Car salon maintenance company – Your support in vehicle sales!

Početna 5 Cleaning of glass surfaces 5 Car salon maintenance company – Your support in vehicle sales!

The car showroom maintenance company is one of the first outsourcing partners for every passenger vehicle distributor. We believe yours, too.

For those who are not familiar with this fact, we will explain why this is so.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the exhibition space is closely correlated with sales as it naturally contributes to the quality and presentation of automotive brands.

Only when the showroom is impeccably clean and polished, can the brilliance and extravagance of the four-wheelers truly shine.

Potential customers need more than just visiting your sales location and purchasing their desired car – the entire purchasing process needs to have a certain level of spectacle. Therefore, the environment where they first meet their new “darling” (or business “partner”) and test it out should be sparkling, pleasant, and stimulating. Regardless of whether they opt for a modern city car, a luxury sedan, an SUV, or a delivery vehicle.

Thus, together with the friendliness, kindness, and sharpness of the salesperson, a magical triangle of successful sales is formed. With the customer at its center!
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What does the car showroom maintenance company do to ensure it’s in top-shape?

The first item on the list of facility maintenance is hygiene maintenance.

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Photo: Freepik / Invekta

However, there is another important factor that affects the overall functionality of the facility: technical maintenance.

Let’s start with the first and specify what it entails.

Hygiene maintenance

Complete hygiene car showroom maintenance company ensures includes the following service tasks:

  • daily wiping of floors with special microfiber mops, using precise movements in stages to ensure even the smallest speck is removed;
  • mopping of stairs and polishing of handrails;
  • periodic washing of external and internal glass surfaces (shop windows/facades/windows, partition walls, and stair railings);
  • cleaning and disinfection of doors, handles, as well as toilet and dining areas;
  • removal of dust and other debris from office furniture and appliances;
  • machine deep cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture (chairs, sofas, work chairs);
  • machine cleaning of hard flooring (tiles, grout) using high-power industrial machines;
  • machine polishing of tiles to achieve the highest shine.
car showroom maintenance company invekta 2

Photo: Invekta

When regular or general floor cleaning is conducted, it is sometimes necessary to move the displayed cars to properly scrub and polish every part of the floor. After drying, each car is neatly returned to its designated place.

And thanks to the reflection of light on the mirror-like, polished floor, it becomes maximally attractive and simply irresistible.

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Technical Maintenance

Technical maintenance of a commercial facility is important from a safety perspective. So, it is crucial to entrust it to a company that meets all the requirements for this type of activity.

Invekta has the personnel and equipment to perform all tasks related to the so-called soft technical maintenance in your car salon. We implement preventive and corrective measures. Just in order for the building to be technically sound and the safety of employees and clients to be at the highest level.

car showroom maintenance company invekta 4

Photo: Freepik

The soft technical maintenance services we can provide include:

  • minor thermal, electrical, hydraulic, and telecommunications repairs and parts procurement (regulation of temperature sensors, replacement of bulbs and chandeliers, fuses, switches and sockets, service of EXIT panic lamps; repair of hoses and siphons in toilet and kitchen areas, repair of intercoms and elevators alarms, etc.);
  • maintenance of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning);
  • organization and supervision of elevator service (if applicable);
  • routine testing of fire extinguishers and record keeping of inspections;
  • installation and servicing of office furniture (tables, chairs, replacement of wheels, hinges, and handles on windows, drawers, and doors, removal of partition panels, floor marking, and labeling, etc.);
  • providing safety guidelines to prevent accidents, and more.
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Is a car showroom maintenance company necessary if you sell used vehicles?

Passenger or transport/cargo vehicles (pickup trucks, vans, etc.) should be properly presented even if they are not fresh off the production line. Even used vehicles deserve attention and a representative exhibition space, don’t they? Whether it is located within the sales salon or in front of it.

We mentioned maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the interior and exterior of the building itself. When it comes to parking areas or display points in front of the facility, hygiene and a good appearance must also be taken into account.

Since we have extensive experience in cleaning public garages, parking lots (as well as areas around factories, salons, and other commercial facilities), we can assist you in this aspect as well. By removing solid debris (paper, packaging, chewing gum, leaves, branches) and machine washing concrete/asphalt surfaces, we can bring them to a pristine condition. Tire marks, motor oil stains, and other stubborn stains can be easily removed with our professional machines, tools, and floor cleaning chemicals.

And, when winter conditions require it, we will gladly activate snow blowers, plows, and shovels to clear the snow from all access points to your car lot.

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What about maintaining hygiene in car factories and other vehicle manufacturing facilities?

The facility services we have been providing to clients from various industries for the past 20 years are highly applicable to the automotive industry. Our services are particularly present in this sector.

Production lines, machine workshops, warehouses, halls, auxiliary rooms – all must meet hygiene standards not only for aesthetics and media photography. But, primarily for the health and safety of workers. And, of course, for the smooth operation and efficiency of the machines.

cleaning car showrooms invekta 5

Photo: Freepik, Usertrmk

You are well aware of how expensive it can be to have just one worker injured or a technical failure: reduced productivity, production delays. And, of course, the loss of precious time. That is a price no automobile manufacturer wants to pay.

Therefore, we strive to create and maintain all the necessary conditions for the smooth operation of your car factory and auto parts. As well as exhibition spaces for finished vehicles, if needed. If you are intrigued by this brief presentation of our extensive capabilities, we invite you to contact us or send us an inquiry for a proposal.

And we will do our part to ensure that the factory halls where you produce vehicles are always in top condition. And, that powerful four-wheelers in your salon receive the gallery-like ambiance they deserve.

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