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Maintenance of flowers in business premises means quality greening of interior spaces through adaptive, modern design and appropriate plant selection. And the common denominator of all these combined elements is: a positive impact on everyone who spends time in that room.

Regardless of the size, brightness, and lighting of the indoor space, there is always room for suitable plant material. Peperomia, Chinese money plant, and dieffenbachia are just some of the flower species that tolerate all conditions. And, can be placed anywhere. Therefore, maintaining flowers in business premises does not seem like a demanding and risky activity. With uncertain outcomes.

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Who is responsible for professional maintenance of flowers in business premises?

Potted plants, if properly cared for, undoubtedly enhance the business space: they freshen the air, have a beneficial effect on people’s mood, and give the interior a special charm. They can also provide a certain level of privacy for employees, visually and (to some extent) acoustically isolating them.

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Photo: Invekta

And to ensure that plants are healthy and vital, they need to be cared for by professionals. Invekta can help you make the working environment more pleasant than ever before.

Landscape architects, plant pathologists, biologists, and horticulture technicians are responsible for the professional maintenance of flowers in business premises. As well as in their outdoor environment. Through teamwork, they design phyto-design, select plants, and ensure their well-being, development, and beauty.

Lush greenery, which adorns and makes your business space healthier and more vibrant, is the result of their knowledge, experience, communication, and joint efforts.

They are artists who constantly set up a plant exhibition in your business gallery.
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Flora in Invekta’s hands

Gardening services and interior plant furnishing services are within the scope of facility management, which our company has been successfully engaged in for two decades.

When it comes to cultivating greenery in business premises, we firmly advocate the idea that even a small space is sufficient for flora.

Indoor plants can be grown on a window sill, on a partition wall, on a desk, or in the smallest corner of the floor. External plants, on the other hand, fit perfectly on window sills, terraces, or even rooftops!

The only question is the willingness to enrich the space, let it breathe, and understand the significance of plants within it.

Invekta’s team for interior and exterior horticulture of commercial and business facilities creates a plan tailored to the clients’ desires, the objective characteristics of the space. And, the season, of course.

Our motto is: we provide everything, following a system key in the hand. Not to say: flowers in pots.

This means that our services include:

  • field visits, consultation, and elaboration of a specific plan;
  • selection of pots and planters;
  • selection of indoor plants;
  • arrangement of complementary plants according to their characteristics;
  • planting;
  • selection of suitable substrates for protection and care;
  • provision of professional fertilizers for quality feeding;
  • preparation of means for protection from external influences, insects, and diseases;
  • professional maintenance of planted plants.
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What plants and pots do we offer you?

The ones you want!

That’s right. You read it correctly.

Philodendron, snake plant, zamia, dracaena, jade plant, bamboo, succulents, palms, bonsai trees, conifers… And many other decorative plants (perennial and seasonal) can be planted and maintained for you.

What needs special attention when selecting plants is their habitus, which our experts know inside out. Because the habitus of a particular species determines the selection of another plant (or several) with which it will be paired in a common planter.

Namely, some plants (especially shrubs) develop in width and take up more space, so they can threaten those in immediate proximity. Therefore, good management of horticultural materials and extensive experience are crucial.

maintenance of flowers in business premises 3

Photo: Invekta

When it comes to plant pots, we can provide you with a variety of pots, decorative pots, planters, and saucers/holders, as well as containers. Along with them, you can choose linings made of plastic, aluminum, glass, wood, stone, clay, marble, and concrete. Or faithful imitations of natural materials, which will perfectly define your interior.

Your choice may also concern the surface treatment of garden containers: matte, glossy, relief, satin finishes, etc. And various shapes and sizes are available.

Whatever you desire and whatever perfectly corresponds to your business space (classic, retro, modern, or eclectic) – it will be achieved!
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Measures for maintenance of flowers in business premises after planting

When we plant flowers in your office, lobby, conference/reception room, or other premises, we continue to care for them. Just in a way that will ensure their long-term vitality and healthy appearance.

For this purpose, we implement:

  • watering (regular watering and misting);
  • fertilization (basic, specialized, foliar, and anti-stress);
  • soil care (adding substrates, humus, peat, and minerals);
  • protection (agents against pests and fungal diseases, and control of plant pathogens as needed).
maintenance of flowers in business premises 4

Photo: Invekta

Why are these measures important?

For plants to fulfill their full potential in every season (lush foliage and bloom, intense colors, full and bold), they must be properly cared for. Only then will they emit everything expected of them: oxygen, fragrance, intoxicating beauty, good energy, and – peace.

And how does this affect your employees and visitors to your company? You can guess: very positively, empowering, and motivating.
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Who needs professional decoration with ornamental plants?

Every company, institution, organization, hospitality, and commercial facility that cares about ambiance and atmosphere needs greenery.

Offices, hotel entrances, lobbies and corridors, shopping centers, reception areas in institutions… Flowers, leaves, tendrils, and grasses contribute to your company’s reputation and actively participate in building a prominent image in the business world.

Therefore, consideration should be given to large pots as a way of emphasizing the entrance to corporate buildings, hotels, and various types of institutions. Large halls, or hotel lobbies, are suitable for real green oases, rich in lush and colorful vegetation. And such cohesive gathering spaces welcome and entice entry and hedonistic experience.

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Photo: Pixabay, Michelle_Raponi / Freepik

Pots and planters, as well as plants themselves, can be adapted to the seasons. Optionally, during spring and summer, we can place lively, bright colors and striking shapes in your business premises. Autumn and winter days can be harmonized with quieter tones of pots, filled with „tasty” decorative strawberries, ornamental peppers, and cabbage/kale in bloom.

Let’s unleash our imagination together and create wonders throughout the year!

Schedule a meeting with our experts and get to know their creativity and professional coordination of greening your business space.

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