the competent services so that the problems can be eliminated quickly and efficiently.

Our job is to provide conditions for your business to develop without technical difficulties. Just the way you want it.

Is your company among those with whom we have been cooperating for many years?

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries: heavy and light industry, hotel and tourism, healthcare, pharmacy, trade, IT sector, government institutions…

In order for factories, headquarters of large companies, hotels, shopping and health centers to function as efficiently as possible on a daily basis, they require regular technical maintenance.

We are proud that our partners trust our expertise and use it as a reliable source of technical support. Thanks to this, we have built a reputation as a trustworthy company.

How can technical maintenance help improve your business?

Two decades of experience show us that only high-quality technical property maintenance can be profitable in terms of technical and personnel criteria. Only in this way can the client be safe and achieve a competitive advantage in the market. Efficient and quick execution of work processes and making key business decisions undoubtedly contribute to maximizing productivity.

Therefore, we entrust the above activities to our most experienced and highly qualified engineers and technicians. They will maintain your company’s equipment to the highest standards. And, within all quality and safety regulations.

How does Invecta’s technical maintenance with modern software solutions affect the progress of your company?

We have many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, to whom we have provided excellent services according to the highest European standards. We are known for the realization of projects within the agreed deadline and the client’s budget. Without compromising the quality and quantity of the services provided.

Thanks to trained technical support teams present on site, as well as a branched network of spare parts procurement, Invekta solves all ongoing operational problems.

However, we gained a special advantage with the most advanced software for maintaining business facilities. Based on this modern technological solution, we perform all services in the field of facility management with unsurpassed efficiency.

Keeping a company’s confidential data safe means keeping its security and network systems secure. That’s why our engineers are constantly up to date with innovations from the world of information technology.

All these measures of technical and technological maintenance are primarily important from the aspect of downtime in the client’s business. Because, every lost minute means less productivity.
Therefore, do not hesitate and schedule a consultation today to improve your business.

Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.