Machine cleaning of furniture

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Machine cleaning of furniture in offices, halls, waiting rooms and other business premises is important primarily from the aspect of hygiene and health. However, the aesthetic peculiarity of the interior should not be neglected either.

This fact is well known to companies that, apart from the quality of their services and/or products, also pay attention to the identity of the space in which they perform their activities.

Machine cleaning of furniture – A significant role in building a positive image of the company

The first thing that business partners, investors and clients notice when entering the company is the interior. Especially if they spend some time at the reception or in the waiting room.

And the first impression is so important!

Clean, fresh and fragrant furniture not only impresses visitors, but also makes employees feel good and comfortable.
All of them will appreciate the immaculate cleanliness and orderliness of the work environment, which can only contribute to your favorable business image.

Deep cleaning of upholstered office furniture – Luxury or necessity?

Due to higher traffic and more frequent use, furniture in public spaces is more susceptible to dirt and damage. If not cleaned regularly, it can look neglected and older than it really is.

Covers on couches and sofas, office chairs, other upholstered furniture and partitions retain dust, grease, stains and unpleasant odors. Especially if they are dining rooms or those where smoking is allowed.

The same applies to offices, waiting rooms and other rooms where there is high humidity and lack of ventilation.

Such furniture certainly cannot be healthy for use because it collects dirt, mites and other allergens that adversely affect the general hygienic condition.

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By applying standard cleaning procedures and reducing the effects of furniture wear and tear, Invekta extends the life of the upholstery and restores its original shine. And, most importantly, it fulfills the most important function: keeping your employees healthy.

In this way, our company contributes to reducing costs and increasing the productivity of your company in the long term.

Therefore, regular mechanical cleaning of furniture in business premises must be viewed through the prism of necessity, and not as an unnecessary expense.

How does Invekta help you keep your upholstered office furniture spotlessly clean?

Thanks to two decades of experience, we can respond to all requests and provide you with the highest level of cleanliness.

Different materials for furniture upholstery require a special approach and adapted cleaning methods. In our daily work, we come across many types of upholstery. Furniture fabrics, natural, nubuck and eco-leather, microfiber, cotton, velvet, silk, satin, jacquard, chanel, synthetics – each material requires special care.

Accordingly, we select cleaning and disinfection devices, adjust washing techniques and chemical agents.

Maschine furniture cleaning – From plan to realization

The highly trained and experienced staff of the Invekta company will treat the entrusted task with utmost responsibility and professionalism. Taking into account the client’s needs and considering the type of upholstery and degree of dirtiness, our expert team will determine the safest and most effective cleaning procedure.

If there are extremely dirty parts of the furniture, they are first treated with special chemicals. After deep cleaning, the fabrics are treated with means to refresh the color and smell.

To achieve top results, we use the best technology and the most modern professional devices. This is the only way we can be sure that our clients are satisfied.

All the solutions we offer are flexible and without hidden elements, and the client is informed in advance of all the details and costs.

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Cleaning process

The process of mechanical cleaning of furniture includes:

  • deep vacuuming and dust removal;
  • stains and spots removal;
  • elimination of unpleasant odors;
  • hygienic protection (disinfection);
  • applying invisible protection;
  • maintenance program.

Using professional vacuum cleaners with vacuum attachments and special cleaning machines, the carbonation process is carried out. In this way, particles of dust and dirt are drawn from the depth of the fabric to the surface. On that occasion, less water is certainly used, with appliances with dryers. This results in faster drying, and the upholstery is practically immediately dry and ready for use.

After our cleaning and allergen removal, your business inventory will look like new and smell clean!

In addition, the final application of a protective invisible barrier allows for easy wiping of spilled liquids and dirt. In this way, liquid penetration into the depth of the sofa or armchair is prevented.

Using certified and non-toxic chemical agents, safe for human health and the natural environment, Invekta provides perfectly clean office furniture. At the same time, it manifests social responsibility and wise business policy.

Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.