Hygiene in open-space offices – How to ensure healthy working conditions?

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Hygiene in open-space offices poses an additional challenge for employers, which can sometimes seem insurmountable. How to maintain cleanliness in offices of this type and ensure permanent conditions for the health and productivity of employees?

What are the so-called open offices?

The trend of world business regarding the construction of workspace has been present in our business world for years. Open-space offices are one of them, very accepted and dominant.

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Characteristics and advantages of open-space offices

In relation to the classic office structure, size, and interior, modern business offices are characterized by a number of modifications. First, a space of several tens or even hundreds of square meters is enough for all employees to be in one place.

Conceived as a multifunctional space for collaboration, the open-space office enables work activities of different sectors to take place in a common room.

What is crucial about such business interiors is that in most cases they are devoid of standard concrete walls, except in the toilets. Instead of them, low screens made of glass, plexiglas, or some opaque material, such as chipboard or alubond, are installed.

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Photo: Unsplash, Arlington Research

Unfortunately, an open office plan can also mean a loud and distracting environment. That is why screens have the function of ensuring some kind of privacy for employees (even if it is apparent). And, distancing them from the collective. At the same time, a reduction in the level of distraction and consequently a better focus on work duties.

Taking into account the above facts, the following question can be asked: if even small screens are needed, what is the point of open offices?

The basic idea when forming the first such offices in the middle of the 20th century (primarily in the premises of newspaper editorial offices) was – interaction. When they are not behind the four walls of small office rooms, employees communicate faster, better, and easier. By reducing the time spent traveling to the office at the other end of the corridor or even the building, a more efficient exchange of ideas and information is achieved.

In this way, in addition to increasing employee productivity and more constructive fulfillment of work orders, conditions are provided for closer human contact. And, consequently, the development of collegiality. This factor is equally important as the first one considering the idea of good long-term joint functioning in the company.

Hygiene in open-space offices – Challenge or ease?

Apart from the fulfillment of work obligations and a pleasant collegial atmosphere, hygienic conditions at the highest level are very important from the aspect of health and well-being of employees. A clean and healthy working environment is a must-have when it comes to working rooms of any type: private or open.

Open-space office spaces require extra attention and engagement in terms of hygiene. It’s because employees are at greater risk of transmitting various viruses, bacteria, and microbes.

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Photo: Unsplash, Austin Distel

Since a company brings together the most diverse people, sometimes with diametrically opposed views on cleanliness, it can be a really big problem for employers how to ensure equally healthy conditions for everyone. Especially since hygiene issues that are not resolved for a long time can begin to affect the psychophysical state of workers. Causing stress, anxiety, and organic problems.

Therefore, the attitude towards personal hygiene and workplace hygiene is reflected on all employees. That’s why good hygiene habits should be promoted and a solution should be found so that everyone fits into the hygiene standards that ensure healthy conditions for staying at the workplace.

Office etiquette must be respected, and one of its pillars is hygiene.

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What is the best solution to keep hygiene in open-space offices under control?

A workplace can be unsanitary for a number of reasons:

  • when sick employees come to work;
  • inadequately maintained toilet and kitchen facilities;
  • neglected and dirty work surfaces (tables, keyboards, mice, headphones, photocopiers, dining counters and appliances, telephones, etc.);
  • germs and bacteria on contact surfaces (knobs, switches, sockets, etc.).
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Photo: Unsplash, Alex Kotliarskyi

Given that the job of an office worker is not, for example, to clean the toilet, the management must take certain measures in order not to prevent hygiene-health problems. Or, eliminate existing ones. In this way, it will show responsibility and concern for the well-being of its employees. Making them safe and peaceful.

Therefore, it is necessary to hire professionals so that the mentioned threatening factors do not have a long-term adverse effect on the workers and the entire business.
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The most effective methods for maintaining hygiene in office premises

In order to stop or at least reduce the spread of viruses among employees to a minimum, it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning and disinfection of offices and other workspaces. World and domestic statistical data record that precisely in such conditions there are as many as 54% fewer sick days of employees.

It is important to mention that the hygiene maintenance team must come from the ranks of professional staff, trained to achieve the highest cleanliness requirements. And to do it discreetly, without interfering with the company’s regular work process in which it carries out hygiene.

The highest quality professional chemicals (which Invekta procures under the most profitable conditions) destroy microbes and viruses. Leaving the working environment clean and healthy. Since they are made according to ISO standards, they are not harmful to people and the environment, so there is no reason for fear.

What do we do to ensure maximum hygiene in open space offices?

According to the client’s requirements, we can offer two basic types of cleanliness maintenance, i.e. professional hygiene care:

In addition to regular wiping and disinfection of all working elements, toilets, and dining rooms, and provision of paper goods, dispensers, and soap, general cleaning also includes:

Thorough, meticulous and, above all, professional in providing facility services, Invekta’s staff will meet all hygiene criteria in your open-space office. And, we are sure that you and your business associates will know what it means to work in a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

Call us and let’s talk about the best way to maintain hygiene and eliminate the risk of endangering the health of your business team. These are our contacts: +381 64 70 595 39 / office@invekta.rs.

Convince yourself of our expertise and efficiency!

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