Polishing hard floors in professional facilities is our concern!

Početna 5 Facility management 5 Polishing hard floors in professional facilities is our concern!

Polishing hard floors used to be done manually and it was a very tiring, exhausting, and time-consuming job. Today, there are superior machines for this type of work task and professionals who perform them. So, everything is much simpler and easier.

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Polishing hard floors is the final touch in the maintenance of commercial facilities

There is no need to talk about the need for machine washing and polishing of solid structure floors in commercial facilities! It should be part of standard hygiene maintenance. Regardless of whether it is: a stone, concrete, marble, granite, ceramic, or PVC floor.

You must have asked yourself why, and we will do our best to provide you with the right answer through the following text.

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Photo: Unsplash, Ashley Byrd

By performing these two actions, the floors are not only shinier, but also more resistant to wear, moisture, and other types of damage. In addition, a professionally cleaned and polished floor stays clean for longer. This means that dust retention and easy adhesion of dirt to the floor is prevented. By smoothing out unevenness and applying a protective final layer.

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Machine washing No.1 – Hard floor polishing No.2

In addition to regular mopping of the floors with a mop, at least once a month it is necessary to use machines and carry out thorough cleaning. This mostly applies to public and business spaces. That are visited by a large number of people every day.

Thanks to the highest quality vacuum polishers from renowned world manufacturers Wirbel and HAKO, highly qualified hygienists from the Invekta company are ready to polish the floor covering. In any business space!

In order to achieve flawless polishing results, the floors must first be thoroughly washed with industrial machines and brought to a hygienically correct state. It should be noted that the hygiene staff must be meticulous enough to carefully remove even the smallest traces of dirt before polishing. Because, for example, just one uncleaned hair strand can cause the polish to crack.

With special rotating brushes, special detergents, and warm water, old layers of dirt, grease, industrial fluids, and chewing gum are removed… To this list of conditions for the correct polishing procedure, careful adjustment of the number of spins according to the type of substrate should be added.

If the floor covering is made of slabs, the joints between them are effectively cleaned and regain their original color with the totality of the listed actions.

A special emulsion for highest gloss!

A special emulsion for care, high gloss, and uniform polish is then applied to the individual parts of the substrate. And, then wait for it to dry in order to avoid the unwanted appearance of stains.

With the selection of an adequate polishing method, and the level of abrasiveness of the pads and felts, the polishing process is repeated several times. Until the highest polish is achieved.

The polish is very durable and leaves the impression of a wet, sophisticated shine that can be reflected in the floor. In polish, namely, there are shining molecules that ignite and emit light reflections. When activated by the polishing felts.

This visual effect is particularly noticeable on marble floors, which reflect the sun’s rays and receive the reflection of the entire interior. However, these mentioned molecules gradually lose their sparkle over time. Which is why monthly maintenance of the polish is necessary.

After polishing, the floor is covered with a final anti-slip formula. This layer, in addition to preventing injuries, has the additional function of keeping the floor shiny for longer.

When you add to these benefits the extended life of the floor covering, the cost-effectiveness of investing in hard floor polishing is beyond question.

When returning furniture to a polished floor, it is recommended to wait 24 hours after polishing. In any case, you should avoid dragging furniture, that is, factory machines and tools, on the polished floor. In this way, wear and peeling of the floor, as well as leaving ugly marks and stains, will certainly be avoided.
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Photo: Invekta

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Does our work disturb the employees in the office facility we are engaged in?

The ergonomic machines we use not only cover the maximum surface (even 2 cm from the edge of the substrate!), but also emit low noise frequencies. Regardless of their high rotational power, i.e. speed.

This implies the absence of negative auditory impact in the form of disturbing employees in the surrounding rooms/offices. Thus, they can perform their activities without disturbance.

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Professional, quality, and on time – With Invekta to the perfectly glazed floor!

In addition to the daily maintenance of the cleanliness of the floor coverings, machine washing, and polishing, we also carry out other preventive measures. These are impregnation and crystallization.

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Photo: Unsplash, Petr Magera

After our professional care, freshly polished floors will shine with a perfect shine. Thus, it will show its true quality and color, making the space brighter, more airy and more stimulating. Undoubtedly, more attractive and pleasant for guests, business partners and investors!

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Why is it necessary to hire a professional service for polishing hard floors?

The advantage of entrusting the maintenance of floor coverings to experts is that they have the necessary knowledge and equipment to perform the job efficiently. Namely, floor maintenance in commercial facilities requires a special approach and selection of sanitary liquids, machines, and accessories.

Even if you decide to buy professional tools for work, and entrust the polishing to unqualified persons, the result would be a lack of quality. Which would end up costing you a lot.

Inexpert handling of machines and chemical products would cause irreparable damage, and financial loss would be evident.

The damage would be reflected in the permanent damage to the floor due to the application of inappropriate chemicals, and materials. Also, inappropriate rotation speed, and the number of spins.

By hiring professionals for polishing your hard floors, you will avoid this risk and certainly save money, time, and effort. You can rely on Invekta when it comes to other types of maintenance of spaces intended for different business activities.

Invekta’s portfolio includes work in hotel lobbies, car showrooms, hospital corridors, halls of various institutions, factory halls, pharmacies, etc.

Whichever space with a professional function is in question, we can respond to any request. At any time! And, with the application of the most modern software for managing the maintenance of business facilities.

Send us a request for an offer and our expert team will fully adapt the business proposal to the needs of your business.


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