Effective cleaning of airports and stations to first-class port facilities!

Početna 5 Facility management 5 Effective cleaning of airports and stations to first-class port facilities!

Cleaning airports and stations (bus and train stations), as highly trafficked areas, is mandatory from the perspective of public health protection. This is especially crucial during crisis periods (such as pandemics) when clinical cleanliness is a priority for infection prevention.

Quality and continuous maintenance of the hygiene of spaces used for passenger transportation undeniably contribute to instilling confidence in the safety of transit facilities. As well as the responsibility of the authorities in charge.

Managing airport and station facilities requires constant vigilance to ensure hygiene confirmation and quality.

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Cleaning airports and stations – How to obtain top-notch service at an economical price?

It’s simple: by engaging outsourcing professionals with extensive experience, trained to work with industrial cleaning machines for commercial spaces, and agile enough to efficiently clean every corner within optimal time.

Coordination and harmonization of cleaning tasks (floor hygiene machine operators, hygiene personnel for other parts of the airport) will create an environment that complies with the highest cleanliness standards.

Invekta strives to understand the unique needs of each airport or station and provide tailor-made maintenance solutions. Our focus is on adequacy and service quality, and we shape our offers only after thoroughly considering all the characteristics of the facility and the desired activities.

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When formulating a business proposal, we always take the client’s budget into account to present the most economical price without compromising the quality of our service.
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Which rooms and surfaces do we treat hygienically?

Invekta’s expert assessment team will evaluate the plan by considering the needs, surface area, and types of rooms that require maintenance. These may include:

  • check-in counters, information desks, and ticket sales areas;
  • customs control lines or bus platform passages;
  • airport lobbies;
  • exterior and interior waiting areas;
  • hallways;
  • static and movable staircases (escalators);
  • handrails;
  • glass surfaces (windows, doors, panels);
  • elevators;
  • terminals and platforms;
  • mobile passenger boarding bridges (tunnels for boarding passengers onto aircraft);
  • food corners (restaurants, cafes, bars);
  • restrooms;
  • shops;
  • pharmacies;
  • baggage delivery rooms and mobile conveyors, etc.
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Upon the request of airlines or the administration of intercity and international train or bus stations, external units may also be included in the assessment. These may involve:

  • arrival and departure platforms;
  • passenger boarding and disembarking terminals;
  • runways for landing and takeoff (regular cleaning and snow removal);
  • control towers.

The cleaning service can also extend to:

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While port facilities are being cleaned, intensive attention is also focused on maintaining the hygiene of airplanes, buses, and trains

To ensure that passengers have a comfortable journey and, most importantly, that their health is not compromised, all public transportation vehicles must be cleaned daily and properly.

Considering that seats, sleeping berths in sleeper cars, cabins, compartments for luggage, armrests, door handles, and food counters are constantly exposed to touching and dirt, they are mandatory disinfected.

This is especially crucial for restroom facilities, which are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. In addition to cleaning and disinfection, toilet facilities are regularly restocked with tissue dispensers and liquid soap/disinfectant dispensers. Multiple times a day.

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Upholstered seats and beds in sleeping cars are deep-cleaned with industrial machines with powerful suction and cleaning power, equipped with strong dryers.
Thanks to them, the upholstery becomes dry very quickly and ready for the next journey. If leather seats are used, they are carefully treated with special cleaning, care, and protection products for this type of upholstery.

Passageways between seats are cleaned, mopped, and treated with appropriate chemicals to remove all layers of dirt, leaving the floors flawlessly vacuumed/polished. Simply put, neat and safe.

A special area of cleaning concerns the exterior of the transport fleet (planes, buses, and trains). Especially if the body and windows are vandalized, i.e., sprayed with auto paints (which is a common case with trains).

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Types and cleaning techniques we resort to when maintaining hygiene at airports, stations, and passenger transport vehicles

Cleaning airports and stations involves external and internal treatment of all surfaces (including the immediate surroundings), involving both machine and manual treatment. Daily and/or general cleaning. It depends on the type of surface, its location, size, and the material it is made of.

Floor cleaning is carried out with industrial machines and chemicals from German and other trusted manufacturers, selected based on the characteristics of the hard floor covering. This means that glossy, marble surfaces (usually found in airport halls), which require a final polish, and matte terrazzo floors at railway stations are not treated in the same way.

Our experienced hygiene machine operators know which type of machine to use, with how many rotations, which brushes, felts, and chemicals. They are trained to work on all types of surfaces and choose the most effective cleaning method for each, without causing damage.

All glass surfaces (interior and exterior) are treated with appropriate detergents and microfiber and rubber squeegees with a telescopic extension to cover every millimeter.

A special service we provide to our (multi)year clients is snow cleaning on the approaches to the airport/station, runways/terminals/platforms, and parking lots.

With a rich fleet and auxiliary tools for snow removal, our winter service is efficient and responds to the first snowfall to prevent potential accidents.

Given the danger and unforeseen consequences that icy surfaces for the movement of transport vehicles can cause, it is extremely important to think ahead and engage a snow removal service several months before the winter season.

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What is the desirable frequency when it comes to cleaning airports and stations?

In order for transport ports and facilities to always be excellently clean, health-safe, and aesthetically pleasing to users, cleaning of certain areas should be carried out daily.

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Foto: Freepik, Aleksandarlittlewolf / Jannoon028 / 4045 / Pixabay, WikimediaImages

Areas that are most used and dirty are logically the floors and ancillary spaces. Therefore, hygiene workers are constantly engaged in their maintenance not only for hygiene continuity but also to quickly respond in unexpected moments.

Such situations include, for example, spills of larger quantities of liquids, making the floor dangerously slippery. By quickly removing the liquid and drying the floor, with mandatory placement of a warning sign, passengers are provided with a safe passage, avoiding injuries.

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Invekta can help you improve customer experience in yet another way!

In addition to the listed services, our company can significantly contribute to building a positive image of an airline, bus, or railway company. With so-called front and back office support services, we improve your responsiveness to all passenger requests (on-site and online).

Moreover, we contribute to the better functioning of the transport port “behind the scenes.” External staff we engage for you deals with business correspondence (responding to emails and inquiries), performs courier tasks, records/print/copies/converts documents, etc.

Professional, courteous, and helpful, it is ideal for direct communication and assistance to passengers at information counters. Apart from that, Invekta can help you improve customer experience further!

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Do you want to know how we modernized airport and station cleaning?

To ensure the best hygiene staff and other staff, the Invekta HR sector conducts the first step. From a rich database (with more than 400 people), it selects those who will best meet the client’s specific needs.

Using special facility management software, we monitor fieldwork at all times, 24 hours a day. This modern technological solution allows hygiene workers to check in via QR code, then receive a task list by room. This way, they are registered at the workplace, and our control managers check the completion of work orders. Monitoring is done in two ways: online (through the mentioned software) and direct observation in the facility.

Thanks to this approach, our teams are efficient, and clients are satisfied. If you want to see the quality of our work for yourself, contact us in writing or orally: office@invekta.rs / +381 64 70 595 39.

We will answer all your questions and offer you services that will improve the functioning of your passenger transport center. And make it truly first-class – for worldwide reputation!
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