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Pharmacy cleaning is of primary importance when it comes to health institutions that deal with the preparation, procurement and testing of medicines and medical equipment.

Pharmacies are the second most important representative of health care and their appearance must keep pace with that important mission. As health standards for pharmacies are very high, priority is given to hygiene and sterility.

Cleanliness and tidiness are especially important considering the tendency of pharmacy institutions to provide everything that visitors might need: medicines, non-medical products, body care products, etc. Therefore, the highest level of hygiene and good maintenance are vital elements in providing quality service to patients, i.e. customers.

Patients must feel safe from the entrance and enter the pharmacy with full confidence, not only in terms of satisfying their needs for certain products, but primarily from the aspect of health.
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Pharmacy cleaning – Which segments must be covered?

Pharmacies and drugstores imply the highest level of hygiene, that is not in dispute. In this type of facility, every corner (especially tactile surfaces) must be regularly kept clean and disinfected:

  • shelves for drugs and non-drugs;
  • refrigerators for storing insulin and other special medicines, injections and vaccines;
  • cupboards, desks, sinks and other kitchen elements;
  • payment counters;
  • protective partitions on counters;
  • hard floors;
  • glass surfaces (windows, shelves, panels);
  • walls with ceramic tiles and other coverings;
  • ceilings;
  • auxiliary premises;
  • entrance and interior doors, with special emphasis on doorknobs and vertical handles.
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Photo: Invekta

In terms of sanity, none of these parts should be neglected. Especially because people contaminated with viruses and other pathogens enter pharmacies most often.

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Before cleaning the pharmacy, consult with your facility manager!

In order to keep your pharmacy chain always equally clean, you should hire hygienists with a precise eye, who notice the smallest particle of dust, a trace of cobweb or almost insignificant stain, and also those who are trained to work with Covid-19 disinfection equipment.

Since pharmacy inventory is often arranged on high shelves with numerous compartments, they must be very dexterous and agile in order to reach the highest among them.

In order to get just such high-quality hygienists, you need to get in touch with a company that provides cleaning services for commercial buildings.

Namely, by establishing cooperation with an outsourcing facility company, you relieve yourself of the obligation of:

  • announcing competitions for professional hygienists;
  • laborious selection process;
  • checking candidates and monitoring their work;
  • legal obligations regarding employee registration;
  • procurement of cleaning products;
  • purchases of expensive industrial machines for washing and polishing hard floors;
  • costs of training employees to work on them.
The facility manager is your best collaborator in this case. He/she will wholeheartedly take care of all these “side things” so that you can focus on the most important segments of your business, which is running the pharmacy.
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A word or two about how Invekta cleans pharmacies…

We know how sensitive pharmacy cleaning is and how stressful it can be to ensure that it is carried out regularly and thoroughly, from floor to ceiling.

Through our 20 years of work, we have become a permanent partner in maintaining the hygiene of many pharmacy chains and administrative buildings of pharmacy institutions.

What is very important to mention is that we support the work units of the world’s pharmaceutical companies throughout Serbia – even in the smallest towns, with a few hundred inhabitants. Our mission is to ensure maximum hygiene in all facilities, no matter where they are located in our country and no matter what size they are.

And this applies not only to active facilities, but also to those that are about to open. This specifically means that Invekta’s hygiene teams are located in every pharmacy where the final construction works are underway.

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Photo: Invekta

After painting, installing shelves and counters, and dividing walls, we remove all kinds of dust, sawdust, stains and germs from different surfaces: floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, glasses, doorknobs, pressure measuring stations…

Through detailed sanitization, we make the pharmacy area ready for stacking pharmaceutical products, sticking notices/advertisements and finally – receiving patients/customers.

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Regulations and conditions that we meet when maintaining the hygiene of pharmacies

In order to permanently comply with legal directives, we regularly renew the certificates necessary for the performance of our activities:

These documents are a prerequisite for establishing business cooperation and a guarantee that we maintain the hygiene of commercial facilities in accordance with current regulations.

Another requirement that we fulfill is the hiring of professional staff, trained to operate industrial cleaning machines and knowledgeable in the most effective way of using manual tools.

Providing the highest quality sanitary agents and aids, as well as paper confections, disinfectants and dispensers, is the third condition to which we readily respond.

In pharmacies, we carry out three cycles of regular cleaning: first cleaning with detergent, and then double disinfection. Failures in these cleaning protocols would lead to a break in the chain of macro-biological correctness, i.e. to the cancellation of asepsis and the penetration of microbes.

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Pharmacy cleaning and technology – How do we gain an additional advantage in terms of efficiency and speed of execution of work tasks?

All our clients and employees are familiar with the information technology innovation that we apply in our daily work at facilities throughout Serbia.

It is a software for managing the maintenance of business facilities, which helps us to be maximally expeditious and transparent in our work.

By applying this software solution, we are able to:

  • keep records of completed cleaning protocols in each work unit;
  • communicate with our staff in the field;
  • perform cleaning verification and, if necessary, suggest improvements;
  • control the stock of sanitary raw materials;
  • check hygienists’ respect for working hours and much more!
The potential of Invekta’s software is therefore of high value both for our own management and for the managers of individual pharmacies.
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Let your pharmacy shine and overshadow all the others in the neighborhood with its appearance!

Respecting the standard operating procedures and protocols established by the pharmacy, our hygienists do their best to make the interior and exterior of the pharmacy presentable.

pharmacy cleaning invekta 4

Photo: Unsplash, Nathaniel Yeo

With the proper use of protective uniforms and hygiene products, with the advisory approach of the pharmacy manager, they clean and disinfect the premises. By the prescribed length of exposure of all contact surfaces to sanitary liquids and disinfectants, they reduce the possibility of their contamination:

  • in the reception/sales department;
  • warehouse part;
  • laboratory in which the highest sterility and prevention of cross-contamination is required.

As an additional form of hygiene protection, our facility maintenance technicians will check the correctness and functionality of the HVAC system in your pharmacy. If necessary, they will clean them or carry out the necessary repairs, and provide good ventilation and the flow of clean air.

Therefore, in the Invekta company, apart from cleaning, you can also find a technical maintenance service, as well as other services. Fill out our form for creating a business offer or contact us by phone (+381 64 70 595 39) on working days, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Or by email (

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