How is the professional, machine washing of carpets in the work premises carried out?

Početna 5 Facility management 5 How is the professional, machine washing of carpets in the work premises carried out?

Carpets machine washing in business premises is part of the mandatory hygienic maintenance of work units and is very important from the point of view of employee health. Given that the primary function of carpets in commercial buildings is thermal and audio insulation. But, also comfort and contribution to the aesthetics of the interior, they deserve adequate care for these reasons as well.

This especially applies to carpets in the halls of hotels and restaurants, institutions, theaters, office buildings, media houses, and other business facilities.

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Carpets machine washing in business premises affects business. In what way?

Deep washing of carpets in the work area may seem superfluous, especially if they are of darker colors. But these soft coverings usually cover the entire floor surface and, if not cleaned regularly, become a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens.

Contamination with pathogens easily leads to health problems for employees (asthmatic attacks, allergic sneezing, cough, mucus in the nose, watery eyes). This leads to a significant reduction in their productivity.

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Since the work process is a system of interconnected departments, the illnesses of the workers (especially if there are more of them at the same time) can significantly threaten it. Employers in such cases not only have to cover the costs of sick leave. But, also incur additional expenses by hiring replacements for absent workers.

By regularly eliminating dirt and allergic particles, optimal air cleanliness in business premises is ensured and the risk of illness is reduced.

Therefore, the best solution for preventing downtime in business and financial losses is prevention. And it is achieved by taking care of the hygiene of the business premises.

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Additional benefits of professional cleaning of carpets and rugs in buildings with a commercial function

In addition to the aforementioned health protection, high-quality machine cleaning of soft floor surfaces certainly extends their lifespan. This again has a positive effect on the budget for the maintenance of the facility. Therefore, this activity should be carried out for 3–6 months, more often if necessary.

Because deposits of dirt, grease, and other impurities weaken the quality of fibers over time and have a destructive effect on the entire fabric. Such a carpet will first fade in the points that suffer the greatest friction, the fibers will thin out, and, finally, begin to fall off. Eventually, the weave will break and perforations will appear in those places.

All together, it will leave a very unfavorable appearance of wear and tear and neglect of the entire environment. Also, the carpet will (prematurely) have to be replaced with a new one, which will expose you to unnecessary expense.

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Invekta performs high-quality, fast and long-lasting carpet cleaning in business premises

Invektas hygiene technicians use professional equipment for deep vacuuming and carpet washing and are qualified to work on industrial machines. In addition, they are characterized by considerable experience and a high level of meticulousness, responsibility, and organization.

The mentioned qualities ensure time and financial economy and superior cleaning results, without damaging the color and texture of the floor covering.

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In order to achieve excellent and long-term results, before starting to wash, they first carry out thorough wet and dry vacuuming with industrial Taski AERO vacuum cleaners, a renowned Swiss manufacturer.

These vacuum cleaners are the quietest on the market (up to 30% quieter than others!), and the noise level they emit ranges from only 50–53 dB. That frequency corresponds to the sound produced by an air conditioner, a washing machine, or a human voice of normal pitch.

The given information implies that the use of these vacuum cleaners does not disturb the peace of guests in hotel rooms or the concentration of employees in offices (especially in open-space type).

The mentioned vacuum cleaners are the most efficient on the market. It is because they have superior suction power thanks to high-power vacuum pumps and special accessories with brushes. With their help, they effectively absorb all particles of dirt, dust, mites, and bacteria. Deposited not only on the surface of the fibers but also deep in the fabric.

As for professional carpet/rug washing machines, in our two decades of work, those produced by the famous Italian manufacturer Wirbel have proven to be the best. We can always rely on them because they have engines of the most modern generation and provide top performance in cleaning.

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How do we clean carpets and rugs in work facilities?

According to the type of carpet and degree of soiling, our hygienists will choose the most effective professional, alkaline chemicals and an adequate cleaning machine.

First, they will remove stains with a special tool if they are present. Then they will apply an enzyme-based spray (which is used to prepare the floor covering for cleaning). And, wait for it to stand for 10–20 minutes. After that, they will start deep washing every centimeter of the carpet so that the entire surface is evenly washed.

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We achieve the best results with the highest quality cleaning machines and sufficient repetition of precisely defined movements. But, also with a properly dosed detergent solution with a high PH value and water of the appropriate temperature. If necessary, we also use special acid solutions to refresh the color of the floor mat.

After washing, the carpet will be quickly dry and functional thanks to the drying fans and the cotton cover. In addition, it will look like new, smell fresher and – last longer.
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For carpets machine washing in business premises and other facility services, rely on the most professional ones!

Apart from the fact that we perform every job of maintaining the hygiene of business facilities as professionally as possible, fulfilling the contracted tasks on time, we also act very responsibly in terms of health care. This claim is supported by the certificates that our company regularly updates:

Our experience shows that in business it is always necessary to be consistent and steadfast both in terms of quality and compliance with agreed obligations. These maxims are our leitmotif when it comes to all types of maintenance of business facilities:

  1. maintaining hygiene;
  2. technical maintenance;
  3. security;
  4. software management of facility maintenance;
  5. landscaping;
  6. winter service;
  7. front and back-office support services;
  8. procurement of paper accessories and sanitary dispensers.

If you have any questions regarding the services we provide, you can contact us by phone +381 64 70 595 39, email address Or the contact form below this text. We will be happy to answer them, look at your needs and present the best proposal for maintaining your company.

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