Professional maintenance of the hygiene of business facilities – Trend or your objective need?

Početna 5 Facility management 5 Professional maintenance of the hygiene of business facilities – Trend or your objective need?

Maintaining the hygiene of business facilities is equally important for small, medium, and large companies. And this cannot be considered a passing trend but an objective necessity.

Not only because of the general impression of neatness and cleanliness but primarily from the aspect of health. That is why it is most important to entrust this task to companies specialized in this type of work.

Why should you hire professionals for maintaining the hygiene of business facilities?

Earlier epochs of business in Serbia and the world meant internally employed cleaners. However, from the point of view of long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness, it turned out to be the least economical solution.

That is why many companies in our country, following the example from the West, have started hiring outsourcing companies for maintaining the cleanliness of business facilities.

The conclusion that it is more cost-effective to hire a third party was reached after analyzing the multi-year performance and expenses that companies had when hiring their own hygienists.
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Photo: Invekta

How was this conclusion reached?

At first it seemed that it would be better to have permanent employees in the jobs of maintaining the hygiene of the working facilities. But, it turned out that this way of employment is unsustainable in the long term. There are reasons for that:

  • engagement of HR and other services to announce competitions for hygienists;
  • long and detailed selection processes;
  • obligations regarding the establishment and duration of the employment relationship;
  • high monthly costs for PIO insurance;
  • unreliability in terms of training and experience of workers;
  • keeping records of working hours;
  • payment of various types of sick leave (personal illnesses and illnesses of family members, pregnancy, childbirth, etc.);
  • reimbursement of travel expenses;
  • vacations;
  • payment of overtime and work on weekends and holidays;
  • payment of solidarity aid;
  • payment of jubilee awards;
  • procurement of uniforms and work shoes;
  • purchase of consumables for maintaining hygiene;
  • production of official ID cards, etc.

So, when employers took into account all these parameters, they made a decision not only to relieve the budget but also to optimize their business by simplifying it. Not wanting to waste time, human and financial resources unnecessarily, they decided to hire companies for maintaining the hygiene of business facilities.

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Causality: maintaining the hygiene of business facilities and their higher productivity

Thanks to the engagement of an external associate for cleaning tasks, many companies have reduced expenses and at the same time increasing their productivity.

Working in a hygienic working environment, permanent employees were less susceptible to diseases caused by allergens and pathogenic microorganisms. The improvement of their business performance was also contributed to a better mood. Due to working in immaculately clean and orderly facilities.

Hygiene of work premises – А task that Invekta approaches with the greatest commitment and responsibility

For almost 20 years, with over 400 employees, the company Invekta is the leader in this region in the field of facility management. And the starting point of this economic activity is precisely the maintenance of the cleanliness of business facilities.

More than 400 clients have chosen us as a reliable partner to increase the efficiency of their company and their employees.

Since we have enviable experience in working with companies from different branches, we present to each new client an individual proposal of the desired service.

Based on the type of activity of the client, the number of facilities and employees, as well as the size and purpose of the business premises, we create a special plan for hygiene maintenance. By harmonizing it with the preferences and budget of the given company, we get the ideal ratio of quantity and quality of services.

From the large number of professionals we employ, we are always ready to provide as many hygienists as a given facility needs. And, who will achieve the best results.

They are trained to adequately and safely handle hygiene liquids, machines, and other means of hygiene maintenance.

maintaining the hygiene of business facilities invekta 3

Photo: Invekta

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Are our hygiene professionals disrupting your employees during work?

Following the movements of employees and visitors in the facility in which they are engaged, our hygienists primarily take care not to disturb internal employees in their work. Also, they pay special attention to safety during their activities by visibly highlighting signs about slippery floors in order to avoid accidents.

Respecting the highest hygiene standards and actively following technological innovations, we use only reliable hygiene products and state-of-the-art devices in our work.

By using biodegradable cleaning liquids, we show social responsibility towards the preservation of human and animal health and the environment in general. The highest quality chemicals we use to clean business premises are manufactured according to current regulations and international hygiene standards.

In support of this claim, we point out that Invekta has all the necessary certificates, regulated by the regulations of the Republic of Serbia and the Environmental protection agency:

What types of business facilities cleaning do we carry out?

Our premium services include several types of hygiene maintenance of business facilities:

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Hygiene maintenance services can be carried out individually or integrated, in the scope and schedule that best suits the client. For each of them, we modify the given service and construct an ideal solution.

How have we modernized maintaining the hygiene of business facilities?

In order to be able to respond to all requests in real-time, we rely on the most modern facility management software in our daily work.

By computer monitoring the performance of employees, the completeness of the execution of orders, consumables in each of the facilities, we make business significantly easier. In order to ensure that each agreed task is carried out correctly, routine inspections by foremen and managers also fall within our scope.

This software is also useful for our principals themselves because they can monitor 24/7 and simplify work processes. In this way, they not only keep all tasks and costs under control but also save time.

maintaining the hygiene of business facilities invekta 4

Photo: Pixabay, Berthold Brodersen

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Facility outsourcing – Your advantage in the market!

Therefore, adaptable modes for maintaining hygiene and other facility services provide both you and us with an advantage in the market. If you have decided to take your business to the next level with our service offer, you will not be wrong.

We will schedule a meeting, listen attentively to your needs and goals, and offer you the most effective and profitable solution for your business. Because good organization and progress have always been our leitmotif!

Make sure that we can become a partner you can always rely on.

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