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Support services refer to those business activities that are considered auxiliary, but which enable smooth communication and functioning of the company. Although they are not primary, without the so-called front and back-office services, business would be much more difficult. Because they greatly simplify daily administrative processes, contribute to the optimal use of working time and help focus on the company’s main goals.

Therefore, support services are needed in practically every branch of the economy: banking, IT sector, insurance, transport and logistics, trade, tourism, hospitality, healthcare, education, etc.

What activities are covered by support services?

Modern business requires the execution of the following administrative tasks, and the human factor is of crucial importance in this:

  • protocol related to parties at the reception (reception and implementation);
  • business correspondence (answers to telephone inquiries, sorting regular mail and updating emails);
  • organization of documents;
  • entering and updating databases;
  • operation of photocopiers;
  • procurement of office and other supplies;
  • organizing corporate events, etc.

These seemingly minor tasks can significantly burden internal employees, which is why most companies decide to outsource.

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Support services for your business – What are the benefits of cooperation with Invekta?

By hiring professional staff from our company, you get highly qualified, experienced and friendly workers. Thanks to a high degree of responsibility and professionalism, and exceptional performance in the execution of agreed tasks, the managers of your company can focus on more important duties.

Therefore, the support services we provide optimize work processes, remove a large burden from management and certainly have a positive impact on business.

With our help, your company’s reputation will be improved, which will contribute to retaining existing clients and recommending new ones.

Which solution is best for your business?

Carefully listening to the client’s needs and goals, Invekta creates solutions that are:

  • tailor-made;
  • flexible;
  • transparent.

This means that the packages of support services are adapted to the requirements of each business individually, they can be updated and modified according to new changes in the client’s business.

In addition to the above, all our programs are transparent, i.e. without „small print“ and hidden expenses. This means that the client always has complete insight into all costs, as well as the performance of contracted activities.
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The advanced support services we provide are based on standard and reliable procedures. However, their combinations and modernization not only satisfy all the client’s needs, but also reduce the expenses of its corporate management in the long term.

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