Perfect hygiene in the gym – The first prerequisite to beat the competition!

Početna 5 Facility management 5 Perfect hygiene in the gym – The first prerequisite to beat the competition!

Gyms and sports centers cleaning is almost as important as maintaining hygiene in hospitals or nursing homes. As exercise equipment and fitness gear have high-frequency usage value, cleaning and disinfection must be a top priority.

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What is the main reason for the gyms and sports centers cleaning?

Health. Of course.

Users visit the gym, pool, soccer field, or spa center to exercise and improve their health. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the management of these facilities to provide them with the best hygienic conditions for exercise and stay according to all health standards.

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Tactile surfaces (weights, exercise equipment, mats, etc.) are often contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and microbes that can easily be transmitted. For individuals with high sensitivity or weak immune systems, this can cause adverse health reactions. Therefore, gyms and sports centers cleaning is absolutely necessary.

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Several facts about surface contamination and the risks of pathogen transmission in fitness centers

  • Although objects in the gym are always visually clean, it does not mean they are not contaminated with various microorganisms or allergens.
  • Viruses transmitted through the skin (warts, herpes, coxsackie, HPV, scabies, jaundice, etc.) can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours. Equally on metal, plastic, and rubber.
  • Airborne viruses can survive up to three hours and have an adverse effect on respiratory organs.
  • Bacteria on unwashed hands can survive up to three hours.
  • Millions of bacteria are found on fingers, palms, and elbows, transferring quickly via exercise equipment and direct contact (handshakes).
  • Wet sweaty hands can transfer a thousand times more pathogens than dry hands.
It is needless to mention that the risk of illness increases with the number of users. Hence, the need for more frequent cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and equipment.
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Invekta’s checklist for gyms and sports centers cleaning

We create plans for regular, daily, and/or general cleaning based on the type of facility, its structure, and surface. In gyms, the following main areas are cleaned with eco-friendly, non-toxic products:

  1. lobby with reception;
  2. waiting area;
  3. changing rooms;
  4. bathrooms, showers, and toilets;
  5. free weight area;
  6. administrative offices;
  7. water dispensers;
  8. TV monitors and speakers;
  9. glass surfaces.

In addition to the mentioned areas, in pools and sports halls (indoor soccer fields, basketball courts, indoor ice rinks, etc.), floor coverings (tiles, parquet, etc.) are also cleaned. This is done by mopping, either manually or with machines, with mandatory control of disinfection barriers/pool.

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For larger fields, such as stadiums with stands, special attention is paid to staircases, chairs, and spaces between them. Additionally, rooms for officials, press conference rooms, first aid rooms, and doping control rooms are maintained.
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Hard floors are first cleaned with brushes, then (during daily cleaning) wiped with a mop in figure-eight motions. During general cleaning, they are scrubbed and polished with industrial machines.

Rooms with carpets are vacuumed, and soft coverings are periodically deep-cleaned with special machines.

Particular emphasis is placed on hygiene in bathrooms, where everything is washed and disinfected: from ceiling to floor. Wall and floor tiles, cabins and partitions, shower faucets and taps, sinks and toilet bowls, doors, handles, hairdryers, dispensers, dryers, and switches.

Finally, soap and disinfectant dispensers are refilled, dispensers for towels and toilet paper are filled, and the air in all rooms is refreshed with air fresheners.

Therefore, the best defense against contamination and infection is maintaining a high level of cleanliness in sports facilities and hand hygiene.
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What else is cleaned in the gym?

In addition to thorough removal of all dirt, after each use of sports equipment and machines, we disinfect them. This sanitation treatment includes:

  • benches;
  • mats and rubber mats;
  • weight racks;
  • free weights and dumbbells;
  • bars and other equipment;
  • handles on mechanical machines;
  • keyboards and monitors on electric exercise machines;
  • sand-filled balls, medicine balls, and Pilates balls;
  • elastic bands, etc.
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Fitness enthusiasts / athletes need to have a constant supply of fresh air and comfortable temperature for training. Therefore, it is extremely important to regularly service and clean HVAC systems.
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Stay ahead of the competition with professional, reliable, and affordable hygiene maintenance!

As a sports center manager, providing competitive exercise conditions is your top priority. This means that all segments must be adequately covered: from the reception desk, through the purchase of the highest quality equipment, to maintaining the cleanliness of the pool water.

Make a wise decision: let Invekta take the burden off your shoulders, at least when it comes to the cleanliness of premises and equipment, hygienic paper products, and technical support for the facility. Let’s schedule a meeting and find a sustainable solution together, within your budget.

It’s high time for you to boast about a multitude of positive reviews on Google and earn those well-deserved five stars!
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