Maintenance of cleanliness in a business space – A challenging task or a routine job?

Početna 5 Facility management 5 Maintenance of cleanliness in a business space – A challenging task or a routine job?

Maintaining cleanliness in a business space can indeed sometimes prove to be a significant challenge. Depending on the type (purpose) of the facility, the level of traffic and activities taking place within it. As well as the surface area and overall condition.

It is clear, for example, that a hotel and a factory cannot be characterized by the same level of dirtiness. Just as a hospital and a supermarket generally do not require the same degree of disinfection.

Commercial facilities with high visitor numbers must have a service for daily and around-the-clock cleaning. These are: healthcare and other institutionsairports and major passenger transportation stationsshopping malls, markets etc.

Industrial facilities involved in production are highly susceptible to dirtiness and require different treatment compared to, say, offices.

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Let’s take a look at what maintaining cleanliness in a business space entails, both externally and internally!

When it comes to maintaining cleanliness in a business space, there are three common elements that connect all facilities: water, chemicals, and equipment. Differentiation occurs when assessing the type of hygiene treatment to be implemented (daily or general), in which area (storage, production, accommodation, transportation, office, etc.), and on which surface (glass, chipboard, alubond, aluminum, ceramic, marble, concrete, asphalt, etc.).

Accordingly, the most suitable supplies are selected:

  • chemicals for removing stubborn stains and grease;
  • detergents (alkaline, biocidal, with an anti-slip formula, with molecules for high shine, etc.);
  • cleaning fluids for various surfaces (glass, wood, ceramic, stone, etc.);
  • machines (for washing and polishing hard floors, deep vacuuming and cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture);
  • additional equipment (for high-rise cleaning of glass surfaces and facades made of different materials).

Invekta’s cleaning managers conduct expert assessments on-site and create a cleaning plan based on the current condition, facility characteristics, and client’s needs and preferences.

Cleaning the interior of a commercial building

In most cases, dusting, removing cobwebs, window cleaning (including panels), and floor mopping are sufficient. Our hygiene specialists carry out these tasks proficiently, using:

  • special sponges;
  • window squeegees and wipers (such as a squeegee with a cover, rubber blade, or scraper);
  • various types of antistatic microfiber cloths (for different surfaces);
  • cleaning and disinfection chemicals;
  • telescopic handle mops;
  • microfiber mops.

In some cases, it is necessary to perform thorough cleaning and polishing of floor coverings using professional machines or eliminate stubborn and long-lasting dirt deposits with concentrated products designed for that purpose. Deep-seated dirt deposits can be found on office furniture, machinery and appliances, kitchen elements, devices, walls, etc.

maintaining cleanliness in a business space invekta 2

Foto: Freepik / Invekta / Pexels, Pavel Danilyuk

How do we handle the exterior?

We also have a solution for dirty facades – our trained hygiene technicians and rope access specialists will restore the original shine of the exterior of your commercial building efficiently and with full adherence to personal and general safety measures. Scaffolding, harnesses, ropes, buckets, squeegees, and appropriate cleaning agents will leave every facade in impeccable and polished condition, including the solar panels on the roofs.

Our company is prepared to fulfill every client’s request regarding the cleanliness of the interior and/or exterior of commercial buildings promptly and with a high level of professionalism.
For us, maintaining cleanliness in a business space is not a difficult and insurmountable challenge but a routine that we carry out effortlessly and skillfully every day.
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What is the first step towards effective implementation of cleaning in business spaces?

In addition to providing high-quality facility services, Invekta stands out for the use of specialized maintenance management software. This state-of-the-art IT solution is the first step towards efficient operations, providing us and our clients with invaluable business advantages:

  • After installing our application on their mobile phones, our hygiene technicians check in on-site using QR codes specifically generated for each facility.
  • Through the QR codes, they receive instant work tasks that are precisely specified according to the rooms and surfaces within the facility.
  • Pre-supervisors and facility managers can monitor task execution and assess the performance of the hygiene technicians through the software.
  • If there is a need for revisions, they are directed to repeat or complete any missed tasks.
  • Responsible personnel in our clients’ specific facilities can send tickets through our software, requesting additional staff or services based on new requirements.
  • Our clients can monitor the hygiene maintenance of all their locations in real time, 24/7, through the mentioned software (which we provide them for free).

Watch the following video from our YouTube channel to see how it works in practice, and feel free to contact us to discuss all the details of maintaining cleanliness in your business facility under your leadership:

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