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Factory cleaning is the smooth performance of their primary activities. While minimizing energy and other expenses, on the one hand, and increasing productivity, on the other.

Practically, this means the following: if necessary hygienic and technical measures are regularly implemented in and around factory facilities, work will not suffer unnecessary delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

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How can factory cleaning and factory area maintenance reduce business losses?

Every job requires certain investments: in human resources, equipment, raw materials, etc. In this sense, the production activity is particularly under pressure, especially if it is performed in three shifts.

This implies that all working conditions must be met 24/7 in order to prevent production downtime, i.e. that all plants work at full capacity. Because any suspension of work, even a short one, usually means big losses for the company.

So, in addition to the correctness of the machines and the provision of tools and other means of work, it is especially important that the business environment is neat and clean.

Regardless of the application of the most modern techniques, the human factor is an irreplaceable link in the production chain. That is why it is of utmost importance to do everything to ensure that employees are satisfied with all working conditions. With an emphasis on a healthy and safe business environment.

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Professional maintenance of hygiene and meticulousness in arranging machine plants and warehouses can prevent numerous accidents. From allergic reactions to physical injuries.

Namely, if tools and machines are stored improperly in the factory or warehouse, if there is a pile of garbage or spilled liquids, oils and lubricants are not removed, there is a great danger of tripping, slipping and injury. That is why it is important to machine polish hard floors at regular intervals.

When a large number of workers go to sick leave due to inadequate hygienic conditions, such a situation is in the long run unsustainable for the employer.
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How often do you need to carry out the cleaning of factories and factory facilities?

Maintaining the hygiene of the industrial facility and its environment is performed at intervals dictated by the nature and scope of the work. Thus, food production requires a far higher level of hygiene than, for example, printing or textile production lines. Hygienic measures in food production are harmonized with the HASAP standard and must not deviate from it.

Therefore, in such factories, special attention is paid to the thorough disinfection of all surfaces in order to eliminate bacteria and other pathogens.

When it comes to the number of employees, it can also be a determining factor regarding the regularity of cleaning. A larger number of workers necessarily implies more frequent cleaning. Especially in areas such as toilets, dining rooms, dressing rooms.

With the provision of all means for maintaining personal hygiene: toilet paper and towels, soap and disinfectants.

As in other business facilities, daily hygiene maintenance is required in light and heavy industry facilities. This usually includes cleaning, mopping floors and scrubbing toilets and kitchen areas.

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However, it is recommended to carry out thorough cleaning once a month. It usually means cleaning glass surfaces, removing cobwebs and disinfecting surfaces that are touched most often (switches, sockets, doorknobs).

Depending on the type of work carried out in the factory, thorough cleaning may also include the removal of dust, grease and other deposits from machine plants. This sometimes includes washing with high-pressure pumps. This means all sanitary activities that a given business requires in order to prevent negative impacts on work.

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With our help, the environment of your factory will always be as flawless as its interior!

The company Invekta operates at the level of the entire Republic of Serbia and cooperates with clients from the most diverse areas of the economy. Factory cleaning and maintenance of factory facilities are part of our expertise and extensive practice.

Is it more important to clean the production plant or factory environment?

The answer to this question is that both things are equally important and neither should be neglected. As much as it is important from the point of view of hygiene and aesthetics to keep the interior of the office building clean, it is just as important to keep the work area around the factory neat and organized. The same applies to an oil plant, warehouse, or industrial facility.

Therefore, we strive to provide our clients with both services, in the most professional and responsible manner.

Always striving to achieve an enviable level of hygiene and to satisfy the client’s high criteria, the company Invekta is committed to providing all the conditions to fulfill the agreed tasks in the most professional manner.

The hygienists we choose for this type of work must have a sense of cleanliness, be well-educated, and reliable. And, most importantly, they must strive to meet the highest standards of cleanliness. For which we have been known for 20 years.

With modern machines, but also with classic means for cleaning outdoor areas, we remove deposits of dirt, fallen leaves, and other by-products. That’s how we make the entrance and surroundings of your business object as meticulous and respectable as its interior.

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Photo: Pexels, Mica Asato

For the purpose of cleaning yards, sidewalks, parking lots, and other external factory surfaces, we provide all the necessary tools and machines. In addition to brooms of various types, there are also shovels, buckets, rakes, vacuums, and leaf blowers, and much more. Therefore, everything that would facilitate and speed up the work, make it more efficient and make our clients satisfied.

Only a perfectly clean and tidy internal and external space is healthy, functional, productive, and aesthetically effective.
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Professional service supported by the most modern software

In addition to professionalism and outstanding quality of services, what ensures Invekta a leading position in facility management is the software management of maintenance of business facilities.

Following digital trends, we have asserted that we will be even more efficient and that we will offer our clients a higher level of services if our services are supported by the software. Thanks to it, every minute, from anywhere, we have an insight into the entire work process in business facilities.

In this way, both the clients and we gain complete control and can react to irregularities in a timely manner, and urgently work on improvements.

A special advantage of our software is that we install it completely free of charge for users of our service packages.

If you want to know more about the maintenance of the factory and the factory area, about the mentioned software and our other services (technical maintenance, security, etc.), please contact us.

You can contact us by phone (+381 64 70 595 39) every working day, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. And, outside of working hours, at a time that is most convenient for you, by email (

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