Cleaning and washing of marble, concrete and metal facades on business buildings

Početna 5 Facade cleaning 5 Cleaning and washing of marble, concrete and metal facades on business buildings

Commercial buildings facades cleaning and washing are processes that remove dirt, dust, inscriptions, and stains. Also, traces of air pollution from the exterior. When external cleaning is carried out, the emphasis is primarily placed on the front part of the building, where the entrance is located.
What is the reason for that?

Whether it is a business center or a shopping mall, a factory, or a warehouse, the facade is the first part of the building that passers-by and visitors see. That is why it is crucial that it be clean and undamaged at all times. In other words, in top aesthetic condition.

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Photo: Unsplash, Nuno Silva

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Types of facade cladding of commercial buildings

Since the construction object is a physical representation of the legal entity, the architectural solution must be well thought out and implemented.
Contemporary architecture constantly dictates innovation in terms of exterior finishes for modern office buildings.

In order to achieve aesthetic and creative attractiveness, and harmonize the appearance of the building with its purpose, architects play with materials, colors, and forms. Always striving for quality, durability, and achieving a favorable impression.

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Photo: Pexels, Marsel Hasanllari

Among the facade materials, the most popular today are: glass, ceramics, marble, granite, stone,  aluminum, stainless steel, and alubond panels made of other metals. Brick (rarely), aluminum, stainless steel, and alubond panels made of other metals.

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Causes of soiling that require commercial buildings facades cleaning and washing

Facade soiling mostly occurs due to the deposition of dust and cobwebs. Deterioration is caused by atmospheric precipitation (sulfur and nitrogen oxides from acid rain), air pollutants (gases), and mineral deposits (salts). Moisture has a negative effect on stone facades, while the destructive oxidation effect of rust is reflected on metal facades.

In addition, the lower parts are, in addition to the effects of the mentioned factors, often exposed to organic negative influences (eg dog feces). But also vandal physical damage (scratches, bumps) and writing graffiti with car sprays.

The sun can also have a negative effect, reflecting on the color of the metal facade, making it paler. This is especially noticeable when it comes to more intense colors, such as black, dark gray, or red.

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How is the commercial buildings facades cleaning and washing carried out?

The method of commercial buildings facades cleaning and washing, as well as the selection of chemicals, are determined by the type of material from which they are made. Determining factors regarding the cleaning technique may be the height, overall size, function, and location of the facility.

All these parameters are taken into account by Invekta’s high-rise cleaning technicians when they take over the building and start sanitary care of its exterior.

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Photo: Unsplash, Meritt Thomas

Certified and equipped with the highest quality climbing equipment (belay devices, climbing shoes, safety belts and benches, ropes, helmets, etc.), they bring the facade to an impeccable condition. All the time fulfilling the safety requirements for the sake of themselves and the environment.

Our professional high-rise window cleaning knows how to approach a particular exterior to prevent damage and achieve the best results.

Industrial chemical solutions are dosed according to a special recipe, adapted to the type of facade cladding and degree of soiling. If there are heavy and stubborn deposits and stains on the facade panels (e.g. from bird droppings or rust), the cleaning process requires the use of chemicals for their successful removal. These are mainly acidic organic solvents, alkaline cleaning fluids, and non-foaming detergents that dissolve stains. Abrasive agents are used for stone, concrete, and brick facades.

When the deposits are dissolved, rinsing is carried out. That is a regular cleaning with the latest high-pressure washing machines and steam cleaning devices.
After these actions, the exterior of the business building shines like a new one and presents itself in its full form and beauty.

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Invekta – Experts for the cleanliness of all commercial facilities!

Our expertise in the field of hygiene maintenance and other facility services stems from the following facts:

  • 20 years of experience;
  • cooperation with companies from a wide variety of activities on the territory of the whole of Serbia;
  • responsible attitude towards contractual obligations;
  • hiring competent and dedicated staff;
  • using the highest quality industrial machines and auxiliary means;
  • application of the most modern software for monitoring work processes and employees;
  • adaptation of maintenance plans according to the requirements and budget of each individual client.

By opting for our services, you will no longer have to worry about any aspect of maintaining the corporate building and/or associated facilities.
In the long run, you will achieve multiple benefits for your company. You will save time and material resources and relieve your day-to-day operations.

Call us and arrange a meeting, where we will consider all the relevant factors and offer you a solution tailored to your needs. Both for maintaining the hygiene of your business facility from the inside. As well as for cleaning its exterior and surroundings.

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