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Cleaning industrial halls warehouses and storages, as specialized areas for storing goods, machinery, equipment, and materials, should be carried out at intervals dictated by the purpose and size of the space itself. Also, by the items stored in it.

This specifically means that maintaining hygiene will likely be more frequent in food warehouses than in those storing metal profiles, construction materials, and tools. Because storing food requires specific conditions to ensure its protection and health compliance when distributed to the market. The same applies to technology – temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness in the space must meet prescribed standards to prevent damage to the equipment.

General meteorological parameters can also be determinant when it comes to cleaning industrial halls warehouses and storages. These types of facilities are usually located outside populated areas, along highly trafficked roads (main roads and highways). Consequently, dust, atmospheric, and exhaust gases require more frequent attention to their hygiene.

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What are the key reasons for cleaning industrial halls warehouses and storages?

In addition to the implied orderliness and ensuring optimal conditions for proper storage of goods, the primary goals achieved by industrial cleaning are health and safety at work.

This applies not only to storage rooms of smaller areas (such as those in craft workshops) but also to halls with surfaces measuring hundreds and thousands of square meters.

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Rough residues (cardboard packaging, plastic, paper, tape, cling films, bubble wrap, debris, splinters from wooden pallets, etc.) are often found on warehouse floors. These must be manually removed first, using a broom or a garbage collector. This action precedes the machine cleaning process to prevent debris from getting stuck in the brushes and machine blockages.

To eliminate the risk of accidents and injuries, all floors must always be clean and safe for walking and driving of working vehicles (forklifts, electric carts, etc.). Transporting warehouse materials from point A to point B.

If there has been accidental spillage of powdery or granular materials, or liquid spillage, their systematic removal must be carried out urgently. Since it usually involves larger quantities, manual cleaning in such cases is inappropriate.

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What determines the cleaning technique and the choice of cleaning agents?

The cleaning concept and the selection of tools/machines depend on the size of the storage space. Generally speaking, sweeping with a broom is not effective enough in large warehouse spaces.

Therefore, specially configured ride-on sweepers-vacuum cleaners, with roller brushes and vacuum turbines, which filter and separate fine dust or vacuum liquids, are used in them. Invekta’s hygiene technicians skillfully operate these machines, leaving even the floors of the largest halls clean and dry. Simple, efficient, and safe.

In addition, they remove impurities, remnants of construction materials, and dust from walls, ceilings, lighting fixtures, and HVAC systems. With such thorough hygienic treatment, the space is rid of pathogens and allergens from the air and all surfaces. Which can pose a serious threat to the health of employees, especially those prone to allergies.

Therefore, it is easy to conclude that cleaning industrial halls warehouses and storages (including toilets that require disinfection) is more than justified and necessary from a health and safety perspective.
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Machine washing and polishing of hard floors

If it is a matter of facilities with large storage capacities, where trucks and trailers enter for loading/unloading goods, there is a greater chance of finding traces of motor oil and lubricants. Also, oil, and, of course, rubber on the floor coverings. A workspace in such condition cannot be safe for those who inhabit it. Especially due to the fumes of petroleum derivatives.

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The deposition of these accumulations of dirt and the long-term delay in their disposal make later cleaning more difficult due to deeper penetration into the substrate (concrete, asphalt, etc.). Therefore, regular degreasing, machine washing, and polishing of floors (those that require it by their characteristics) are recommended.

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How often is the cleaning industrial halls warehouses and storages performed?

By applying appropriate sanitization methods for different sizes of objects and types of dirt, industrial cleaning can be performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. All in accordance with the needs of the space itself and an agreement with the client.

In any case, when cleaning any space (including storage spaces), it is important to use detergents that will provide the required maximum hygiene. For example, in warehouses of medical and pharmaceutical products, disinfection of all surfaces (shelves, floors) is mandatory. Because this type of product must not be contaminated by pathogens. Just like food or baby equipment.

The cleaning of the air purification system and ventilation (HVAC) must also be performed at regular intervals to ensure the highest air quality.

It should be emphasized that maintaining the HVAC system helps employees stay healthy and contributes to protecting stored products from contamination.

Invekta is a qualified outsourcing provider of comprehensive works in the field of maintenance of business facilities. It has all the means (modern machines, tools, chemicals) to ensure maximum cleanliness of commercial spaces. Not only their interiors but also exteriors and associated parking areas.

Our hygiene technicians are experts in their field. In the shortest possible time, they professionally perform all the necessary actions to make your warehouse, storage space, or hall clean and well-organized to the last detail.

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Call us any working day, 8-4 PM, or send us an inquiry for an offer. We will strive to provide you with the best option that will perfectly suit the needs of your business and the planned budget.

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