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Paper confection for companies is a must-have when it comes to any business system: industrial, office, trade, transport, logistics, and – any other. You simply can’t do without it.

It is an undeniable fact that the sanitary standards of a company rest on the personal hygiene of its employees. But also on the clean toilet, kitchen, and dining areas. The same as in industrial plants.

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How important is a paper confection for companies?

The answer to this question in one word would be: extremely. The longer answer would be: as much as all the other resources that the company uses in its daily operations.

In any case, the message is quite clear – stationery is something without which no business can function properly.
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We know that maintaining hygiene is important primarily from the health aspect of the individual, but also of the collective. That is why it is necessary to always have sufficient quantities of all sanitary products in the ancillary rooms, to regularly maintain their cleanliness and carry out disinfection.

For all these seemingly prosaic needs, it is still necessary to hire professionals. And, Invekta is the first in terms of the quality of hygiene products and the service maintenance it provides.

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What is needed for hygiene at the highest level?

For regular maintenance of personal hygiene, in addition to paper goods, it is necessary to provide accompanying sanitary carriers, as well as certain chemicals.

Paper confection

In a company, all hygiene standards must be met. For this purpose, Invekta provides the following consumable paper and other premium quality materials from its rich assortment:

  • folding towels;
  • towels in a roll;
  • auto-cut towels;
  • toilet paper;
  • folding toilet paper;
  • smart one rolls for dispensers;
  • napkins;
  • wet wipes;
  • liquid soaps;
  • foam soaps;
  • disinfectant liquids;
  • air fresheners;
  • trash cans and bags;
  • pouches for sanitary napkins;
  • disposable paper covers for toilet cups, etc.


Our offer also includes an accompanying program:

  • dispensers for all types of towels;
  • holders for folding toilet paper rolls;
  • supports for smart one rolls;
  • circular holders for jumbo rolls of toilet paper and towels;
  • holders for bags for sanitary napkins;
  • holders for disposable toilet seat covers.

paper confection for companies 3

According to the client’s request and budget, we can provide automatic and manual dispensers, made of plastic or stainless steel.

Automatic, i.e. contactless dispensers, are increasingly popular because they work almost silently, they are elegant and simplify use, and work without downtime.

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Chemical agents

When we were children, the great poet and Doctor Jovan Jovanović Zmaj taught us:

Before and after meals, hands should be washed,
do not let your mother remind you of that.
Dirty hands contaminate the meal,
and thus the disease enters the body.
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Unsplash, Matthew Tkocz

Given that hygiene is half of health, hands must be washed regularly, especially after using the toilet. That is why we have prepared for our clients:

  • liquid soaps of different colors and scents;
  • antibacterial soaps;
  • foam soaps;
  • antiseptic (disinfectant) agents.

For all these chemicals, we offer suitable dispensers, manual and automatic, plastic and stainless ones.

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Paper confection for companies – Characteristics and application in accordance with needs

The attribute paper in the context of commercial toilet paper, intended for wider use in busy toilets and other areas, has a broad meaning. By it is meant hygienic raw material made mostly of cellulose or recycled paper, as single-layer or multi-layer, with various structures.

What all these types of paper have in common are: biodegradability, ability to break down in water and safety for sewage and septic systems.

Wet wipes are also made from cellulose, but also from other materials: cotton fibers, synthetics, and even recycled plastic polymers.

When it comes to products of this type, the most important thing is that they are healthy and provide users with a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

What type of paper confection for companies should you choose?

Most companies decide on profitability, i.e. for economical solutions, which are satisfactory in terms of quality and quantity. Thus, large (jumbo) rolls are suitable for large companies with many employees. They have a larger capacity, require less frequent refilling than standard ones and save storage space.

The compact jumbo XXXL toilet paper or hand towel is ideal for the busiest restrooms (in public restrooms and other spaces, at airports, bus and train stations). Also, they are very suitable for industrial plants, where it is necessary to frequently wipe not only hands, but also machines.

By using this kind of towel, the service intervals are definitely reduced. Since they are made from 25% recycled material, their economy is evident.

However, folded toilet paper and towels show the greatest economy because they prevent unnecessary wastage, i.e. excessive consumption. The same applies to smart one sheets that are individually drawn from round dispensers. Both are designed for quick and easy use, making them ideal for both restrooms and commercial dining areas.

When it comes to layering, it is recommended to use two-layer and three-layer sanitary papers because they are characterized by optimal strength, comfort and absorbency.

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What other service programs can you find in Invekta?

For any company that needs all facility services in one place, we can offer the entire maintenance of the company, in the modality that is most adequate for the given business.

With more than 400 employees and state-of-the-art technical and technological equipment, we can meet all your needs in a highly professional manner and thus fulfill all your expectations.

With a branched network of efficient operations at the level of the whole of Serbia, in addition to the provision of paper confection, we perform all the services that companies need:

All you have to do is contact us at +381 64 70 595 39 /

Leave everything else to us – you are in safe hands.

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