High rise window cleaning of glass facades for a business facilities in which the sky is reflected!

Početna 5 Facade cleaning 5 High rise window cleaning of glass facades for a business facilities in which the sky is reflected!

Glass facades cleaning is performed by professional window cleaners, sometimes called industrial alpinists. This method of maintaining glass surfaces is one of the most important services in modern high-rise construction.

It is applied to buildings where it is not possible to open the windows and clean them from the inside. Also, it is applied to hard-to-reach windows on buildings intended for business activities.

Such buildings are:

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Glass facades cleaning – What does this term mean?

This type of hygienic maintenance includes several activities that ensure the perfect cleanliness of the glass on the facades of commercial facilities:

  1. seasonal cleaning of glass facade surfaces (usually in spring, summer, and autumn);
  2. washing windows with particularly difficult access;
  3. cleaning of windows after building construction or additional construction works;
  4. washing windows at high altitudes of commercial buildings.

How is glass facades cleaning carried out?

In order for such a serious job to be approached in an appropriate and safe way, but also for it to be done properly, three conditions must be met:

  1. engagement of qualified and experienced hygiene staff;
  2. provision of the highest quality and safest mountaineering equipment;
  3. application of cleaning agents that are easy to use in conditions that require the highest caution.

Engagement of qualified and experienced hygiene staff

Although industrial alpinists are jokingly called spidermen, Invekta approaches this work very seriously and zealously. Therefore, it employs hygienists who have undergone special training and have certificates for cleaning at high altitudes.

In this way, our company provides maximum safety for its workers, as well as for passersby during the execution of works.

The provision of the highest quality and safest mountaineering equipment

In order for our cleaners to be safe while doing their job, without fear of injury, we have provided all the necessary professional mountaineering equipment.

These include: safety devices and blockers, pulleys and carabiners, special climbing shoes, safety belts and benches, helmets, main and auxiliary ropes, etc.

glass facades cleaning invekta 2

Photo: Invekta

Use of specialized cleaning agents adapted to working at heights

Considering that this type of cleaning is carried out under special conditions and that the subsequent descent of the hygienist to get the necessary means and tools would mean wasting precious time, it is necessary to prepare everything necessary in time.

Specially constructed buckets are used for this purpose, which can fit all sanitary items, and which do not get in the way during cleaning.

Invekta specializes in all types of hygienic maintenance of the interior and exterior of business premises, with the use of biodegradable chemical liquids.

Made according to a precisely established procedure and in the appropriate ratio of components, these chemicals can remove all kinds of dirt and other deposits: rust, atmospheric deposits, bird droppings, color sprays, etc., even from double glazing!

In this way, the windows start to “breathe” again, i.e. to perform their primary function – to let in light and protect from external adverse weather conditions. In addition, they undoubtedly fulfill their secondary purpose: they beautify the building and its surroundings.

In addition to all of the above, we emphasize that we regularly renew ISO certificates, without which our work could not be considered professional and safe:
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Is high rise window cleaning limited to exterior window panes only?

Although the glass washing process mostly takes place outside, certain business buildings (hotels, multi-corporate buildings, etc.) have high halls and gardens, i.e. decorative greenhouses.

glass facades cleaning invekta 3

Photo: Pexels, Pande Putu Hadi Wiguna

They too need to be maintained in the same way as external glass surfaces – with the help of professional mountaineering and hygiene equipment. In doing so, extra effort and care must be taken to avoid physical damage to the plants or spilling of sanitary liquids on them.

Thanks to this method of cleaning, the vegetation receives a sufficient amount of light, necessary for the process of photosynthesis, which has a positive effect on the entire interior, employees, and visitors of the facility. In addition, it significantly contributes to the aesthetics of the space, but also to greater oxygen production and better mood and general productivity.

High rise window cleaning within the building also applies to roof structures made of tempered or laminated glass, placed at different slopes.
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Let your business center become a building in which the sky is reflected!

Send us a request for a quote and we will be happy to assess the needs of your business facility. After an objective field analysis, we will present a cleaning plan and present you with the costs of the given service.

The price of glass facades cleaning is determined by various factors: the difficulty of access, the finishing material and structural features of the facade, the way the building was constructed, and the degree and type of soiling of the glass.

In order to achieve optimal results, it is recommended to clean glass facades once a year, ideally twice.

Our work is our best recommendation. In addition to this service, we can offer you many others related to the overall maintenance of the facility for business purposes:

  1. maintaining the hygiene of all types of premises for carrying out activities (offices, factories and factory circles, warehouses, hotels, pharmacies and many others);
  2. technical maintenance;
  3. security (physical and technical-technological);
  4. software management of facility maintenance;
  5. landscaping;
  6. winter service;
  7. support services;
  8. procurement of paper and other hygiene accessories, etc.
glass facades cleaning invekta 4

Photo: Unsplash, Anne Nygard

With our help and wholehearted commitment, you will get a business facility impeccably clean inside and out. Regardless of what material the facade is made of: glass, concrete, granite or alubond.

Your employees will come to work with joy, and business partners and investors will respect you more.

And the competition? There will be nothing left for it, except to envy your business and look longingly at your business center.

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