Maintaining hygiene in shopping malls both inside and outside – From ceiling to floor!

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Maintaining the hygiene of shopping malls (or department stores, as they were formerly called) is an essential part of overall facility maintenance. In Serbia, larger shopping malls are being built, spanning thousands of square meters.

They attract thousands of visitors daily or weekly, depending on the location and amenities. Therefore, seeking professional cleaning assistance for these modern markets is not up for debate. Only professional services can timely meet all sanitary requirements and ensure maximum cleanliness every day.

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“The most important thing is sales – maintaining the hygiene of shopping malls is not that important!”

The essence of retail is indeed to promote products for sales. There is no dispute about that. However, there are additional factors that influence the perception of potential customers and the conversion rate, that is, turning them into actual buyers.

A clean and tidy shopping mall serves as a welcoming environment and positively impacts future customers in several ways. Another somewhat forgotten and archaic term we use.

Firstly, it instills confidence in their health and safety while they spend time there with their family and friends. The cleaner and fresher the environment, the better their experience, the more enjoyable it is, and the more likely they are to return.

Secondly, it sends an implicit message that if the cleanliness of the space is adequately maintained, then the diligence in keeping up with trends and offering the latest merchandise is also evident. Nowadays, everyone likes to purchase the latest model of a mobile phone, television, laptop, sneakers… even when it wasn’t initially planned!

The reciprocity is more than apparent, as you would agree.

And we have to tell you: this is exactly what a perfect, ongoing CTA (Call to Action) looks like – an invitation to take action (read: make a purchase). And all that without an advertisement!
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How does Invekta support you on your path to becoming a leading retailer?

We won’t delve into strategic plans related to retail and marketing. However, we can provide you with insight into what you can rely on us for when it comes to maintaining the hygiene of shopping malls.

Equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning machines, dexterity, and agility, we offer comprehensive sanitary treatment services for the entire space (interior and exterior):

maintaining the hygiene of shopping malls invekta 2

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What does maintaining hygiene in shopping malls look like when we take matters into our own hands?

To the trained and experienced eye of our hygiene experts, nothing goes unnoticed:

  • floors, doormats, and walls in entrance/exit areas;
  • glass and handles on main doors (standard, sliding, and revolving);
  • floors and ceilings in all parts of the facility;
  • glass surfaces (windows, displays, panels, facades);
  • staircases (static and moving – escalators);
  • handrails, glass fences, and stainless steel wall protectors;
  • roto gates and aluminum railings on escalators;
  • elevators (doors, floors, mirrors, handrails/wall protectors, control panels);
  • information displays with a mall map;
  • trash cans;
  • sofas and benches in hallways;
  • terraces (floor surfaces, railings);
  • food corners (open restaurants, usually on the top floor);
  • toilets (doors and handles/knobs on stalls, fixtures, faucets, floors, mirrors, flush buttons).
maintaining the hygiene of shopping malls invekta 3

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After cleaning, it is mandatory to disinfect all touch surfaces to ensure the highest level of sanitation and health safety.

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If shopping malls operate for most of the day, when do we clean them?

The hygiene team at Invekta works in three shifts to meet all the daily requirements of a commercial facility. The schedule of sanitation activities is as follows:

  • the area in front of and around the shopping malls is cleaned before opening (6–10 a.m.);
  • parking lots and garages are maintained during the night shift, after the shopping mall is closed and all vehicles have been removed (10 p.m.–6 a.m.);
  • interior cleaning of the shopping mall is continuous, in three shifts (24 hours).

Thorough, final cleaning of hard floor coverings inside the premises and on terraces is done using machines and mops during the night when customers and employees have left. In rainy/snowy conditions, when there is a higher risk of wetness, dirt, and slipping, our services are intensified – even during the shopping mall’s working hours.

Maintaining the hygiene of shopping malls also includes multiple daily cleaning and disinfection of auxiliary areas, such as men’s and women’s restrooms (with a special focus on changing tables for infants and all touch surfaces).

Removing dirt and bacteria from the restroom areas and dining corners is done meticulously to ensure maximum health safety.

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maintaining the hygiene of shopping malls invekta 4

Photo: Freepik, 4045

Night cleaning is strictly reserved for garages and parking lots. We are very efficient when it comes to collecting solid waste, machine washing driving surfaces, and removing oil stains or tire marks.

The next day, clean and refreshed areas welcome the first employees and visitors who temporarily park their vehicles. Only when the space is in such condition will they trust leaving their cars there while they carry out their tasks or go shopping.

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Which industrial machines and sanitation products do we use?

For years, we have relied on the best professional machines from renowned global manufacturers such as Wirbel, Hako, Taski Aero, Kärcher, and others in our sanitization work. Whether they are push or ride-on machines, we select the appropriate machines for washing or polishing hard floors based on the type of material they are made of (ceramic, concrete, terrazzo, asphalt, etc.).

And before washing and polishing, if there are remnants of dried mud from shoes or any other solid matter (stones, dirt, crumbs) on the floor, vacuuming is the first step in the cleaning process.

Regarding chemicals, we use appropriate ones for each type of surface: glass, wood/chipboard, metal/stainless steel, plexiglas, alubond, ceramic, concrete, fabric/leather, etc., all with the aim of effectively removing dirt, disinfection, and protection against damage.

We have a wide range of sanitizing liquids at our disposal, including high-quality products from Italy, England, Germany, and other countries. The dosing is carried out professionally and correctly, following ISO standards and the highest hygiene requirements, with special emphasis on eliminating the risk of allergies or respiratory issues for facility visitors.

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Maintaining the hygiene of shopping malls – What sets us apart?

In addition to the quality of service, high responsibility towards tasks, and legendary punctuality, Invekta is known for its full-service business concept.

Clients can expect support in all the aforementioned services and even more, required by large, modern buildings. These include:

However, what makes us truly unique is the fact that we were among the first in Serbia and the region to implement the most advanced facility management software.

If you want to find out how it can help you elevate the hygiene of your shopping mall to a significantly higher level and leave your competition behind, contact us. Because we provide our clients with the software completely FREE of charge.

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