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Security of business premises can be twofold:

  • physical;
  • technical-technological.

The primary goal of company security is to provide a safe environment for smooth and efficient work processes. With maximum protection of employees and property.

The strategy of securing the premises in which some activity is carried out implies a detailed risk management plan for potential damage.

The main goals of this strategy are:

  • preventing unauthorized access to certain areas and other incidents that threaten security;
  • prevention of sabotage of equipment and total property;
  • prevention of theft of equipment, raw materials and (or) confidential data;
  • encouraging caution and general safety awareness.

Why is work facility safety important?

Along with ensuring all conditions for continuous and efficient performance of work, compliance with safety parameters is a good move in order to protect information and physical assets from damage, loss or theft. Especially if the client’s business facilities are distributed across multiple locations.

In addition, the procedure for securing business centers also includes the protection of the most important factor. Which is the life and health of employees.

If the workers feel protected and safe, their productivity will be higher and their stay in the company will be long-term. For the company, this means a reduction in costs caused by the recruitment process and the training of newly arrived workers.

It is important to mention that, by hiring a professional company for all types of security, the employer receives multiple benefits. And, all of them can be summed up in the final one – economical and smart business, i.e. reducing expenses.

What types of security does Invekta provide?

For two decades, Invekta has been operating throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia. During this long period of time, on behalf of hundreds of companies, it fulfilled numerous service tasks from the scope of facility management . Including security.

The physical, technical and technological security of the business facilities that we carry out is carried out in accordance with high safety standards. All these types of security imply the creation of the following documented plan:


  • elaboration of operational procedures, organization and implementation of work;
  • technical security tasks, which include the handling of the client’s technical equipment (video surveillance system, alarm system, access control mechanisms, connection and ramp systems, visitor control and record keeping, as well as equipment/inventory control);
  • support for fire protection of people and property (in accordance with the Law on fire protection and other valid regulations in the field of fire protection and the Fire protection plan valid at the location of the client).
security invekta 2

In order for all these tasks to be accomplished professionally, efficiently and in a timely manner, Invekta appoints a person responsible for monitoring security (officers and premises) from among its employees. We are also appointing a person responsible for overseeing support for the fire protection program.

By implementing the most modern software, Invekta is the first on the market that can consistently monitor work processes. In addition, it stores all data related to the management of the clients’ business. And the security system certainly falls under that scope.

Security of business facilities – Our obligations regarding the provision of this service

When concluding the Agreement on Business Cooperation, Invekta undertakes to:

  • preparation of a detailed action plan, with elaboration of security service tactics and defined specific requirements of the client;
  • testing of command, control and communication parameters in the facility;
  • employment of educated persons who have undergone special security training;
  • carrying out periodic checks of the special psychophysical and health competences of hired persons, as well as a criminal record check, at least once a year;
  • availability and quick response of our security team 24/7;
  • provision of uniforms and biometric credentials to security employees for easier identification and recognition.
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Clients have access to continuous technical support from our team of highly qualified engineers. This undoubtedly contributes to a sense of security and the establishment of trust.

The facility and employee security plan, as well as the risk assessment based on new security threats, can be updated and modified. Depending on the client’s needs, this can be done on an annual basis or earlier.

Also, a timely revision of the access control system is mandatory. This procedure must be carried out in order to ensure the up-to-date of physical and electronic security provisions. Also, to comply with the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia.

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