Who is responsible for snow removal around business and commercial buildings?

Početna 5 Facility management 5 Who is responsible for snow removal around business and commercial buildings?

Snow removal in front of business facilities, access roads to factories, as well as open parking lots, is an extremely important job from the aspect of safety.

There is no doubt that the first snowflakes should be removed immediately and completely. So, that ice does not form and increases the risk of accidents and injuries caused by slipping.

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Since these are objects of commercial purpose, which are characterized by a large number of visitors, neither the pragmatic, or functional element, should be neglected.

If areas around a factory, wholesale shop, or any office building is properly protected, vehicles and pedestrians have unimpeded access. This means that the work will not suffer due to adverse weather conditions and will be carried out relatively normally.

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Who is responsible for snow removal in the immediate vicinity of business buildings?

If we are talking about the wider environment (boulevards, streets and public sidewalks, highways, and highways), snow removal is the responsibility of public and utility companies. Such as Putevi Srbije (Roads of Serbia) or Gradska čistoća (City waste disposal).

When it comes to the area immediately bordering a business building (driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, plateau, staircase, etc.), then the obligation to remove snow is taken over by the given company. Usually by hiring the winter service of a private company that has the resources to perform this job well.

If the company in question does not do anything about snow removal, not only does it indirectly adversely affect its own business, but it also faces draconian legal penalties.

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What is the right time to start preparing for the first snowfall and when to hire winter service?

Although many people think of snow removal only when they hear the weather forecast or when they see the snowflakes outside their house, this important winter activity has to be thought of much earlier. Especially when it comes to industrial locations and buildings with a commercial function.

When defining the annual budget for various expenses and purposes, responsible management of serious companies considers snow removal as a mandatory item.

Their goals are clear and inviolable:

  • safety of employees and visitors;
  • reduction of the risk of reduced productivity in the winter months.
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Foto: Pexels, Darya Sannikova

Considering that most businesses set their budgets 3–4 months before the end of the year, that’s the right time to think about hiring a winter service.

Of course, the summer months are ideal for choosing the right partner for this type of business. Because most leave the decision on snow removal for the end of the year. Such decisions carry a great business risk because at that time companies that provide snow removal services have a heavily overbooked schedule!

Good news: Invekta’s service portfolio also includes snow removal!

The company Invekta has enabled the provision of winter service to clients who already use its services of (many) years of varied branch maintenance.

When companies turn to us in search of quality facility services, they know that they will find everything in one place with us. Those are:

This fact provides them primarily with relief, and then with the certainty that they are placing all facility management obligations in the hands of a reliable partner. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That is why they are happy to turn to us when it comes to snow removal.

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Our high professionalism in providing snow removal service

The registry of over five hundred clients throughout Serbia is an indication that we approach every job under our jurisdiction extremely seriously, responsibly, and professionally.

Our professional staff, trained to work on all winter industrial vehicles and machines, performs snow removal with maximum dedication and meticulousness. Especially considering the danger of frostbite and winter injuries.

Through two decades of work, we tried to respond to all the needs that we saw in our business associates. That is why our winter vehicle and mechanical fleet consists of the most technologically modern and practically efficient machinery and tools. Adaptable to the size and structure of any terrain:

  • tractors with pushers (larger and smaller);
  • vehicles with plow and spreader (salt, sand, granulate);
  • snow plough;
  • snow blowers (snow cleaners);
  • snow throwers;
  • ice scrapers;
  • shovels of different shapes, sizes, and hardness.
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Foto: Pexels, Mateusz Feliksik

You must have heard that there is the first snow on our mountains and that the regional winter services have already gone to work. Snowfall is still far from the lowland regions, but not too far.

The snow is here, lurking around the corner.

Therefore, if you are our client (or intend to become one) and have not previously arranged a snow removal service, do not wait any longer. Call us and make an appointment as soon as possible.

We will be happy to help you to face the winter prepared and safe and to run your business successfully and without distractions.

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