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Cleaning of furniture in commercial areas is one of the usual procedures carried out as part of general hygiene maintenance. Upholstered parts of furniture (armchairs, chairs, sofas, benches) in offices, waiting rooms in surgeries and salons, institutions, and hotel lobbies are very susceptible to soiling.

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This is because official and public premises have a significantly higher level of visits and use than private ones. Therefore, it is quite logical that they need more frequent mechanical cleaning and disinfection. This especially applies to mattresses in hotel rooms, which must meet the highest hygiene standards at all times.

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Why is it important to carry out regular deep cleaning of furniture in commercial areas?

Considering the high traffic and touching (especially with armrests and seating areas), upholstery in business premises is very susceptible to dirt, the accumulation of allergens, wear, and tearing. If cleaning is not carried out regularly, few will want to sit on furniture covered in dust, grease, stains, and food crumbs. Visitors will conclude that it has seen better days.

Unmaintained furniture not only looks untidy and repulsive, but it also damages the overall aesthetics and attractiveness of the interior. And, most importantly, it creates a fear in users that they could become infected or have allergic reactions to dust, mites and other allergens.

These unfavorable impressions will certainly lead to a decrease in customer visits, which will have a direct negative impact on business. Especially in facilities that require a high level of hygiene (health facilities, beauty salons, restaurants, hotels, etc.).

Machine cleaning of furniture in commercial areas contributes to its longevity and has an immediate beneficial effect on the budget. This means that the cost of reupholstery (upholstery replacement) is deferred for several years. And, the money can be invested in other ways of improving the user experience.

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Multiple benefits of professional cleaning of office furniture

With professional and proper cleaning procedures, office furniture can last a really long time and look impressive. The company Invekta knows this for sure because it has been providing this and other hygiene maintenance services for business facilities for two decades. And that at the level of the whole of Serbia, not only in Belgrade.

Deep cleaning of furniture in commercial facilities is carried out by our excellent hygienists using methods that differ from conventional, applicable in home conditions.

Qualified to work on industrial machines and with professional chemicals, they perform this task with maximum efficiency, quality and speed.

By adjusting the cleaning schedule to the client’s work calendar, they save his/her time and money and do not disturb the normal operations in the given facility. So, for example, if the furniture is cleaned in the evening, it is already completely dry in the morning, you can sit on it and the work process can continue properly.

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How does Invekta clean furniture in business areas?

For deep cleaning of upholstered furniture, we use a modern industrial device from the renowned global manufacturer Cleanfix. This 3 in 1 device of high power and exceptional sanitary performance is a reliable tool in achieving the highest cleanliness.

It has a triple function: it drains the water, washes the furniture and, finally, sucks up the excess water. That’s why we’ve relied on Cleanfix for years with full confidence.

Equally important are chemical solutions intended for individual types of furniture, furniture fabrics and level of soiling. In order to achieve the best results, the chemicals are dosed in the correct amount and left for the exact amount of time.

Stages of sanitary treatment

What is common in cleaning various types of upholstered furniture are the stages in hygienic care:

  • assessment of the type of furniture, upholstery, level of soiling and problem areas;
  • deep vacuuming of dust and microorganisms;
  • chemical treatment and removal of stains, stuck-on chewing gum and food (soaking fabric with an agent for stubborn stains and rubbing with felt for the deepest penetration);
  • applying shampoo;
  • industrial machine washing;
  • suction of excess water;
  • disinfection;
  • deodorization at the request of the client.

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The professional cleaning protocol for commercial upholstery involves first detecting the type of fabric. Then, the degree of soiling and recording of stains. Because the different chemical agents, tools, machine operation modes and washing and cleaning methods are applied to different types of materials. So, acrylic and cotton, silk microfiber and velvet, and smooth/brushed leather are treated differently.

Leather, for example, is particularly demanding and it is necessary to use a special balm that helps remove dirt, while keeping it soft and protecting it from cracking. Likewise, brushes and sponges are used for cleaning leather, as well as cloths and gloves for polishing. The mentioned aids are specially designed considering the unique structure and texture of this natural material.

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What do our cleaners pay special attention to when cleaning of furniture in commercial areas?

Invekta‘s staff is qualified and has extensive experience in cleaning upholstered furniture in business environments and mattresses in hotels. Even upholstered doors! That is why they do not make mistakes regarding adequate access to each type of material individually.

So, for example, if the declaration indicates that the material is suitable for washing, our technicians are still careful because they do not want to expose the item to excessive moisture.

Whether they are cleaning sofas in doctors’ offices, lobbies of hotels or office buildings, seats and chair backs in conference rooms or hotel mattresses, they use the appropriate equipment. That is why they are maximally effective in removing deposits of dirt and stains, as well as in disinfection. And without unnecessary dripping, spotting and excessive wetting of the upholstery.

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Why should you entrust Invekta with such a responsible job as the maintenance of a business facility?

During two decades of work on various projects within facility management, we have gained significant credibility. Our recipe for success is very simple and transparent: educated and dedicated staff, professional machines and tools, as well as compliance with agreed deadlines.

With our wholehearted help, you will get a clean and tidy workspace, full of freshness. With which you will show an image of professionalism to visitors, patients, business partners and investors. Along with the other services we offer, your business facility will always be functional, and the exterior and interior will be exceptionally clean.

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Send us an inquiry or call us any working day, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at +381 64 70 595 39, and we will offer you a service package perfectly complementary to your business.


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