Dispensers for companies as the crown of hygiene maintenance of business premises

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Dispensers for companies are a part of the regular hygiene range, without which modern business facilities cannot function. This especially applies to hospitals, businesses, shopping centers, and transport buildings, through which a large number of people pass daily.

All visitors inevitably use sanitary facilities (primarily toilets, but also dining areas), which are now inconceivable without these auxiliary appliances.

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Let’s clarify: what exactly are dispensers for companies?

Surely everyone has used one of these devices at least once when visiting a certain business facility or institution: restaurant, shopping center, airport, hospital, or health center.

Dispensers for companies are professional, very practical holders for various types of paper, as well as liquids for maintaining hygiene.

Their benefit is multiple: in addition to providing maximum protection of hygiene products against bacterial contamination, they are undoubtedly economical. This means that they precisely dose the number, that is, the quantity, of the sanitary material used.

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And, as they are installed in very busy places and record a high degree of use, this means huge savings for the legal entity on an annual basis.
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Types of dispensers

There are numerous types of dispensers on the market, which differ according to the method of operation, the material they are made of, capacity, adaptation to the type of paper, size, shape, and color. They all have a common purpose: maintaining personal hygiene, and the company Invekta is specialized in their procurement and quick installation.

According to the method of operation, dispensers are divided into:

  • manual;
  • automatic (auto-cut)/sensory.

Manual ones operate according to the principle of manual extraction or tearing of paper. The user can thus pull out as many stackable sheets of towels or toilet paper as he/she needs. At the so-called smart-one toilet paper rolls, this is made much easier, because one paper at a time is simply pulled out through the small opening on the circular dispenser.

Automatic (auto-cut) dispensers, although they consume electricity, significantly save paper because there is no unplanned and unnecessary wastage. And, this is often the case with rolls on classic holders (mainly intended for home use). In the annual summation of costs, the performance of sensory dispensers in terms of economy is significantly better than manual ones.

In terms of form, there are:

  • rectangular;
  • circular.

Rectangular dispensers are used for self-folding sheets of hand towels and toilet paper, while standard toilet paper rolls and smart-one rolls are inserted into circular ones.

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Photo: Invekta

Dispenser size and its capacity

The dimensions of the dispensers vary and are directly proportional to their capacities. Thus, most of them can fit two packs of self-folding towels or toilet paper. Each pack contains 200 double-ply papers, implying a dispenser capacity of 400 sheets.

When it comes to carriers of standard toilet paper rolls, commercial dispensers usually hold three rolls, where one of the two spares immediately replaces the one that has been used up.

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Photo: Freepik, Xvect interna

According to the material of manufacture, dispensers are divided into:

  • plastic;
  • aluminum;
  • stainless steel.

Just like when it comes to other products, especially those that imply quality and longevity of use, stainless steel and aluminum have an advantage over plastic. Also, an exceptional dose of elegance is in their favor.

The reason why many companies choose plastic holders is their economy and ease of maintenance. Namely, in contrast to stainless steel, fingerprints, and water stains are less visible on them. Especially if they are white in color (black is a bit more demanding in this regard).

Nevertheless, both plastic and stainless steel dispensers for companies are highly functional and antiseptic and fulfill their primary purpose.

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You definitely need dispensers for companies, but what about soap pumps?

Both dispensers and soap pumps can be subsumed under the common name, a holder or a carrier. However, in hygiene maintenance of commercial facilities, a clear distinction is made between them.

The purpose of the pumps is to enable the easy use of soap in a shared / public toilet with the help of a liquid pumping mechanism. They also contain foaming soap, as well as alcohol-based hand sanitizers (disinfectants).

Toilet paper dispensers are made of two or three types of materials, and most often in standard colors (white, black, metallic gray, and classic stainless steel). They can also be manual (with a button or pedal to initiate pumping) or automatic, i.e. sensory.

Their tank capacity fluctuates depending on the expected frequency of use and ranges from 500 ml to 2,000 ml. In one stroke, they usually pump out 1.7 ml of liquid.

Regardless of what type of device you need, Invekta has a large selection of the highest quality dispensers, soap pumps, and cassettes for refreshing the environment from reliable global manufacturers.

If you are undecided about which type to choose, we will be happy to help you choose once we know the needs of your office space.

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How can Invekta help you achieve the highest level of cleanliness in your office building?

In the field of facility management in Serbia, Invekta has one of the leading positions. Considering 20 years of business, significant experience, and great professionalism, this position can objectively be considered deserved.

Maintaining the hygiene of facilities intended for a business of any kind is our specialty. Starting from daily/thorough cleaning and cleaning of glass surfaces, through mechanical cleaning of office furniture, to industrial washing and polishing of hard floor coverings.

Our activities include technical maintenance of business facilities, security, landscaping, winter service, and front and back-office support services.

We carry out all these service activities at the highest level thanks to a large number of qualified employees (over four hundred!) and a rich fleet of state-of-the-art industrial vehicles, machinery, and tools.

However, what makes us unique in this part of Europe is the hygiene maintenance management software. Thanks to him, our efficiency and expertise reach their peak!

By reading this text, you already know that you are at the right address. All you need to do now is schedule a meeting with our management. You can do this via the contact form, by phone (+381 64 70 595 39) or by email (office@invekta.rs).

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