Regular cleaning of offices leads to higher productivity of the company

Početna 5 Facility management 5 Regular cleaning of offices leads to higher productivity of the company

Office cleaning is a professional service, the fulfillment of which ensures a perfectly clean and disinfected workspace. The benefits of a healthy business interior are multiple and long-lasting. From the good health of employees, through the pleasant and motivating environment in which one spends eight hours a day, to the positive impressions of clients, partners, and investors.

And, these are immeasurable benefits, you must agree.

Should professionals be hired for office cleaning?

In modern business, this question is almost redundant. Regarding it, the attitude of the management of most successful companies is unwavering and simply reads: YES.

Although cleaning office premises may seem like a trivial job, which anyone can do, in practice it is not like that. Namely, as in any other work engagement, here too training, expertise, and responsibility are needed for the results to be at the highest level.

Invekta approaches each of its service activities in exactly this way: highly professional and with full respect for hygiene standards and client requirements.

And precisely thanks to this work ethic, we enjoy enviable credibility in the world of facility management.

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Earlier methods of organization of the company implied permanent employment of numerous hygienists and all the obligations of the employer that such a relationship entailed. From training, provision of uniforms, and means for maintaining hygiene, to the settlement of PIO obligations, covering the costs of sick leave and other forms of absence from work. All this cost the company a lot, especially those with a large number of employees.

Today, when there are companies that deal with service activities in the field of facility management, everything is much easier, faster, and – more profitable.
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How often should offices be cleaned?

It is recommended that offices be cleaned daily in order to maintain the necessary level of hygiene and neatness. This especially applies to official premises where a large number of employees reside and which have a significant fluctuation of visitors.

Thorough cleaning is carried out periodically – every six months, and earlier if necessary (in case of moving, painting, renovation, and various construction works).

According to the needs of the clients, the plan and frequency of cleaning can be modified, so that, according to certain specifications, it is performed once a week, monthly, and annually.

Regular cleaning

Regular, daily, or routine cleaning is usually done every day, but it is possible to do it every other day when there are not many workers. The advantages it provides are a simpler organization of work and lower costs when it comes to monthly or general cleaning. Whether it’s open-space or closed (conventional) type offices, conference rooms, or hygienic rooms.

This type of sanitary maintenance includes the following service activities, which use certified chemical means to remove dust, dirt, and unpleasant odors:

  • wiping of office furniture;
  • carpet vacuuming;
  • mopping floors;
  • emptying trash cans;
  • toilet cleaning;
  • refilling of paper goods (towels, toilet paper);
  • refills of soap and antiseptic liquids;
  • disinfection of contact surfaces (knobs, switches, counters, electronic equipment – monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, photocopiers).
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General cleaning

And thorough cleaning, which is on the list of services we offer, is flexible in nature and adapts to everything the client wants. Most companies opt for the whole package of in-depth hygiene maintenance of office premises, which is comprehensive and inclusive:

  • moving furniture and appliances, and vacuuming carpets with vacuum cleaners with special filters for deep vacuuming;
  • emptying cupboards and cleaning their interior (paying special attention to keeping official records);
  • cleaning and disinfection of office equipment;
  • vacuuming, wiping dust and cobwebs from blinds, window panes, ventilation openings and ceiling installations;
  • window cleaning;
  • cleaning of blinds and shutters on windows and doors;
  • wiping and disinfection of contact surfaces (door handles, switches, lighting, sockets, computer, and other electronic components);
  • detailed cleaning and disinfection of floors;
  • antiseptic protection of partitions and walls;
  • detailed cleaning of toilets and dining rooms.

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By constantly investing in the education of employees, in the most modern and efficient machines and other equipment, Invekta strives to meet all criteria of cleanliness and the highest hygiene. All with the aim of transforming a sanitary and ecologically defective environment into a healthy business and work-stimulating business environment.

Watch the next video clip from our YouTube channel to see how it looks in practice:

The accreditations we have at our disposal confirm this, placing us in the ranks of trustworthy facility companies with great expertise and professional and social responsibility:

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Office cleaning in the light of software monitoring

Since we operate on the territory of the whole of Serbia, with clients from various branches (trade, industry, pharmacy, medicine, IT industry, etc.), in our two decades of work, we have always emphasized the modernization of service activities.

In addition to state-of-the-art industrial machines for deep cleaning of carpets, furniture, and hard floors, we were the first in this area to start using software management for the maintenance of business facilities.

This high-tech solution allows us to be at every workplace at any time and to monitor the work performance of our employees. And with the help of just a few clicks on the computer!

We offer the same opportunity TOTALLY FREE to our clients who have opted for one of our (multiple) year facility programs.

Make an appointment and find out which module we have prepared especially for your business. With an understanding of your needs and an affordable price. We believe that we will exceed all your expectations.

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