Maintaining supermarket hygiene – Regularly and in crisis situations

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Maintaining supermarket hygiene is the first item that managers must think about before opening a store, and even more during its operation. What makes it important?

The primary goal of any supermarket is to sell certain products and make a profit. That is clear. However, as much as interior design and good organization of sections and products are important to the modern customer, cleanliness is something that they will always insist on. And there can’t (and shouldn’t!) be a compromise. Especially when it comes to food supermarkets.

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How important is the maintaining supermarket hygiene from a sales point of view?

We are surrounded by examples of good and bad practice in small and large retail establishments. Right from the entrance, a potential customer notices good hygiene or its absence. Therefore, the entrance is the border where the decision is made whether to enter the store and shop in it.

The conversion of a passer-by or an intending customer into a customer takes place mostly at the door of the sales facility. It is up to you, as a supermarket manager or owner, how many sales you will make and how many customers you will retain.
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Photo: Unsplash, Nathalia Rosa

Whether they will return and become regular customers, therefore, does not depend only on the quality of the products you offer and the responsiveness of your salespeople. No, the return of consumers is also determined by the hygiene and tidiness of the exhibition space. This should be considered when looking at all aspects of successful sales.

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A clean and well-equipped supermarket is your business card!

Although a large part of sales has moved completely or partially to the Internet (the so-called online shopping through webshops and ordering through courier services), many customers, after viewing the site, LOVE to visit the store in person. To inspect, feel or taste the product in detail.

Only in this way can they be sure that they have bought the right thing, which they will not have to return later. And although some may consider them old-fashioned, they save themselves the unnecessary stress and time wasted on complaints, product exchanges, or refunds. This way, you, as a seller or distributor, are spared unnecessary administrative procedures. And, of course, bad reviews in the mass media!

Then you can conclude for yourself how important it is for the customer to have a complete atmosphere: a tidy and inspected supermarket, products that meet the prescribed standards, and friendly and helpful staff.

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Hire your own staff or professional hygienists – which is the best recommendation?

If you own only one small shop, then you can do the cleaning yourself or entrust it to one of your employees. However, it is a little more difficult if you have a chain of supermarkets under your jurisdiction, distributed throughout the city or in the wider territory of the Republic of Serbia. In that case, you should seek help from a company that deals with it professionally.

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Photo: Invekta

The company Invekta has been taking care of all types of maintenance of business facilities for two decades:

When it comes to maintaining the hygiene of sales facilities, our regular clients are retail chains:

  • consumer goods (food, drink, hygiene, etc.);
  • technical and technological equipment;
  • construction materials and tools;
  • sports clothing and equipment;
  • pharmacy and drug store;
  • boutiques, etc.
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What do you get if you contract with a serious facility company for maintaining supermarket hygiene?

Invekta, as an outsourcing company, operates in all cities of Serbia (including smaller ones) and knows well the needs of the market. The work team it manages is more than impressive: it consists of more than 400 people!

And all of them are qualified to perform certain tasks related to maintaining the hygiene of sales and other business units. Each job will be done responsibly and with the least amount of time and chemicals. And all this with the support of the most modern software for managing the maintenance of business facilities.

Our hygienists conscientiously and very meticulously carry out the following:

maintaining supermarket hygiene invekta 2a

Photo: Unsplash, Dennis Siqueira

With the help of professional sanitary equipment, the highest quality equipment and industrial machines, they will keep the hygiene of your supermarket under control.

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How do we deal with sudden, crisis situations?

It often happens that one of the workers or customers accidentally knocks something off the shelf and the store becomes a big mess in no time, which is potentially dangerous. It is usually a question of:

  • liquid spillage due to breaking or inadvertent opening of packaging (water, oil, juices, wines, hygiene products, paints, varnishes, semi-dispersions, etc.);
  • tearing the packaging and scattering powdery and granular products (flour, rice, macaroni, washing powder, cement, glue, etc.)

In such accidental moments, we react quickly, mechanically, and manually removing glass shards and spilled products.

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Photo: Invekta

Timely and adequate action is of crucial importance in terms of the protection of employees and customers.

Before we start cleaning, we secure the threatened area with warning boards and other objects in order to prevent the access of unauthorized persons and prevent injuries. Because we know how much a cut, sprain or fracture of a limb of one of the visitors could cost your company.

Therefore, it is our joint obligation and responsibility to improve the customer experience and enable consumers to enjoy shopping in the pleasant and above all clean environment of your supermarket. Therefore, let’s start cooperation today.

Our actions speak for us!
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