What is sick building syndrome and is it present in your employees?

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Sick building syndrome (SBS) as a term became established in the 80s of the last century. It was then defined as a set of various health problems directly related to polluted air in fully air-conditioned buildings.

Today, there are progressively more modern business buildings with glass facades, windows that do not open, and furniture and floor coverings made of synthetic materials.

In them, the air conditioning is centralized, and the exchange of clean air and carbon dioxide is done through a mechanical ventilation system. That is so-called HVAC system, which includes temperature control (heating and cooling), as well as fresh airflow control.

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HVAC systems are mostly owned by modern business centers, government institutions, banks, hospitals, and hotels. They have aero filters for purification, but sometimes they are not enough protection, so air contamination occurs.

The thing that is essential is that the overall HVAC system is regularly and properly maintained. If this is not done, there is the development of specific acute health conditions, which can turn into chronic ones.

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Sick building syndrome – Signs and symptoms

Employees who are long-term exposed to this type of overall air conditioning and poor air quality during working hours suffer from:

  • fatigue and long-term exhaustion;
  • drowsiness;
  • reduced concentration;
  • a headache;
  • dizziness;
  • irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat;
  • a dry cough;
  • nausea;
  • muscle pains;
  • skin irritation, etc.

Apart from poor ventilation, other factors are also potential causes of the mentioned conditions:

  • unfavorable microclimatic factors (inadequate temperature, flow speed, and relative air humidity);
  • drastic difference in ambient temperature compared to outside temperature;
  • allergens (dust, mold, mites from carpets and furniture);
  • chemical pollutants and organic solvents;
  • ionizing radiation;
  • strong electrostatic field, etc.

Some of these causes can be eliminated by regularly maintaining the hygiene of business premises, especially open-space offices.

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If sick building syndrome is evident in your building, let Invekta help you!

Working for twenty years in the field of taking care of the hygiene of business facilities and their technical maintenance, Invekta has gained enviable experience in the fight against sick building syndrome.

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Photo: Invekta

Since we have always strived to modernize and improve our services, to solve this serious problem that threatens many business buildings, we use the most modern robot.

Remotely controlled, it enters all parts of the ventilation system, cleaning and disinfecting it.

This robotic solution is ideal for maintaining the hygiene of those places that are inaccessible to people. Our qualified technicians and hygienists easily, meticulously, and responsibly maintain those elements that a person can approach (external units, filters, etc.).

What else can we do for your business facility in terms of hygiene?

With regular maintenance of the hygiene of business premises and through cleaning, the office facility is absolutely sanitary and safe for the health of all who work in them. By mechanically cleaning office furniture, carpet, and hard floors, we successfully remove allergens and pathogenic microorganisms that are harmful to health.

Therefore, you can always rely on us when it comes to this:

  • detailed cleaning of ventilation pipes and openings;
  • control and regular maintenance of the HVAC system;
  • thorough cleaning of the workspace from floor to ceiling;
  • disinfection of all tactile surfaces in common areas;
  • removal of deposits of dirt, dust, mites, mold, and stains.
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Photo: Invekta

Given that each office building is specific, with its own management and functioning system, Invekta strives to recognize unique needs. In order to respond to them in the most adequate and profitable way, it creates specialized offers according to the requirements of each client individually.

Make an appointment by phone +381 64 70 595 39 or email office@invekta.rs and tell us the problem you have, and we will offer you the right solution.

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