Cleaning solar panels on factories and warehouses means increased energy efficiency!

Početna 5 Cleaning of glass surfaces 5 Cleaning solar panels on factories and warehouses means increased energy efficiency!

Cleaning solar panels on factories, warehouses, and commercial buildings in general is essential if maximum energy efficiency is desired.

Many companies in Serbia have recognized the potential of solar panels for converting sunlight into electricity. By harnessing solar energy through photovoltaic panels, annual costs are significantly reduced, as there is no (or reduced) need to purchase electricity for regular operations.

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In the context of the advantages of installing environmentally friendly solar power plants, it is important to mention another major benefit – the majority autonomy of a company to source and manage its own power. This eliminates unplanned restrictions that can jeopardize workflow and strategic planning.

And that kind of independence is simply invaluable!

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How does cleaning solar panels on factories contribute to functionality, productivity, and progress?

If we were to take an aerial tour of our country, we would be surprised by the number of factories, warehouses, logistics centers, and sports halls equipped with solar power systems. We would also realize that many of these systems are distributed on company-owned land.

The trend of implementing environmentally friendly solar installations, or green energy, is also followed by shopping centers, research stations, schools, and other institutions. We can even find them on lampposts along major highways and in private households.

However, to ensure the maximum efficiency of these safe electrical networks, their cleanliness must be regularly maintained.

The reason is simple: gases and other pollutants in the air, atmospheric precipitation, dust, and bird byproducts cover the surface of the solar collectors. And, reduce their effectiveness.

By preventing the absorption of sunlight, the solar panel batteries receive less power and discharge more quickly as dirt degrades energy production. By diminishing their primary function, the facility is left without the necessary electrical power.

To compensate for the loss and continue functioning, the system automatically switches to the national power grid. This not only results in unnecessary costs but also contributes to air pollution.

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Therefore, it is easy to conclude how important cleaning solar panels on factories and other commercial buildings is. Both in terms of significant cost reduction and long-term sustainability and development of the company.

So, why not maintain this significant and valuable investment in a way that brings you the greatest benefit? Through technical maintenance and regular cleaning!

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For maximally efficient and safe electrical networks basking in the sun and – cleanliness!

Companies that are powered by solar radiation know from the start that timely cleaning of solar panels in factories is equally important as the installation and servicing itself. That’s why they ensure the availability of services that will, each in their own scope, perform these tasks.

Rainwater can partially remove dirt accumulated over time on the panels, but it can also accumulate at the bottom of solar panels if they are angled. Additionally, rainwater is not sufficient to eliminate heavier deposits and pollution, indirectly affecting the exploitation of solar energy.

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Together towards flawless operation of your solar power plant!

Invekta has extensive experience in manual and (semi)automated removal of impurities from solar collectors. Whether they are individually distributed on the roofs of commercial buildings, completely covering roof surfaces, or located in hectares of fields.

Cleaning is usually done semi-annually (preferably in spring and autumn), depending on the type of panels. However, more frequent cleaning (weekly, monthly, and quarterly) may be necessary if environmental conditions demand it.

For example, areas with higher concentrations of dust, sand, humidity, and high temperatures require more frequent maintenance. The same applies to polluted areas near industrial plants, highways, or airports. Where significant deposition of atmospheric impurities and grease is inevitable.

In wooded areas, there is a real danger of accumulating leaves and bird droppings on the installations. Both types of deposits can block sunlight and damage the solar panel photovoltaic cells due to the acidity of bird feces.

How does Invekta perform quality cleaning of solar panels on factories?

To ensure the highest degree of sunlight absorption and achieve optimal energy production, Invekta’s expert team assesses the cleaning frequency needs of solar panels on factories.

Given their hypersensitivity and fragility, these panels require delicate hygiene treatment. Biodegradable detergents, water-based Karcher pumps, brushes, and wipers are the basic tools used for their cleaning.

As climbing on the panels is not allowed, depending on the height, inclination, and accessibility, we use brushes (rotating and standard) and telescopic pumps. This way, all impurities are removed from the ground or other solid surfaces near the panels.

In certain cases, advanced technology such as robots or cranes from which our trained hygienists effectively treat every corner of each panel is necessary.

For personal safety and protection of employees within the facility, safety equipment such as ropes and support belts are mandatory. This is similar to the cleaning of glass and other facades in commercial buildings.

To maximize protection against physical damage, prevent efficiency degradation, and costly repairs, we never use abrasive materials. By using deionized water, special soaps, diluted acetic acid, hydrogen, soft brushes, and microfiber cloths, we prevent scratching. As well as glass corrosion.

If the type and position of solar panels require it, we perform dry and contactless cleaning based on the principle of electrostatic particle repulsion.

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This was a brief overview of what we can do when it comes to cleaning solar panels on factories. In a meeting, we will provide you with a detailed plan, specifically tailored to the solar power plant on your premises.
To schedule an appointment, please contact us on weekdays, from 8 am to 4 pm (+381 64 70 595 39), or reach us via email ( or inquiry form.

And, find out what efficient solution we can offer you!

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