Machine washing of carpets

Početna 5 Machine washing of carpets

Machine washing of carpets is one of the hygiene measures that, depending on the state of dirtiness, is carried out periodically – once or twice a month.

Carpets for commercial use differ from those intended for home conditions. Their main features are:

  • higher endurance;
  • greater resistance to wear and light;
  • antistatic;
  • standard flammability class.

Carpets generally enhance the visual effect. And, they often leave the impression of luxury and manifest the aesthetics and business concept in the right way. In addition, these substrates can make smaller rooms more spacious, and connect large areas into an integral, harmonious whole.

Why is machine washing of carpets one of the priorities in business interiors?

Wall to wall carpets, carpets and textile panels in rooms with business purpose are more susceptible to dirtiness due to higher traffic of people. And, their fibers attract and retain dust, mites and other allergens to a greater extent.

Since outside dirt is brought into the business premises by shoes, particles of different origins, stains and toxic gases are pressed into the carpet. In addition, numerous pathogenic microorganisms, which cause many diseases, can be retained in this type of floor covering. If the office space is characterized by an even higher concentration of moisture and the lack of adequate ventilation, it is very likely that mold will develop.

How does machine washing of carpets improve workplace hygiene and extend the life of floor coverings?

In addition to perfect cleanliness, machine washing of carpets supports their durability and ensures healthy working conditions.

Modern carpets usually have a thermal underlay, which increases heat and sound insulation. This is how energy efficiency is achieved and contributes to cost reduction. This is why it is also important to store these coverings and keep them in pristine condition with regular, daily cleaning.

How is this achieved?

By looking at the degree of dirtiness and the type of floor covering, our team of specially trained cleaners evaluates the way of washing and selects the machines and chemicals that will be used.

Thanks to professional industrial steam cleaners and certified chemicals, it is easy to reach the very fabric. This removes stubborn stains from food, drinks and other substances, various impurities and unpleasant odors. Steam and chemical compounds penetrate deep into the fibers, lifting them, cleaning and disinfecting them.

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Machine washing of carpets certainly contributes to the removal of dust mites and other allergens, leaving the surface decontaminated and healthy.

In which business premises is machine washing of carpets applicable?

Among the more than five hundred clients of the company Invekta who receive numerous services from our range, including machine washing of carpets, which are usually located in:

  • company office premises;
  • conference and banquet halls;
  • various halls and corridors;
  • waiting rooms;
  • municipalities and assemblies;
  • other public institutions;
  • banks;
  • hotels and travel agencies;
  • restaurants and cafe-bars;
  • cinemas, etc.

A machine-washed carpet in a commercial space will immediately sparkle with a new shine and the client will instantly notice the difference.

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Photo: Pixabay, Michal Jarmoluk

In addition to freshness and a bright appearance, with regular hygiene maintenance of the entire facility, clean carpets make the working environment healthy and safe for both employees and business partners.

Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.