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Daily cleaning of business premises depends on their purpose and size. In any case, high standards of visual cleanliness and hygienic cleanliness of the premises must be met. Daily cleaning is the most desirable form of maintenance because the level of hygiene in the work area should not be disturbed.

Why is it important to maintain regular hygiene of business premises?

It is important to clean your living space, it is even more important to keep commercial real estates tidy and healthy. Because, they are spaces used by a large number of people every day. The primary goal of commercial cleaning is to provide and permanently maintain a healthy and safe business environment.

If the workplace is not clean, it can represent a great health risk for employees due to the development of pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, germs, fungi, etc.). This degree of vulnerability increases proportionally with the increase in the number of visitors: customers, clients and business partners. That’s why extra attention should be paid to the hygiene of all working rooms, especially common ones: reception, waiting room, corridors and toilets.

According to what standards do we perform daily cleaning?

Two decades of experience in daily cleaning, but also in periodic and general cleaning, recommends the company Invekta as an ideal support for modern business.

Among more than four hundred employees, our hygienists are the most engaged. Trained, organized and equipped according to the highest European standards, they are ready to respond to all requirements for the cleanliness of any business premises.

The chemicals they use meet ISO-standards and are intended for professional use only. At the client’s request, we deliver the MSDS list.

Invekta professionally and responsibly takes care of the hygiene of your company. And. the quality of the service performed meets the highest criteria in every respect.

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What activities does the daily cleaning of business property involve?

Standard daily hygiene maintenance services, which we provide to most companies, include:


  • wiping of office furniture;
  • carpet vacuuming;
  • mopping floors;
  • emptying trash cans;
  • toilet cleaning;
  • regular and timely replenishment of paper products (towels, toilet paper), soap and liquid for hand disinfection;
  • cleaning of blinds and shutters on windows and doors;
  • disinfection of contact, most frequently used surfaces (knobs, switches, counters, electronic equipment).

Invekta offers flexible solutions, tailored to the client’s needs – See for yourself!

In agreement with the client, his/her needs and budget, we adjust and finally specify the plan and dynamics of service execution. If the circumstances change at some point, and with them the demands of the clients, we are ready to modify the plan according to the new parameters.

Why should the daily cleaning of the commercial premises be left to our company?

There are many reasons why you can confidently entrust us with daily cleaning. As well as all other types of hygiene services in your business premises (weekly, monthly, annually and general cleaning).

Trained cleaners carry out daily cleaning and disinfection with adequate means and professional chemistry, selected according to the purpose, i.e. the type of surface being cleaned.

Our professional and efficient equipment will free you from the purchase of expensive machines, vacuum cleaners, duo-carts and other appliances. And, accordingly, the mandatory training of your staff in the use of these devices.
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Procurement, distribution and application of raw materials is therefore our concern.

A permanent employment relationship sometimes requires going on sick leave, using days off and vacations. With us, you don’t have to think about it. Because, we always have a guaranteed replacement and secure coverage for a given job position.

What are the other benefits of cooperation with Invekta?

In addition to all of the above, we provide supervision of the performed service. This means that we hire a manager who oversees the quality of work and manages the hiring and firing of workers (mandatory check-in). In addition, he/she visits the premises after cleaning and controls the work performance. And, takes care of the procurement of consumables. All this is done with the application of our most modern work process management software so that everything runs smoothly and without errors.

The image of the company also depends on the neatness and cleanliness of the workplace

With us, your workspace (offices, conference rooms, production halls), receptions, corridors, waiting rooms, kitchens and toilets are always impeccably clean and tidy.

How important the first impression is, large corporations know best, which pay attention to every, even the smallest segment of their business and public image.

Daily cleaning is undoubtedly one of the ways to make a first impression on a potential client, shareholder, investor or customer when they first step into your company.

Therefore, regular cleaning cannot be considered an expense, but a wise investment in business because it always pays off in the long run.

Building a positive image in the business world means reflecting the company’s values not only with quality service or products, but also with a nice and clean working environment.

Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.