Hygienic maintenance of hospitals and health centers – Our contribution to healthcare

Početna 5 Disinfection 5 Hygienic maintenance of hospitals and health centers – Our contribution to healthcare

Hygienic maintenance of hospitals and health centers (medical cleaning and disinfection) is essential in preventing the spread of viruses and other infections.

Medical institutions are constantly at risk of viral contamination, and regular and continuous implementation of sanitation treatments is of utmost importance in preserving the health of patients and staff.

During pandemics such as the COVID-19, as well as in the past with diseases like typhoid, tuberculosis, and smallpox, more intensive and frequent hygiene activities are carried out.

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How does the hygiene maintenance of hospitals and health centers differ from other commercial cleanings?

When it comes to maintaining the hygiene of healthcare facilities (hospitals, health centers, clinics, laboratories, and pharmacies), the emphasis is on the bacteriological safety of all surfaces. This includes horizontal surfaces (floors, stairs) and vertical surfaces (walls, doors, windows). Also, tactile surfaces (handrails, handles, switches, bathroom fixtures, furniture, and medical equipment).

Only a completely sterile environment is considered good enough and safe for a hospital setting. Achieving this high standard is always the goal.

On the other hand, in the cleaning of offices, for example, where carpets and upholstered furniture are typically present, absolute sterilization is not expected. Hospital-level hygiene is also not required in factories where industrial tools and machinery are used because they do not accommodate health-sensitive or infectious individuals. These are: patients in critical condition, those with specific diseases and compromised immunity, postoperative patients, and new mothers.

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What elements and stages does medical cleaning encompass?

Through three primary sanitary care programs, Invekta company monitors medical institutions during their opening and throughout their operation:

  1. cleaning after final craftsman works (construction, painting, electrical, etc.);
  2. daily cleaning;
  3. general cleaning.
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Cleaning after final craftsman works

Before a healthcare facility officially starts operating and receiving patients, it is necessary to perform a final check of all rooms and devices. At the end of it all, right after the departure of the craftsmen, the removal of construction residues takes place. This includes sand, dust, paint stains, mortar and grout residues, fragments, cable wrappings, stray screws, boxes, papers, etc.

Invekta’s experienced cleaners have been on the front lines for years, both in this initial phase and the subsequent ones.

hygienic maintenance of hospitals invekta 2

Photo: Freepik, Wirestock / Invekta

Daily hygienic maintenance of hospitals and healthcare facilities

In order for a clinic or a medical office to meet the highest hygiene and health safety standards, they must be cleaned every day, in properly distributed time intervals. In case of exceptional situations (bodily fluid spills, chemical spills, etc.), immediate action is taken, according to the given situation. Registered biocidal agents are used, mostly those that simultaneously clean and disinfect.

Equipped with top-quality industrial cleaning machines, detergents, and disinfectants, Invekta’s hygienists act confidently, work systematically, and operate efficiently. By following the strictly defined steps, they quickly complete tasks and leave all rooms and surfaces as clean as possible:

  1. empty trash bins and disinfect them;
  2. sweep floors with soft brushes, removing dust and solid waste (food, packaging, paper, medical waste, etc.);
  3. scrub and disinfect sinks, shower cabins, restrooms, and toilet bowls;
  4. refill tissue/toilet paper dispensers and soap/disinfectant dispensers.
  5. wipe and disinfect armrests/bed frames, bedside tables, infusion stands, outlets, switches, and staff call buttons;
  6. mop and disinfect floors in operating rooms, examination rooms, hospital wards, dining areas, and restroom facilities;
  7. clean glass surfaces (windows and partition panels);
  8. remove dirt, allergens, and infectious agents from other (non)medical inventory (equipment, specialized furniture, fixtures, and counters in waiting rooms);
  9. deep clean hospital mattresses;
  10. wipe doors of all rooms (patient rooms, examination rooms, operating theaters, restrooms, dining areas), paying special attention to disinfecting handles;
  11. machine wash and polish hard floors in reception halls, waiting rooms, and corridors.
hygienic maintenance of hospitals invekta 3

Photo: Invekta / Freepik

Only by respecting all the mentioned stages of the cleaning process and acting responsibly can infections be prevented. And, conditions for the best healthcare and protection of staff be ensured.
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General cleaning and disinfection for maximum hygiene

For general healthcare facilities, a large number of visitors are common every day, and depending on the specific purpose and capacity of the facility, there may also be hospitalized patients. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to establish a constructive cleaning plan on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Only in this way can medical activities be carried out smoothly and effectively, according to the highest standards of healthcare.

In the previous section, the stages of maintaining hygiene in healthcare facilities were mentioned, most of which are carried out on a daily basis. However, points 7–11 are included in general cleaning.

In addition to differentiating the sanitation process based on the type of surface, cleaning can also vary in terms of the type of chemicals used. Standard cleaning in areas that are not used for patient diagnosis and treatment is done using enzyme-based detergents only. Except in the case of a pandemic, disinfectants are not usually applied in these areas.

On the other hand, in clinics, hospital rooms, operating theaters, intensive care units, and rooms for invasive diagnostics and therapies (MRI, chemotherapy, hemodialysis, etc.), disinfection is mandatory.

For areas with a high level of infectious risk, disinfectants with the highest efficacy are used. Active oxygen at a concentration of 1.5% acts virucidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal within 15 minutes.

Disinfectants in liquid or gel form, housed in special dispensers, are always present at critical points: in hallways, hospital rooms, and procedure rooms.

hygienic maintenance of hospitals invekta 4

Photo: Freepik, Holiak

Regular hygienic maintenance of hospitals in correlation with the sterilization of rooms, surfaces, and hands is the only way to prevent infections. And, keep health safety under control. That is what brings peace to patients and medical staff.
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Hygienic maintenance of hospitals – Final check for smooth functioning of the healthcare center

After the planned cleaning procedures have been carried out, our qualified inspectors verify whether all tasks have been completed according to the prescribed standards. After their examination and approval, it can be considered that the healthcare rooms and surfaces are hygienically safe and suitable for use.

If you want to ensure perfect cleanliness in your hospital, health center, clinic, or laboratory, now is the right time to take concrete actions. Entrust your intentions to our expert assessment team, and you will receive the most efficient offer that will leave you more than satisfied.


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