World trends in the maintenance of business facilities for year 2024.

Početna 5 Facility management 5 World trends in the maintenance of business facilities for year 2024.

The maintenance trends for business facilities in 2024. are inevitably imposed at the beginning of the upcoming annual period. Facility management (FM) has become a crucial element of the business model in all industrial and non-industrial sectors.

What are the maintenance trends for business facilities in 2024?

You will find out through the following text:

  1. which facility tendencies will form the management of buildings with a business purpose;
  2. which aspects of management will be the focus;
  3. which are new solutions to old problems in building maintenance.

1. Facilities trends that will shape the management of commercial facilities – Sustainability and efficiency

FM is perceived as an important factor for business progress because it significantly contributes to employee performance, operational effectiveness, and cost reduction. Facility managers, therefore, have an important role in consistently maintaining the level of productivity and improving the quality of services of a given company. In addition, they provide a great contribution to the realization of sustainability goals. While minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Facilitated managers, therefore, have a direct influence on the direction of the company toward more progressive types of business. Especially considering the constant changes in the industry.

Due to all of the above, the fact that every year works on improving FM services and their careful adaptation to the needs of each company cannot be surprising. It will be the same in 2024, but also in the following years.

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2. Management aspects to focus on – Centralized software management, automation and robots

In order for the economic results to be top-notch, the industry must align its activities with FM trends (and vice versa!). Especially with the main one among them – computer management. Which is gaining more and more momentum. It is quite certain: the most up-to-date companies will become leaders in their industry and occupy a prominent place in the market thanks to stronger internal connectivity.

On the way to optimizing work cycles, revolutionary technology is the primary driving mechanism for transforming the company into a modern and maximally productive one. By introducing intelligent, computer management, new paths are opened for numerous innovations and improvements in facility operations. And, thus for greater profitability.

Why is centralized software management No.1 in the business we are a part of?

Through the smartphone application, communication and delegation of work orders are simplified. And, continuous access to data and real-time monitoring of performance and resources is an invaluable asset.

the maintenance trends for business facilities invekta 2

Photo: Pixabay, Gerd Altmann

Process automation helps facility managers (and not only them!) to keep the facility under control and develop a better business strategy. So, for example, thanks to the data stored in the software, new employees will get to know the job more easily and quickly. This means that in a short time, they can take over the responsibilities of retired professionals. And, there will be no major delays in the work cycle.

Also, the software enables the prediction and prevention of failures, as well as solving of possible problems. Even without personal presence in the facility!

Robots, which are increasingly implemented in the maintenance of commercial buildings, certainly contribute to automation. Like the one for cleaning the ventilation systems of business buildings, which Invekta uses.

Therefore, integrated software management is no longer something that “one day you should implement in your company”, but a key component of today’s business. This sophisticated tool ensures operational, user, and financial primacy by unifying activities that functioned as separate entities into a homogeneous whole.

By creating a unique remote control system and consolidating processes, we are actively working to overcome limitations, improve coordination and reduce costs.

Invekta is the first in this region to implement a software platform for monitoring and managing business processes. Which it provides free of charge to its clients. Since we ourselves apply it in our daily work, we know for sure that its performance is unsurpassed.
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The maintenance trends for business facilities in 2024 – The pandemic remains a persistent critical issue

With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company’s facilities adapted service activities according to the requirements imposed by the dangerous virus. Although many fulfilled their work duties from home, certain activities did not have the possibility of relocation. That is why special emphasis is placed on the sterilization of the workspace and tactile surfaces. Especially in healthcare facilities, food factories, and other sensitive facilities.

Even after four years since the beginning of the pandemic and the relative normalization of the work process, things have not changed much. The virus is present in a slightly weaker intensity, but still causes fear of the disease. That’s why increased cleaning and disinfection of work rooms are no longer so-called the new normal. But, rather the gold standard that will be in force in 2024. as well.

Management boards of companies are ready to meet hygiene standards in their offices and other work units to ensure healthy working conditions.

the maintenance trends for business facilities invekta 3

Photo: Pexels, Yan Krukov

Facility teams are more than ready to help them with this. Thanks to a holistic approach to the maintenance of commercial facilities, they respond to all challenges in a timely and absolutely efficient manner. By applying the most modern cleaning protocols, they improve hygiene and meet the highest health regulations.

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3. New solutions for old problems in building maintenance – Management in accordance with global environmental standards

The expenses that a certain company has are not only related to employees and means of work, but also to the consumption of thermal, hydro, and electrical energy. From the point of view of the continuum of sustainability and eco-friendly business, the unnecessary waste of energy cannot be viewed differently than as, to say the least, reckless. It not only represents working to one’s own detriment but also corporate irresponsibility towards the ecosystem.

The modern business world certainly does not look at such behavior with approval because climate change is becoming more and more evident every day.

Given the globality of interaction among companies, information about the absence of care for natural resources and environmental protection can only bring negative points to the company.

Therefore, it is of primary importance to hire a company that will manage the HVAC system and waste and maintain the business facility in a way that creates a hygienic and safe environment.

Automatic temperature regulation, smart electric meters, and water meters, instant insight into air and water contamination is gained. Thanks to air quality sensors. In addition, the excessive expenditure of electricity and thermal energy, that is energy for cooling. That is to say: in the overall energy efficiency of the facility.

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Summary: what benefits do the maintenance trends for business facilities bring to us in 2024?

Facility management in Serbia strives to monitor all aspects of the modernization of the maintenance process of primarily commercial facilities.

When we talk about the management of facilities with a high utility value, the requirements are much higher compared to residential complexes. The volume and complexity of maintaining business facilities simply require the application of innovations. If every aspect is not adequately covered.

the maintenance trends for business facilities invekta 4

Photo: Unsplash, Carl Newton

The overall efficiency of facilities used for business purposes depends precisely on a comprehensive approach to transformations. Brought about by facility trends. Leading among them, it said, is facility management software, backed by powerful analytics and mobile responsiveness.

And finally, we’ll let you in on a secret: when it comes to the maintenance trends for business facilities in 2024, Invekta is already there. Trendsetter par excellence!

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