Cleaning of glass surfaces

Početna 5 Cleaning of glass surfaces

Cleaning the glass surfaces of commercial buildings can sometimes be a very demanding and dangerous job. Especially when it comes to the glass on the facades of very tall buildings:

• commercial towers;
• shopping centers;
• exhibition centers (museums, art galleries, car showrooms, etc.);
• airports;
• factories;
• universities and others.

However, if this work is carried out by professionals, there is no doubt that they will perform it responsibly, qualitatively and safely. Both for themselves and for the employees of the business facility itself.

Why is it important to clean glass surfaces in commercial buildings?

The architecture of modern business centers more and more often includes glass facades, which look imposing – futuristic and sophisticated. But, compared to classic facade materials, glass requires special care. In order for it to always be shiny, smooth and transparent, it should be constantly kept clean.

Namely, atmospheric conditions (rain, hail, snow, winds, sun, and atmospheric gases) inevitably leave a mark. That is why the glass facade needs to be cleaned more often so that it looks shiny. And internal windows, glass doors and glass screens in the so-called open-space offices also require timely and careful maintenance.

The problem of blurring and the so-called the milky white layer then becomes more pronounced, which can pose a risk to daily functioning and safety.

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Therefore, the glass facade should be multifunctional and ensure:

  • protection from climatic influences (including solar radiation);
  • sound and heat insulation;
  • that it seals well;
  • that it is fire resistant.

How do clean windows increase work efficiency and reduce costs for your company?

Clean windows are also important from the side of work effectiveness. More natural light has a positive effect on the mood, work ethic and achievements of employees.
A brighter working environment definitely brings numerous benefits:

  • the energy efficiency of the space increases;
  • employees are better focused on work (which improves their performance);
  • has an affirmative effect on clients, investors and business partners.

Cleaning of glass surfaces – Who should you contact for the best service?

Cleaning of glass surfaces (interior and exterior) should be entrusted to a reliable and serious company. Thanks to two decades of experience, a large number of qualified workers and the most efficient biodegradable means, Invekta is considered one of the most reliable in the field of facility management.

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According to the client’s needs and within the specified time, we will efficiently and quickly remove all layers of dirt, traces of chemicals and stains of various types, regardless of the size and height of the window. In order to bring the glass in / on your business premises to the highest shine and cleanliness, we will eliminate traces of corrosion, atmospheric precipitation, exhaust gases and smog, soot, dust, cobwebs, grease deposits and bird droppings.

If the facade of your business building is covered with glass, take full responsibility for the entire maintenance of its cleanliness. Our team of specially trained workers for work at heights has undergone professional training according to international standards. That is why they are characterized by exceptional technique and training.

Please note that you can also hire us when it comes to washing and maintaining other types of facade surfaces: stone, granite, alubond, etc.

Let the glass or other facade of your business object make a favorable first impression and point to the responsible and sustainable business policy you implement!

Whoever works, also gets dirty!

And we are everywhere where work is being done.
Our clients confirm that.