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Software management is an indispensable part of the modern business of companies that improve their business with technological innovations.

In facility management (FM), software is a very useful tool from the aspect of managing all work procedures and simplifying the company’s operations.

Since maintenance services are applicable to business facilities of any kind and management software is also useful in every economic and other field.

Invekta’s software management solution is perfect for your business!

Following modern technologies Invekta has become a pioneer in this area in the application of software management solutions that serve more successful and easier business management. This special software for maintaining hygiene is intended for advanced and centralized monitoring of business facilities and equipment, as well as coordination with employees.

Thanks to it, our competent team monitors in real time all the processes of the maintenance services we provide to a particular company.

This specifically means that the following possibilities are provided to us and the client (if he/she chooses our software solution) through the interface:

  • monitoring the work process in a short period of time (just a few minutes);
  • simplification of work tasks;
  • budget and sales planning and monitoring;
  • risk management;
  • identifying resource needs;
  • adding new business options;
  • easily creating a timeline for each project;
  • building an effective communication link between the board of directors, on the one hand, and facility managers and other employees, on the other;
  • delegation and synchronization of tasks and obligations;
  • setting priorities so that time and resources are used to the maximum;
  • increasing productivity;
  • conversion of plans into tangible results;
  • historicization (storage) of data.
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Software management – What other benefits are you guaranteed?

If you choose the software management that Invekta provides, you achieve a significant edge over the competition because:

  • you gain insight into the company’s work in a few minutes;
  • you get a clear overview of progress;
  • you have complete control over work processes;
  • you make decisions based on precise reports, up-to-date and accurate information;
  • you meet your goals within the planned period;
  • you maximize work efficiency.

Additional benefits provided by our central management platform are:

  • classification and cost reduction;
  • absolute transparency of the work done.

Additional features of Invekta’s FM software

This technological innovation has virtually unlimited possibilities and can be optimized according to your specific needs and desires. In addition, it is easy and quick to install, regardless of your company’s activity and scope of business, as well as the number and distribution of business facilities.

Software management, therefore, has different modules, designed to minimize operational costs and time consumption.

Time is the most precious and irreplaceable resource, and with our software for facility services, the client significantly saves it.

He/she makes it very simple: with computer monitoring, the entire company, employees, work processes and raw materials become visible in just 5–10 minutes. For such complex monitoring, the client would normally need several days of visiting the business facility or more.
Therefore, the benefits of our software are unsurpassed, and it is FREE for all companies that opt for our annual hygiene maintenance services and other.

Clients have access to continuous technical support from our team of highly qualified engineers. This undoubtedly contributes to a sense of security and the establishment of trust.

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The facility and employee security plan, as well as the risk assessment based on new security threats, can be updated and modified. Depending on the client’s needs, this can be done on an annual basis or earlier.

Also, a timely revision of the access control system is mandatory. This procedure must be carried out in order to ensure the up-to-date of physical and electronic security provisions and to comply with the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia.

Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.