When Invekta polishes, the glass in your company is glazed!

Početna 5 Cleaning of glass surfaces 5 When Invekta polishes, the glass in your company is glazed!

Glass surfaces cleaning in commercial facilities by professional hygienists provides your company with multiple benefits, and saving money is just one of them.

The following text will show you the three most common preconceptions that some managers have when it comes to the commercial window cleaning process. And it will guide you to all the benefits it brings to companies.

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Prejudice 1: „Cleaning of glass surfaces in commercial buildings is unnecessary as long as you can see through the glass at least a little.“

This opinion is ingrained especially among the managers of production facilities of factories and warehouses. Considering that it is not important whether the windows of these facilities are clean because they are for industrial purposes. And because the workers hardly look through them, they do not pay too much attention to their transparency. That is so wrong!

Even the smallest window pane must always be clean and polished.

We will agree that employees must maintain focus during working hours. However, if the windows are dirty and enough natural light does not reach through them, this can have a negative impact on their mood, health. And, ultimately, on their overall performance in the long run.

So, humane working conditions, a hygienic environment, and a pleasant atmosphere are something without which no business can survive for a long time.

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Prejudice 2: „What do clean windows have to do with business?!“

We can give only one answer to this question: big! If you think of your office building as a person, you will remember how important a neat and pleasant appearance is in making a first impression. Whether it’s potential partners, investors, or candidates who should join your team.

A dirty and musty exterior certainly does not leave a positive impression on anyone who comes to your company for a business meeting.

Assuming that the interior couldn’t be much cleaner either, visitors’ initial enthusiasm for a good business opportunity will quickly wane.

glass surfaces cleaning in commercial facilities 2

Photo: Invekta

So, it is clear to you that the cleanliness of the business premises can directly affect the business. And, as a wise and successful businessman, you will make every effort to ensure that this “minor thing” does not jeopardize the chance for the progress of your company. Right?

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Prejudice 3: „Okay, if I clean the windows, I don’t have to clean the glass inside the business building. At least it doesn’t get dirty!“

Unfortunately, we will have to dissuade you again. It is true that external glass surfaces get dirty faster due to atmospheric conditions and other factors.

However, the internal glass is also subject to the deposition of dust, grease, and stains. Especially those that are often touched (doors, counters) or are located in toilet and dining rooms.

And dust, full of allergens, can be very dangerous for employees who suffer from allergies and asthma.

That’s why Invekta pays great attention to the cleaning and disinfection of glass inside buildings, as well as those that overlook the environment.

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What parts of the interior and exterior does glass surfaces cleaning in commercial facilities cover?

When we realized that the prejudices are not true, we can tell you what everything in the business space can be made of glass. If you have any such surface in your facility, feel free to contact us.

First of all, let’s say that all surfaces made of glass (float, reflective, insulating, tempered, or laminated) must always be sparkling clean, polished to perfection. And impeccably transparent! Unless they are sandblasted or painted.

Because, the primary function of glass is to let in natural light and heat, and provide the right brightness and transparency to the room. It is also very important from the aspect of saving electricity and thermal energy.

Equipped with the most effective chemical agents for washing and polishing glass surfaces, Invekta’s hygienists use specialized techniques to clean skillfully and quickly:

  • windows (interior and exterior);
  • glass door;
  • partition panels and walls made of glass;
  • sales, reception and contact desks;
  • glasses in counter halls;
  • glass fronts on kitchen and dining elements;
  • mirrors in auxiliary rooms;
  • shop windows of pharmacies, shops in shopping centers, supermarkets, car showrooms, etc.;
  • glass railings on floors, terraces, static and moving staircases in commercial buildings;
  • glass treads (floors, stairs);
  • greenhouses;
  • glass around indoor pools in hotels and sports centers, etc.
glass surfaces cleaning in commercial facilities 4

Photo: Freepik, Kate Mango Star

How often must washing of glass surfaces in commercial facilities be carried out?

The regularity of glass cleaning depends on several factors:

  • the location of the building (close to roads, factories or natural areas without heavy pollution);
  • activities and the immediate environment of the business facility (heating plants, factories of heavy and chemical industry, ie institutions, hospitals, surgeries, laboratories, boarding houses, and hotel complexes);
  • number of employees and fluctuation of visitors (office buildings, shopping centers, busy hotels, and institutions).

After going out to the field, our expert assessors will determine the needs of your facility not only in terms of glass cleaning, but also general hygiene maintenance.

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Glass surfaces cleaning in commercial facilities & our goal: glass so clean, you’ll think it simply isn’t there!

Using special scrapers and applicators with extensions, we remove accumulated dirt from even the largest glass surfaces in the shortest possible time. While paying attention to the prevention of scratches and the protection of frames made of wood, mediapan, PVC, and aluminum.

Where necessary, we use ladders and mountaineering equipment to reach and properly clean even the highest, hard-to-reach corners.

These are mainly high glass walls in the lobbies of hotels, shopping and business centers, skylights, indoor greenhouses, and glazed swimming pools.

Thanks to imported microfiber covers and concentrated liquids that allow the wipers to slide easily, the windows stay clean longer than after standard cleaning.

The professional chemical solutions that we apply are also effective in hard water (which is mostly in our country), so the scale will not leave whitish stains. In addition, they produce excellent foam and thus eliminate internal and external (atmospheric) impurities, fingerprints, grease, insect marks. And everything that stains the glass.

glass surfaces cleaning in commercial facilities 3

Photo: Invekta

To summarize: when Invekta cleans the glass, you won’t be sure if it’s even there. Without a single trace of dirt, highly polished and crystal clear, it could easily become an optical illusion for busy business people. Fortunately, today in buildings with a commercial purpose, doors, and walls made of tempered glass, with high resistance to breakage, are installed. Thus, there is no risk of injury in the rush to business success.

What we must point out is this: once you get used to this high standard of cleanliness, you will never be able to give it up.

Therefore, enjoy the enviable hygiene and elegance of the office space with our help: fill out the form and expect an offer according to the standards of your company.


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