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Support services for companies and institutions include the so-called front and back office activities. They usually imply outsourcing the engagement of administrative and other auxiliary personnel in a certain period.

These staff, which does not have to be in physical contact with clients, facilitates the achievement of basic functions in business and represents a discreet but strong support.

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What activities include support services for companies and institutions?

Support services include a wide range of tasks and, as stated, divide into two sets:

  • front office service;
  • back office services.

Both aims to have more efficient and easier business, and they are asked for the needs of the company in a given moment.

Front office service

This English name is dominated for the work of auxiliary officers outside the office premises.

Front office staff is in charge of the reception of hotels, company, hospitals and other institutions and achieves direct interaction with guests/clients/patients.

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Communicative, friendly and digitally literate persons are necessary for this type of work. Therefore, Invekta makes a careful selection and check to provide a person to be the best first represent of the company.

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Back office service

Although seemingly invisible, background staff supports the achievement of basic business functions. As an essential part of each company, it is crucial for the work of colleagues in front office, with which it is actively communicating.

External staff can be rented to work together with internally employed persons, helping them in everyday performance of tasks.

Combined office-administrative back office services are reflected in:

  • sorting and addressing the mail, as well as the distribution of received written in sectors;
  • responding to emails and inquiries;
  • telephone and written correspondence (providing relevant information, conducting research, public opinion polls, etc.);
  • printing/photocopying/converting documents;
  • organizing meetings, conferences, congresses and trade fairs;
  • record keeping;
  • additional secretarial services (documents, reversions, reputation of letters);
  • product packaging services and etc.
Knowledge of working on office devices (computers, photocopying and scanning machines), as well as digital platforms and communication channels, is compulsory in back office.
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Also, specialized office support services may include current external activities. This means that people engaged, if necessary, leave the company’s premises for execution of courier tasks (mail, packages, etc.). Or, go to the procurement of office raw materials (printing paper, envelope, pencils, diary, etc.)

The people we hire for the needs of a certain company have all the predispositions to perform this type of work. In view of the debts they receive, they are extremely discreet and easily fit into the temporary work environment.

This is extremely important because only in this way, confidential information will not be compromised. But there will be no remarks of permanent employees in their daily work because our workers are perfectly adaptable.

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Why opt for outsourcing support services for companies and institutions?

Key reasons why legal entities decide for outsourcing companies support services and institutions are:

  • simplification of the front and back office work processes;
  • maximizing efficiency;
  • increasing functionality and productivity;
  • saving time;
  • reduction of costs;
  • focusing managers on the primary activity of the company/institution.

Namely, many western corporations, operating in the territory of Serbia, are hiring assistance agencies in providing staff for front and back office services.

In this way, they do not waste time on publication of competitions and long-term selection of candidates. In addition, they certainly receive highly qualified staff, about whose income and drives do not take care (as in the case of the internal team). Thus achieve multiple profits for their business.

The same goes for domestic companies that have a branched network of business.

Both Invekta and others can guarantee maximum support services, because we carry out successfully:

  • engaging professional staff;
  • implementation of software for monitoring work processes.
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Through several circles of selection, we choose candidates that will best fit into the business environment of our client and answer all obligations well.

Through our innovative software model, in real-time, we follow respect for working hours and the work performance of each engaged person. This type of control 24/7 is very important to eliminate any defects and suggested improvements.

An additional advantage for our customers is reflected in the FREE installation of this software in their internal computer system. Through it, management can conduct supervision and manage business processes, free from worrying about external associates.

If this modern way of providing support services sounds ideal for your company or institution, contact us.

You can do this in several ways: by phone (+381 64 70 595 39), email ( or through a questionnaire.

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