Easier monitoring of the hygiene of business facilities using software

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Facility management software is one of the most modern technological solutions for reducing operational costs to a minimum. This fact is very important for large companies with many employees and with a large number of sectors, territorially dispersed.

We believe that you are familiar with the concept of a central management platform, and through the next blog, you will get to know all its features in detail. And – undoubted advantages!

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Why every business needs facility management software?

Thanks to this innovation from the world of information technology, the company Invekta is able to look at all the needs for maintaining the hygiene of your company in order for it to function smoothly.

What exactly does that mean?

In our practice, facility management software proves to be a very useful multifunctional tool every day, with the help of which the following important goals are achieved:

  • monitoring of current activities within the facility maintenance;
  • communication with workers in the field;
  • check-in and check-out of employees;
  • coordinating work orders and assignments;
  • tracking work orders in real time;
  • control of the achievements of employees in individual rooms;
  • identification of sectors with weaker performance;
  • checking of sanitary raw materials and replenishment based on needs;
  • updating the database;
  • risk management (anticipation of emergency situations) and others.
facility management software invekta 2

Photo: Pixabay, Ekaterina

This computer software helps to:

  • plan and monitor the budget and timeline of the project;
  • set priorities and delegate tasks and duties most efficiently;
  • optimize and improve the performance of equipment and employees;
  • prolongs the operability of machines, tools and other means of work;
  • avoid expensive downtimes in the functioning of the company;
  • prevent breakdowns;
  • determine preventive maintenance of facilities;
  • ensure a timely reaction in case of unforeseen circumstances that may threaten the business.
Invekta software for the maintenance of business facilities is designed so that, based on the stored data, the management potential of your company is developed to the highest degree.
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Facility Management Software gives you complete control and dominance in your niche market

A computerized maintenance management system for business facilities centralizes maintenance information and simplifies work processes.
By using our software for monitoring the servicing of the company, a significant advantage over the competition is gained, since the client:

  • has full control of work processes;
  • makes decisions based on accurate information and reports;
  • gets a clear overview of progress;
  • fulfills its objectives within the planned period.
facility management software invekta 3

Photo: Pixabay, Dirk Wouters

The special benefits that this software provides are:

  • classification and significant cost reduction;
  • absolute transparency of the work done.

As a special advantage of this high-tech achievement, we highlight the following features:

  • software for the maintenance of business facilities has unlimited possibilities and numerous applications (food, heavy and light industry, trade, agriculture, traffic, construction, media houses, tourism, crafts, health and other institutions);
  • it is created and modified according to the needs and preferences of clients;
  • it is simple and quick to implement and use;
  • it is FREE for users of our (multi)year services.
In addition to all of the above, we provide customers with constant technical support from our engineering team, which is why they can feel completely safe wherever they are.
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Facility Management Software – The easiest way to get it?

Modern information technologies have become an integral part of any successful business. In order to modernize the work process in your company and make it much easier, more efficient and more productive, Invekta invites you for a consultation.

We will listen to the goals you are striving for, see what is the stumbling block in your company and develop a plan for improvement. The services we offer, supported by facility management software and a team of over 400 employees, are:

  1. maintaining hygiene;
  2. technical maintenance;
  3. security;
  4. support services;
  5. green maintenance;
  6. winter service;
  7. procurement of paper products and other hygiene products.
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Maintaining hygiene

Maintaining hygiene of business premises includes the following activities, which we carry out using the most modern professional devices:

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Technical maintenance

The scope of technical maintenance provided by Invekta includes:

  • accident risk records;
  • maintenance activities and minor repairs (which include the HVAC system, spare parts, etc.);
  • regular daily maintenance and monitoring of equipment in the facility;
  • optimization of technical equipment.
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Security of business facilities, equipment, and people includes:

  • planning, organization and implementation of physical and technical security of business property and employees;
  • technical security tasks (handling the client’s technical equipment – video surveillance system, alarm system, access control, connection systems, and ramps);
  • support for fire protection of people and property in accordance with the Law on fire protection and other valid regulations in the field of fire protection and the Fire protection plan valid at the location of the client.

Support services

In order to help our clients reduce the unnecessary waste of time and energy on a daily basis and thus significantly relieve their company management, we have introduced support services.

They include:

  • daily support (working at the reception, sorting mail, supplying office supplies, etc.);
  • winter service (using scrapers, tractors with pushers, shovels, and ice scrapers, as well as sprinkling salt, we remove snow around all business facilities and ensure safe and unobstructed access);
  • green maintenance (our landscape architects, phytopathologists, and technicians are dedicated to establishing lawns and planting plants, pruning and reshaping bushes, feeding, fertilizing and protecting plants, installing watering systems, etc.);
  • procurement of paper goods (toilet paper and various types of towels and dispensers for toilets, kitchens, and industrial plants).
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Facilitate the monitoring of hygiene maintenance in your business facilities!

With the application of sophisticated facility management software and the engagement of a large number of workers, we perform all service operations in a maximally effective manner.

Specially educated staff who are constantly improving, modern machines, tools and other means of work allow us to be expeditious 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
That’s why you can always rely on us.

In this sense, waiting too long and delaying good business opportunities is perceived as an obvious long-term business loss.

facility management software invekta 4

Photo: Pixabay, Shahid Abdullah

As far as today, Invekta can lead you towards the modernization and progress of your business because it will offer you solutions that will match the type and scope of your business. Whether you want individual or integrated services, we can respond positively to all requests.

In order to realize your plans, all you need to do is schedule a meeting with our management. You can call us on weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (+381647059539) or by email at any time (office@invekta.rs).

We will organize the initial meeting in our office in Belgrade (Jablanička 184) or in your company headquarters if you prefer. We are open to any deal.

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