How to reduce the maintenance costs of your company?

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Company maintenance is a complex task that, if entrusted to professionals, can be performed on time, without errors, and – with maximum cost reduction.

Do you want to know how? Continue reading this text.

How does professional maintenance of companies lead to a reduction in annual expenses?

Successful company managers know well that half of success lies in a precisely developed management plan for all sectors. As well as in the readiness to deal with unforeseen situations.

Effective organization of time, human and material resources are factors that have a key impact on business. That’s why it’s important to have the right support in each of these segments.

Maintaining companies, relying on experts with great experience and capacities, frees employers from worrying about „secondary“ things. And, allows them to focus on more important aspects.
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If the entire maintenance of the company’s premises is left to one legal entity, the companies realize a huge benefit because they turn to one addressee for each part of this complex system. And having confidence in the business world is an indisputable benefit!

In addition to saving time (one of the most valuable resources) in this way, the multiple approach to the maintenance of commercial facilities significantly reduces costs. How is it realized?

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Reduction of financial expenses with the support of outsourcing companies

Progressive-minded managements are guided by fundamental and transparent mathematics: reduction of expenses = multiplication of income.

In what way does the engagement of third parties (outsourcing companies) reflect on this mathematical truth, that is, an objective fact?

The building for the performance of some activity must be taken care of in every respect so that it is functional and healthy for the implementation of work activities. For this purpose, it is mandatory to perform the following actions regularly:

For this complex and multi-layered operation, it is necessary to employ a certain number of people (sometimes it is necessary to employ a large number of staff!). This implies training for work according to the specifics of the given facility, procurement of professional equipment and machines. As well as uniforms and accreditation.

With the risk that the staff will still not be qualified to operate the industrial machinery properly and not cause damage. For example, on solid flooring, office furniture, or electrical, hydro, and HVAC systems.

Of course, the fulfillment of legal obligations is also indispensable. These are: registration for Pension and disability insurance fund and payment of monthly obligations. Also, calculations of wages, annual vacations, and sick leave.

It is clear that this means more employees in administration and accounting and consequently – an increase in costs.

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Big YES for outsourcing in company maintenance!

Reasoning wisely, many employers saw the advantages of the outsourcing model a long time ago and left the maintenance of their companies to specialized agencies. Having decided on (multiple) year packages of facility services, adapted according to the type and scope of the business they run, they achieved a significant indirect gain.

Invekta provides its clients with special benefits if they choose integrated services on an annual basis. Depending on the type and regularity of the selected services, it is possible to implement some additional ones. For example, snow removal or waste management.

Therefore, everything is a matter of the needs of the clients and specifying the level of cooperation.

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What is the crucial factor in modernizing company maintenance and increasing efficiency?

Through a 20-year presence in the world of facility management, Invekta is constantly working on improving its services to ensure that it provides its clients with the best UX. It was precisely its awareness of the need to follow innovations and trends that ensured its stable position in the market.

Keeping pace with the world, we were the first in the region to start using software for monitoring company maintenance.

This intelligent hi-tech solution benefits our clients in many ways.

  1. Automated centralized management means that we can monitor the check-in and work performance of our employees at any moment. And, make immediate corrections if necessary. Also, we gain an insight into the needs of the facility related to the procurement of sanitary equipment, paper accessories, etc.
  2. In addition, we are also able to monitor security equipment, the HVAC system or solve any technical problems on the mobile application.
  3. The third part of the profit generated by it is reflected in FREE lending to our clients. By installing this software solution in the information system of the users of our services, we help them to virtually tour and control all their work units. No matter where they were distributed.
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So, Invekta software is a very powerful tool that greatly simplifies business and helps you to be in charge of the situation all the time.

If we remember the saving of time, as one of the most important irreplaceable resources, this advantage is invaluable. In just a few clicks on the computer in the administrative building (or on the go), a detailed view of the current situation in the given facility is obtained.

If you are interested, we can help you right away!

Contact us today via the inquiry form on the website, by phone +381 64 70 595 39 or by email:

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