Exceptionally clean hands with professional soap and disinfectant dispensers

Početna 5 Disinfection 5 Exceptionally clean hands with professional soap and disinfectant dispensers

Professional soap and disinfectant dispensers have become indispensable components of the restroom accessories in every commercial and public facility. Whether in restrooms, dining areas, service counters, hallways, lobbies, or industrial halls, these dispensers play a crucial role in hand hygiene.

Given that hands come into contact with numerous surfaces, potentially carrying germs, the washing and sterilization of hands must not be overlooked. This is true both when entering a business premises and when leaving, especially during seasons prone to respiratory illnesses. Such as the flu and COVID-19.

In addition to being highly practical and hygienic, professional soap dispensers significantly contribute to cost savings for maintaining impeccable hand cleanliness.
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The precise measurement of liquid volume by these dispensers is crucial in spaces with commercial functions and high foot traffic, considering the annual consumption.

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Professional soap and disinfectant dispensers – Advantages over traditional solid soaps

In highly frequented sanitary areas, solid soap has long ceased to be used for several pragmatic reasons. Firstly, such soaps are not cost-effective as their usage cannot be limited to a specific dose per wash. Additionally, they are easily taken from public restrooms.

Secondly, solid soaps are slippery (making them prone to falling on the floor) and soluble in water accumulated in the holder (rendering them quickly unusable).

Thirdly, the use of solid soaps is avoided due to shared touching by many people and the risk of cross-contamination.

All these drawbacks have led many companies and institutions to opt for wall-mounted dispensers for liquid and foaming soaps and sanitizers.

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With Invekta, secure soap and antiseptic dispensers according to your facility’s needs

Maintaining hygiene in commercial buildings, a service provided by Invekta for 20 years, includes the procurement of hygiene supplies:

  • soap and disinfectant liquid/gel dispensers;
  • tissue and toilet paper dispensers;
  • paper hygiene products;
  • air fresheners for restrooms, and more.

Depending on the number of users, you can choose the type of each category that best suits your needs and capabilities. We are ready to assist you in selecting models and determining the number of necessary devices. The installation of these devices is also within our competence, relieving you of any concerns.

Types of professional soap and disinfectant dispensers

On the market, various professional soap and disinfectant dispensers are made of different materials: plastic, steel, and stainless steel. Differing in quality, durability, and – price.

They all share the feature of being easy to refill, either manually or using cartridges.

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Photo: Unsplash, Kristine Wook

Many dispensers have a window for monitoring the level of the hygiene product or are entirely transparent. The amount of liquid they can hold ranges from 0.5L to 2L, typically releasing around 1.7 ml of liquid or gel per push (the dosage can be controlled). Some are compatible only with a specific type of hygiene product, while others can work with both.

Type 2 in 1 undoubtedly contributes to the uniformity and a more professional appearance of business premises as the dispensers match each other.

Special types of liquid soap dispensers include anti-vandal dispensers, which have a locking system to prevent unauthorized use, theft, or breakage, making them highly sought after for public toilets.

Devices for foaming or liquid soap differ in the way they dispense the liquid/gel. With options including push systems, ergonomic levers, elbow levers for those hesitant to touch with their fingers. And, the most popular touchless, electronic dispensers, activated by sensors.

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Where to place professional soap and disinfectant dispensers?

These dispensers are typically installed in shared spaces such as restrooms, dining areas, hallways, etc. Their quantity and capacity are determined in relation to the number of sinks. Dispensers are also fixed at the entrance to business premises, near elevators and staircases, and in prominent places in factories and garages.

Many clients opt for maximum hand cleanliness for their employees, installing units with disinfectants even in the surroundings of their business premises. Such as parks, gardens etc. This allows employees easy access to antiseptic agents (for example, during lunch breaks). Simultaneously, it positively impacts them – by emphasizing care for their health and well-being.

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Photo: Pexels, Tony Skerl

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We always monitor soap consumption and other hygiene needs even if we are not physically present in the business premises. Wondering how?

The answer is very simple: with the help of specially created software for monitoring the maintenance of business premises. Thanks to this, Invekta’s managers can, at any moment, 24/7, track all activities and requirements of a given space.

Relying on this state-of-the-art high-tech solution, with just a few clicks, they have insight into the quality of task execution, hygiene supply needs, and much more. This way, they can react promptly and extremely efficiently. So, the client doesn’t have to worry about these secondary tasks in their facility.

A special benefit for users of our facility services is the option of free installation of this software into their computer system. This provides them with control over the work processes in their company, as well as a range of other conveniences.

If this form of business modernization intrigues you, let’s schedule a meeting and discuss how we can help you maintain your enterprise in the most efficient and easiest way.

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