What is an HVAC system and why is it important that it always works like clockwork?

Početna 5 Facility management 5 What is an HVAC system and why is it important that it always works like clockwork?

HVAC system is a name taken from the English language and stands for the acronym of the multi-part term Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

Given that there is no unique, domestic name for these three systems in the Serbian language, this crude Anglicism has long been domesticated (and understandable) in facility management. After all, just like facility management itself.

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Let’s explain the term HVAC system in more detail

The HVAC system is designed within mechanical engineering and is based on the principles of thermodynamics and mechanics of liquids and gases. It consists of:

  • central chamber for air preparation;
  • local chambers;
  • hygienic chambers;
  • channel separations;
  • filter units;
  • compressor stations;
  • pumps for maintaining pressure;
  • glycol exchangers;
  • hot and cold water tanks;
  • fire extinguishing system;
  • electrical cabinet with panels for remote control, software control, etc.

The term HVAC system implies, therefore, the application of numerous technologies for controlling few parameters. These are: hydro and thermo-temperature, cleanliness, and relative humidity of the air.

Proper functioning of the HVAC system = better health conditions in commercial facilities

To avoid possible air contamination, the HVAC system must follow strict air-tightness standards, similar to those set in nuclear plants.

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Without this complex system, many commercial and residential facilities would not be able to function because they would not have high air quality.

This especially applies to large buildings without natural ventilation. Like modern business skyscrapers, underground company headquarters, and certain parts of hospitals or laboratories that work with dangerous viruses. Also rockets, airplanes, submarines, extremely fast trains, etc.

In a closed space, it is important to reduce the infiltration of external pollutants. And to purify the air at a speed that corresponds to the size and purpose of the space. Thus, for rooms where there are a large number of people at the same time (theatre halls, nightclubs, etc.) or those where there is a lot of evaporation (commercial kitchens), typically 30–50 air changes per hour.

The air is purified by means of an intake and exhaust system of appropriate power and, thermally prepared, is delivered from the central chamber to the local chambers. On this occasion, oxygen is replenished, and air filters eliminate moisture, smoke, dust, pollen, unpleasant odors, carbon dioxide, and viruses.

In this way, nominal air circulation is achieved (even without natural ventilation!) and stagnation of stale, harmful air is avoided. It is dangerous because it can lead to respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurobehavioral problems.

The goal of up-to-date and proper maintenance of the HVAC system is to create healthy conditions for long-term residents in commercial facilities.

This system is a key factor in reducing the risk of airborne diseases: Corona, tuberculosis, meningitis, influenza, and others.

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Do you know how to ensure the correctness of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system?

These three functions are interconnected and it is necessary to find the perfect mode for their economical installation, operation, and maintenance.

The company Invekta, as one of the leading companies in Serbia in the field of facility management, has been dealing with, among other things, the maintenance of HVAC systems for 20 years.

Our clients are large factories, shopping malls, business office buildings, public and health institutions, hotels, and banks

In order to ensure the supply of quality air and optimal heating and cooling to all of them, we employ educated and experienced technical staff. The staff is well-versed in high-capacity HVAC systems and knows how to clean them of dirt, cobwebs, grease, and dust deposits. They achieve this by washing or replacing the filter, i.e. by using the most modern robots to access hard-to-reach places in the ventilation pipes.

If the HVAC system is not maintained properly, it will lead to poor airflow (or even stop!) and clogged filters will lead to overheating of the heating system and potential fire.
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Photo: Invekta

If there is a malfunction in the network (outdoor and indoor units), our excellent technicians solve it extremely expeditiously. This enables uninterrupted heating in the winter period, i.e. cooling in the summer. By default, always with the flow of fresh and healthy air.

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The HVAC system must be in full working order to realize the savings

If found that the technological equipment of the ventilation, heating and cooling system is outdated and can no longer meet the needs, work is being done on its modernization and improvement.

The correctness of the HVAC network is important primarily for health reasons, but also from the aspect of economy, i.e. rational consumption of electricity necessary for its operation.
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Significant savings are also achieved by returning energy to the main system. For example, while the cold water in one building of a business facility with a large number of work units is used for air conditioning, the hot water returned through the pipeline is used for heating in another.

The circulator, or pump, in hot water heating systems is used for the circulation of hot water through the distribution network. Hydro heat by means of radiators and hot water coils raises the air temperature in the rooms. And hot water can also be used for toilets.

This exploitation of water as a medium for energy transfer for heating (and cooling) is called hydronics.

The use of renewable energy sources also contributes to economic efficiency and profitability. First of all, we mean solar heat and seasonal thermal energy storage, winter cold, and the cooling potential of natural waters – rivers and seas.

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If you are intrigued by the above blog title that we invite you to read, as well as this very text in which we presented the HVAC system to you in more detail, it means that you are thinking wisely about the long-term sustainability of your business.

It’s up to you to call us, and it’s up to us to present to you the ways in which we can achieve this important goal together.

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