The future of maintenance of business facilities

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The maintenance of business facilities today relies heavily on information technology. Invekta was among the first in facility management to recognize this potential and developed a computer monitoring system for work in the field.

This software solution allows us to monitor the performance of our employees at the client’s facility and inventory of raw materials and to prevent problems.

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Maintenance of business facilities – How does technology make work easier?

For high-quality maintenance of workplace hygiene, it is necessary to provide trained and experienced hygienists, as well as machines and other sanitary means. Software management, as the pinnacle of facility management, focuses on all important aspects:

  • the speed of the work process;
  • quality of completed tasks;
  • control of material consumption;
  • expenditures.
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Since we offer our clients the possibility of free installation of facility software in their business premises, they also have an insight into our work process. Thanks to this, a very significant profit is realized: the client gets control over the work he/she has entrusted to us in just two clicks. At the same time he/she is building trust in our organization.

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What do modern technologies practically mean in the engagement of our employees?

Given that we are constantly working to improve the services we provide, all our employees have an installed application that helps them organize and fulfill their obligations.

By simply logging in on their mobile phone and scanning the QR code, they are checked in when they arrive and when they leave the workplace. After entering the workplace, through the application, they receive a precise list of work tasks, distributed by premises in the business building.

Then they save that list in their mobile phone. Upon completion of each task, the worker ticks it off as completed. Then our software records the entire charge and stores the final information in the worker’s file.

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These activities mean that at any moment we can check which worker was at a given place, which jobs he/she did, with which quality and in which chronological framework. In this way, we monitor all work processes in real time and can audit if necessary.

The advantage of this technological innovation is reflected in achieving maximum efficiency and saving resources (time, manpower, consumables).

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Which services include the maintenance of business facilities provided by Invekta?

Invekta is one of the leading companies in the field of facility management in this area thanks to:

  • a wide range of services;
  • a network of over 400 employees;
  • doing business throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia;
  • state-of-the-art software for company maintenance management;
  • the most modern professional machines;
  • to a large number of clients (more than 500).

The facility services that we provide include:

All these service activities are modified according to the client’s needs and budget, so they can be offered individually or integrated.

Invekta – One place for the entire maintenance of business facilities

It is important to point out that our client can get everything in one place. In the world of modern business and lack of time, this fact is of inestimable importance.

We follow the guidelines that the client gives us and do our best to adequately meet all the needs of his company. Whether it will be a specific, separate service or a package of service activities, it is up to the client to decide.

And it is up to us to perform the agreed tasks in the highest quality and within the given time. Our team of hygienists, support workers, technicians and engineers can meet all work challenges.

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As additional assurance regarding the timely and efficient fulfillment of obligations, we hired managers for monitoring in the field. Along with them, support officers are an important link in our business. They provide all the necessary assistance to new employees when starting work and using the application, thus facilitating the execution of orders.

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Who are our clients?

Our clients are domestic and foreign companies operating in Serbia, in a wide variety of fields. All of them differ in the number and area of business facilities in which they perform their activities. Also, they are differentiated by the number of workers, as well as by the places of business, that is, territorial dispersion.

We will mention only a few whose managements turn to us for help in maintaining business premises: chains of pharmacies and hotels, food and other factories, office premises in business centers and many others.

If you recognized your business in this group of businessmen (or even if you didn’t!), feel free to contact us: phone number +381 64 70 595 39 or email:

We are sure that together we will find an ideal solution for the maintenance of your company.

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