Hotel mattresses cleaning – The primary obligation of every accommodation facility

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Hotel mattresses cleaning, as well as their disinfection, are an essential part of maintaining hygiene in accommodation facilities of all types and capacities. Hotels with a high turnover of guests must pay particular attention to washing hotel mattresses. These are typically accommodation facilities in large tourist cities, resorts, and ski resorts.

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Is it hotel mattresses cleaning necessary if they appear clean?

Even though modern hotels have practical, washable covers (duvet covers) that protect mattresses from damage and stains, regular deep cleaning is still necessary. Guest turnover involves not only changing bedding and sanitizing bathrooms and other parts of the suite but also ensuring the hygiene of the bed.

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Over time, mattresses accumulate dust, mites, and other allergens, and sometimes even bedbugs. Dead skin cells, sebum, nail clippings, hair, and pet fur also penetrate deep into the mattress regardless of the material it is made of. It’s needless to mention bodily secretions (sweat, urine, blood, etc.).

Hospitality accommodation facilities that allow pets (pet-friendly hotels) must dedicate themselves to removing all traces of their stay (hair, urine, fleas, worms, eggs, and germs).

Even if surface-visible byproducts are removed by changing the mattress protective cover and vacuuming, and the bed appears perfectly clean and tidy, it must still be deep cleaned and properly disinfected.

Because guests expect not only an undisturbed rest and enjoyment in their chosen hotel, but also expect that their stay will not compromise their health in any way.
This is especially true for families with small children, who are a particularly health-sensitive category.
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What types of machine hotel mattresses cleaning are there?

In order to carry out hotel mattresses cleaning professionally and according to the highest hygiene and aesthetic standards, it is necessary for the cleaning team to have professional machines and chemicals. Of course, without sufficient knowledge and experience, the results will not be satisfactory regardless of the quality of the equipment.

Invekta’s mattress cleaning machines perform hotel mattresses cleaning in two ways:

  1. steam;
  2. dry.

Steam cleaning of mattresses and other upholstered furniture in accommodation facilities

Steam cleaning is carried out using industrial machines for deep vacuuming and wet removal of all types of dirt, with the addition of certified, safe, and environmentally friendly detergents.

Water vapor heated up to 120°C, which penetrates deeply and disperses into the mattress body, and powerful machine motors with vacuum action perform complete sanitization of the bed. And – leaving it completely disinfected and fresh.

Stages in cleaning:

  1. pre-treatment: deep vacuuming of dust, microorganisms, crumbs, and other impurities;
  2. chemical treatment, dissolution, and removal of stains, stuck chewing gum, food, etc. (soaking the fabric with a solution for stubborn stains and rubbing with a felt pad for deep penetration);
  3. application of shampoo;
  4. cleaning with an industrial steam machine;
  5. rinsing and extraction of excess moisture;
  6. disinfection and elimination of allergens (hygiene prophylaxis);
  7. application of invisible protection;
  8. elimination of unpleasant, stale odors;
  9. deodorization upon customer request.
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By using professional vacuum cleaners with vacuum attachments and special cleaning machines, a carbonation process is carried out. This way, all dust and dirt particles are drawn from the depth of the fabric to the surface. During this process, less water is used, and with machines equipped with dryers, faster drying is achieved.

After steam hotel mattresses cleaning, they will be completely ready for use after 24 hours.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is performed in two ways:

  1. using dry, 100% eco-friendly powder / foam / spray with intensive action on deep impurities and stains;
  2. using a lamp with UV light of a certain intensity (without chemical liquids and subsequent drying).

The modern method of chemical cleaning with high-intensity ultraviolet rays is particularly interesting because of its speed and efficiency. This procedure is carried out for only about 15 minutes per mattress. And, the implemented UV rays continue to act for the next 72 hours.

By successfully eliminating bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens, residents of your facility will be protected from:

  • allergic reactions to dust and dust mites;
  • worsening of existing asthmatic and respiratory problems in general;
  • eczema;
  • infections;
  • sinus hypersensitivity and runny nose;
  • tearing eyes;
  • headaches and other health problems.

Do you think professional mattress cleaning is reserved only for hotels?

We have to dispel that notion right away. In addition to hotels and resorts, machine, deep cleaning of mattresses is also carried out in other facilities intended for short-term or long-term accommodation of residents. These can include:

  1. hospitals and maternity wards;
  2. spas;
  3. rehabilitation centers;
  4. worker and school resorts;
  5. nursing and retirement homes;
  6. homes for abandoned children and homeless individuals;
  7. hostels / motels / B&B units.
Antivirus and antibacterial treatment of mattresses, which Invekta conducts alongside other cleanliness maintenance services, will provide the hygiene necessary in all accommodation spaces. Especially in those intended for the treatment and residence of children and other sensitive social categories.
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So, if you want healthy sleep and overall well-being for your guests, patients, and other residents, book regular mattress cleaning appointments and other hygiene procedures in your facility.

Let your mattresses breathe and always look like new!
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